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Data Volumes are items that certain Pokémon are able to use to Transmogrify into their Paradox Formes.

Naming Mechanics

Each Pokémon that can Transmogrify has a Data Volume named as its Paradox forme, e.g. Amoonguss' Data Volume is called Data Volume: Brute Bonnet.


Each Data Volume is specific and can only be used to Transmogrify a single Pokémon species. They contain the name of the Pokémon they can Transmogrify in their summary. A Data Volume will break and disappear from one's inventory once it is used to Transmogrify its specified Pokémon, and therefore may only be used once. To use a Data Volume, a user must give a Pokémon the correct Data Volume to hold, and then select "Transmogrify" from its menu.

For more information, please see the full article on: Paradox Pokémon.


Data Volumes are available in Boxes or through the use of a Data Volume Voucher. Data Volumes are available on the Market Board and trading with other users, as well.

Data Volume Vouchers

Data Volume Vouchers may be purchased from the Tournament Prize Shop for 3 Amber Tokens. They were previously purchasable from the 12 DoC 2023 Shop for 20 Christmas Tokens.

Redeeming a Data Volume Voucher

To redeem a Data Volume from a Data Volume Voucher, a user can exchange the Voucher for a Data Volume with the Merchant Doug in the Vouchers Tab.

List of Data Volumes

  • Every Data Volume has the description "A mysterious container of data, apparently relating to [Name of the Pokémon]."
  • Data Volume Qs are introduced via Mass-Click Weekend.
Tier Name Image Used On Price for Permanent Transmogrifaction
Credits Gold Poké

Data Volumes

Data Volume: Brute Bonnet Amoonguss 162,000 108
Data Volume: Flutter Mane Misdreavus 135,000 90
Data Volume: Gouging Fire Entei 270,000 180
Data Volume: Great Tusk Donphan 135,000 90
Data Volume: Iron Boulder Terrakion 270,000 180
Data Volume: Iron Bundle Delibird 135,000 90
Data Volume: Iron Crown Cobalion 270,000 180
Data Volume: Iron Hands Hariyama 135,000 90
Data Volume: Iron Jugulis Hydreigon 162,000 108
Data Volume: Iron Leaves Virizion 270,000 180
Data Volume: Iron Moth Volcarona 162,000 108
Data Volume: Iron Serpent Cyclizar 135,000 90
Data Volume: Iron Thorns Tyranitar 162,000 108
Data Volume: Iron Treads Donphan 135,000 90
Data Volume: Iron Valiant Kirlia 135,000 90
Data Volume: Raging Bolt Raikou 270,000 180
Data Volume: Roaring Moon Salamence 162,000 108
Data Volume: Sandy Shocks Magneton 135,000 90
Data Volume: Scream Tail Jigglypuff 135,000 90
Data Volume: Slither Wing Volcarona 162,000 108
Data Volume: Walking Wake Suicune 270,000 180
Data Volume: Winged King Cyclizar 135,000 90

Data Volumes

Data Volume Q: Stone Horn Rhyhorn 135,000 90