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Exclusive Pokémon are Pokémon that are specific to PokéFarm Q. These Pokémon are generally available either through a site-wide event on a specific day or through special breeding conditions, but may be available through other means.

Types of Exclusive Pokemon

There are currently four types of Exclusive Pokémon, but different types may be added in the future.
The types of Exclusive Pokémon are as follows:


Exclusive Pokémon are not based off of another Pokémon. These Pokémon are made by the PokéFarm Q Staff teams specifically for PokéFarm Q.

PokeFarm Q Megas

PokéFarm Q Mega Evolutions are Exclusive Pokémon that are an extension to an existing Pokémon's evolutionary line. These Pokémon are always available through the use of an Exclusive Mega Stone.


Variants are Exclusive Pokémon that are based off another Pokémon. These can be recolours of the original sprite with minor changes, a fusion of multiple sprites or a heavily edited sprite. The difference to a Custom Sprite is that Variants have a PokéDex entry and hatch from an Egg.

Totem Forme Qs

Totem Forme Qs are Exclusive Pokémon that are an extension to an existing Pokémon's evolutionary line.

Paradox Forme Qs

Paradox Forme Qs are Exclusive Pokémon that are an extension to an existing Pokémon's evolutionary line.

Obtaining Exclusive Pokemon

Exclusive Pokémon can be obtained through a variety of means. The currently known ways are as follows:

  • Events - Many Exclusive Pokémon are obtained through a site-wide event. After this event, any more must be obtained through the following means instead.
  • Breeding - A majority of Exclusive Pokémon can be bred to produce Eggs of the same species. Some exclusives can be bred from non-exclusives when certain conditions are met. Please be aware that breeding exclusives is harder than breeding normal pokemon, and often takes a lot more interactions to produce. Exclusives released in Tournaments will be unable to breed for 2 seasons after they are released. The exceptions to this is the PFQ Exclusive Mythical Pokemon which are Bunbori, Sikannos, Shinorin, and Lunamor.
  • Trading - Users may trade Exclusive Pokémon between one another in order to obtain Exclusive Pokémon that they may not have.
  • Special Means - There are a few Exclusive Pokémon that cannot be obtained through normal means and must be obtained through a series of steps.

List of Exclusive Pokemon

The following is a list of all Exclusive Pokémon currently released on PokéFarm Q.


Name Egg Basic Stage 1 Stage 2 Mega Release Date
Alicalf Line 8th Dec 2018
Aphreyd Line 7th Dec 2019
Arasprit Line 2nd Sep 2017
Ardik Line 11th Mar 2017
Ayeren Line 19th May 2018
Babaisy Line 3rd Sep 2022
Bandicoon 18th Nov 2017
Bezerell Line 9th Jun 2018
Blophin Line 20th Aug 2016
Boxaby Line 22nd Apr 2017
Bunbori 18th Feb 2017
Caimaw Line 7th Mar 2020
Caprikid Line

29th May 2021
Chark Line 4th March 2023
Cinnamoru Line 4th Dec 2022
Croaket Line

23rd Feb 2019
Destrel Line 2nd Mar 2024
Dribbit Line 27th May 2023
Embretta Line 26th Aug 2023
Erminja Line 1st Jun 2024
Exilant Line 27th Nov 2021
Faemueño Line 20th Aug 2016
Flarbat Line 20th May 2017
Flurrawr Line

27th Feb 2021
Frusky Line 30th May 2020
Glaquine Line 3rd Mar 2018
Goschief Line 28th Nov 2020
Gosold Line 26th Nov 2016
Gragon Line

10th Jun 2017
Gumairy Line 17th Nov 2018
Humbee Line 24th Feb. 2024
Hydrark Line 27th May 2017
Impyre Line 3rd Dec 2016
Inferial Line 28th Feb 2022

2nd Sep 2023
Kawotor Line
31st Aug 2019
Kenyip Line 25th Aug 2018
Kinaster 18th Aug 2017
Kitsunari Line 2nd Dec 2017
Kitwurm Line 7th Sep 2019
Klaatupillar Line 26th May 2018
Kryptik 9th Dec 2017
Kyutopi Line 18th Aug 2018
Luckoo Line 26th Aug 2016
Lunamor Line 28th Aug 2021
Lunupine 3rd Nov 2015
Lyruse Line 4th Dec 2021
Maravol 8th Sep 2018
Minibbit Line 24th Feb 2018
Mirrasma Line 28th May 2022
Mocknock Line 5th Dec 2020
Orkit Line

20th Aug 2016
Parapod Line 6th Mar 2021

1st Apr 2024
Pasovan 10th Mar 2018
Pepyre Line 30th Nov 2019
Petripeep Line

1st Sep 2018
Phastix Line

25th Nov 2017
Pixrine 25th Nov 2017
Platykit Line 25th Nov 2023
Possmol Line

4th Sep 2021
Puppod Line 24th Nov 2018
Quetzephyr Line 19th Aug 2017
Quokuddle 25th Feb 2023
Rokiwi Line 1st Dec 2018
Ryumen Line 27th Aug 2022
Schweepy Line 26th Nov 2022
Searene 10th Dec 2016
Seistatic Line 3rd Jun 2023
Selkrub Line 25th May 2019
Shinorin Line

5th Sep 2020
Sikannos Line

29th Aug 2020
Skeleco Line 2nd Jun 2018
Skyrie Line 6th Jun 2020
Slithugi Line 4th Jun 2022
Slypin Line 18th May 2019
Smokackle Line 5th Mar 2022
Solynx 1st Apr 2017
Sugarcoatl Line 2nd Dec 2023
Taiveret Line 3rd Jun 2017
Tenrekki 5th Jun 2021
Tillink Line 17th Feb 2018
Tulby Line 24th May 2024
Valimp Line 29th Feb 2020
Valkind Line 16th Feb 2019
Wagell Line 19th Nov 2016

PokeFarm Q Megas

Name Image Release Date
Mega Alolan Marowak Q 29th Oct. 2018
Mega Arbok Q 2nd Sep. 2015
Mega Arcanine Q 29th Jun. 2015
Mega Beartic Q 27th Jun. 2022
Mega Breloom Q 31st Oct. 2016
Mega Bunbori Q 5th Jan. 2019
Mega Butterfree Q 28th Mar. 2016
Mega Carnivine Q 3rd Apr. 2023
Mega Celebi Q 6th Jan. 2020
Mega Chandelure Q 28th Sep. 2020
Mega Dewgong Q 29th Apr. 2018
Mega Dragonite Q 4th Jan. 2017
Mega Druddigon Q 28th May 2018
Mega Dunsparce Q 2nd Oct. 2017
Mega Espeon Q 25th Jun. 2017
Mega Farfetch'd Q 26th Nov. 2017
Mega Flareon Q 3rd Oct. 2016
Mega Floatzel Q 28th Jul. 2014
Mega Fluxray Q 30th Jul. 2018
Mega Flygon Q 1st Mar. 2015
Mega Froslass Q 28th Nov. 2016
Mega Furret Q 27th Apr. 2015
Mega Girafarig Q 26th Feb. 2018
Mega Giratina Q 28th Jul. 2015
Mega Glaceon Q 29th Jan. 2018
Mega Gogoat Q 3rd Dec. 2018
Mega Goodra Q 29th Jun. 2020
Mega Hawlucha Q 2nd Jul. 2018
Mega Haxorus Q 30th Jul. 2017
Mega Heliolisk Q 1st Oct. 2018
Mega Ho-oh Q 28th Dec. 2015
Mega Jirachi Q 1st Aug. 2016
Mega Jolteon Q 30th Jan. 2017
Mega Jumpluff Q 1st Sep. 2014
Mega Jynx Q 5th Jan. 2015
Mega Kangspar Q 1st Jul. 2019
Mega Lapras Q 29th Aug. 2016
Mega Leafeon Q 2nd May 2016
Mega Liepard Q 3rd Sep. 2018
Mega Lugia Q 28th Dec. 2015
Mega Lumineon Q 30th Mar. 2020
Mega Lunupine Q 3rd Nov. 2015
Mega Luxray Q 9th Feb. 2015
Mega Manaphy Q 4th Jan. 2021
Mega Manectric Q 29th Feb. 2016
Mega Marshadow Q 4th Jan. 2024
Mega Mew Q 5th Jan. 2018
Mega Mightyena Q 26th Dec. 2013
Mega Milotic Q 1st May 2017
Mega Ninetales Q 4th Nov. 2014
Mega Noivern Q 1st Feb. 2016
Mega Persian Q 27th Feb. 2017
Mega Pyroar Q 28th Aug. 2017
Mega Raichu Q 28th Sep. 2015
Mega Rapidash Q 30th Mar. 2015
Mega Sawsbuck Q 28th Jun. 2021
Mega Scolipede Q 30th Sep. 2019
Mega Scrafty Q 1st Apr. 2019
Mega Seviper Q 1st Jun. 2015
Mega Sharkoal Q 2nd Oct. 2023
Mega Shaymin Q 1st Jan. 2023
Mega Shuckle Q 3rd Jul. 2023
Mega Skarmory Q 29th Sep. 2014
Mega Solynx Q 3rd Apr. 2017
Mega Sunflora Q 26th Sep. 2022
Mega Sylveon Q 26th Mar. 2018
Mega Terabbit Q 29th Mar. 2021
Mega Tsareena Q 4th Oct. 2021
Mega Umbreon Q 27th Jun. 2016
Mega Vaporeon Q 29th Oct. 2017
Mega Victini Q 3rd Jan. 2022
Mega Wailord Q 30th May 2016
Mega Wanamangora Q 28th Mar. 2022
Mega Weavile Q 29th May 2017
Mega Zangoose Q 1st Jun. 2015
Mega Zoroark Q 30th Nov. 2015


Name Egg Baby Basic Stage 1 Stage 2 Mega Release Date
Apocalyptic Golett Line 1st Jan. 2015
Apocalyptic Growlithe Line 1st Jan. 2015
Apocalyptic Poochyena Line 1st Jan. 2015
Apocalyptic Shroomish Line 1st Jan. 2015
Arctic Line 4th May 2020
Blue Moon Line 1st Jan. 2015
Bubbly Line 1st Aug. 2022
Cactaboo Line 30th Oct. 2023
Death Star Line 1st Jan. 2015
Deinglitch Line 23rd Feb. 2024
Early Bird Line 1st Aug. 2014
Erupt Line 29th Apr. 2024
Feral Incineroar 3rd Feb. 2020
Flying Line 1st Jan. 2015
Frosdour Line 1st Jan. 2015
Galvanic Line 2nd Aug. 2021
Gibolu Line 31st Jan. 2022
Glileo Line 29th Jul. 2019
Guild Line 1st Jan. 2015
Hallowe'en Witch Line 2nd Nov. 2014
Igneous Line 26th April 2021
Inferno Line 30th Jan. 2023
Koroku 1st Jan. 2015
Magipede Line 1st May 2023
Magquaza 31st Oct. 2014
Noismog Line

3rd Aug. 2020
Oricorio (Pointe Style) 15th Dec. 2016
Orthrus Line 4th Feb. 2019
Primal Dialga Q 28th Jul. 2015
Primal Palkia Q 28th Jul. 2015
Rose Gift Line 14th Feb. 2023
Ruffwool Line 29th Jan. 2024
Ryukuza 29th Apr. 2019
Saiyan Line

1st Jan. 2015
Savage Line 31st Jul. 2023
Scaracross 4th Nov. 2019
Seasonal Line 12th Aug. 2014
Shinxel Line 24th Jul. 2014
Shooting Star Line 1st Jan. 2015
Siberian Line 1st Nov. 2021
Basket Line 24th Mar. 2024
Snichu Line 2nd May 2022
Snoralts Line

1st Feb. 2021
Snow Combee Line 1st Jan. 2015
Snowboarding Line 1st Jan. 2015
Snowpoke Line

1st Jan. 2015
Spritzkrow Line 2nd Nov. 2020
Surfing Line 1st Jan. 2015
Teddicursa Line 31st Oct. 2022
Vampire Line 30th Oct. 2017
XD001 20th Aug. 2016

Totem Forme Qs

Name Image Release Date
Totem Braviary Q 2nd Nov. 2019
Totem Donphan Q 2nd Sep. 2019
Totem Eucylph Q 28th Nov. 2022
Totem Galvantula Q 29th Aug. 2022
Totem Lanturn Q 27th May 2023
Totem Leavanny Q 1st Jun. 2021
Totem Malamar Q 26th Feb. 2024
Totem Mandibuzz Q 30th Nov. 2020
Totem Mantine Q 27th Nov. 2023
Totem Maractus Q 1st Jun. 2020
Totem Masquerain Q 4th Aug. 2023
Totem Porygon-Z Q 30th Aug. 2021
Totem Sandslash Q 25th Feb. 2019
Totem Skuntank Q 31st Aug. 2020
Totem Slugdog Q 3rd Jun. 2024
Totem Snow Vespiquen Q 2nd Mar. 2020
Totem Spiritomb Q 29th Nov. 2021
Totem Sudowoodo Q 28th Feb. 2022
Totem Talonflame Q 25th Feb. 2023
Totem Trevenant Q 1st Mar. 2021
Totem Walrein Q 30th May 2022
Totem Whiscash Q 3rd Jun. 2019

Paradox Forme Qs

Name Image Release Date
Stone Horn 1st Apr. 2024