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The Staff are users who are responsible for the management of PokéFarm Q. The official list of the current team can be found on the Staff Roster.

Staff Positions

Art of the Staff (as of Sep. 2014) PokéSonas.

There are different positions within the staff, each with its own set of unique responsibilities. Staff members are granted administrative powers unavailable to the general userbase. These powers vary depending on the responsibilities of each staff position. All members of the staff are granted Hypermode for their service to PFQ, and have access to the "Staff Hideout" section of the Public Forums. Members of the Staff can also hold Community Helper ranks, i.e. Wiki Editor or Helping Hand.

PokéFarm's social media accounts are all controlled and operated by the PokéFarm staff.

Graphics Team

Members of the Graphics Team create various types of artwork for the use on PFQ. Graphic Team members, although part of the staff, have no administrative powers and are not required to participate in other staff-related operations. Graphics Team members should not be contacted with sensitive, staff-related issues.

The current members of the Graphics Team are: AlyssaNights, BananaLizard, Dusky Peculiar, Fujin Yumi, Novan-chan, R'ahnok, Reficul, Sciana, Sei, Shazi, and Sugar Luck.


Moderators-in-Training (MiT) are users who are training to join the staff as full Moderators (General or Forum). MiT's have the same administrative powers as Moderators, but lack the ability to edit user content. Although MiT's have limited Staff Powers, they are still readily available to answer questions or to help out with user problems and concerns.

Even though MiTs are below Moderators in the staff hierarchy, their decisions and warnings carry the same authority. MiTs are to be respected and treated in the same manner as Moderators are.

There are currently no Moderators-in-Training.


Moderators (Mods) work to make sure that PokéFarm maintains a stable state of control and peace by making sure that all Rules are followed and enforced. Moderators are able to kick users from the PFQ Live chat, remove and edit user content, and manage the Support Centre. Moderators make up the largest portion of the staff, and are usually available to help the general userbase with any issues they may encounter while on the website.

The current Mods are: Blånk Bånshee, Daenerys,Eltafez, Methos, Suríya, and Uzumi.

Forum Moderators

Forum Moderators (Forum Mods) are Moderators that focus on maintaining PokéFarm Q's Public Forums. A Forum Moderator can do anything a General Moderator can, but does not need to participate in General Moderator's responsibilities. Managing inactive threads, reducing SPAM, and cleaning forum subsections are their main objectives.

The current Forum Mods are: Constantine, Mauhea, and SporkoBug.

Super Moderators/Managers

Super Moderators (SuperMods) are experienced Staff members who oversee general Staff affairs. Super Mods have a strong presence among the Staff and are capable of overruling lower-ranking staff members. Issues beyond a Moderator's control or experience is brought up to Super Mods. Super Mods are also able to grant users permission to use PokéFarm art.

Most of the Super Mods also have Manager positions. A Manager position is a secondary position within the Staff, each Manager has their own unique responsibilities.

The current SuperMods are: Constantine (Forum Manager), Eltafez (General SuperMod), and Novan-chan (Art Manager).


Administrators (Admins) are the highest authorities on PokéFarm Q. Administrators are responsible for the sustentation of PFQ, and directly oversee all PFQ operations. Administrators are able to overrule all staff members under them.

There are three Administrators on PFQ: the System Administrator (Programmer), Staff Administrator, and the Art Director. Niet, the System Administrator, also serves as the Programmer of PFQ. He is responsible for all of PFQ's internal maintenance including, but not limited to: resolving bug reports, creating and updating site features, and maintaining the system. Garthic, the Staff Administrator, oversees the staff and their daily operations. Sei serves as Art Director for PFQ and oversees all the art-related things, including but not limited to: artwork, sprite development, and event design.

The current Administrators are: Garthic (Staff Admin), Niet (System Admin), and Sei (Art Director).

Retired Staff

Users who hold a Retired Staff position are former members of the Staff. The Retired Staff position is an honorary title, not an actual staff position. Retired Staff members do not have any responsibilities or administrative powers, and should not be contacted with questions concerning their leave from the Staff.


All members of the Staff are given special userbars that are displayed above their Rank on the Forums and in PMs. A staff userbar will display the holder's position, and can be used to verify official members of the staff throughout the website. Apart from Moderators in Training, all members of staff are given a custom userbar that features the staff member's PokéSona and use their preferred colours. Staff userbars will sometimes list secondary positions instead of primary positions, e.g. Niet, an Admin, has an "Executive Developer" userbar.

The userbars listed in the table below are currently in use.

SYSTEM Admin (Niet) Admin (Garthic) Admin (Sei)
Userbar SYSTEM.png Userbar Niet.png Userbar Garthic.png Userbar Sei.png
Super Mod (Constantine) Super Mod (Eltafez) Super Mod (Novan-chan) Mod (Blånk Bånshee)
Userbar Constantine.png Userbar Eltafez.png Userbar Novan-chan.png Userbar Blank Banshee.png
Mod (Daenerys) Mod (Disasterrific) Forum Mod (Mauhea) Mod (Methos)
Userbar Daenerys.png Userbar Disasterrific.png Userbar Mauhea.png Userbar Methos.png
Forum Mod (SporkoBug) Mod (Suríya) Mod (Uzumi) Graphics Team (AlyssaNights)
Userbar SporkoBug.png Userbar Suríya.png Userbar Uzumi.png Userbar AlyssaNights.png
Graphics Team (BananaLizard) Graphics Team (Dusky Peculiar) Graphics Team (Fujin Yumi) Graphics Team (R'ahnok)
Userbar BananaLizard.png Userbar Dusky Peculiar.png Userbar Fujin Yumi.png Userbar R'ahnok.png
Graphics Team (Reficul) Graphics Team (Sciana) Graphics Team (Shazi) Graphics Team (Sugar Luck)
Userbar Reficul.png Userbar Sciana.png Userbar Shazi.png Userbar Sugar Luck.png

Generic Userbars

User-nonspecific userbars exist for certain staff positions. Those in the first row are typically only used until personalized userbars are created.

Graphics Team Moderator Super Moderator
Userbar Graphics Team.png Userbar Mod.png Userbar SuperMod.png
Mod in Training Retired Staff
Userbar MIT.png Userbar Retired Staff.png


All members of the staff have PokéSonas, many of which are Non-player Characters (NPCs) that contribute to PokéFarm's storyline. The Bonus Counters, Lab, Wishforge, and Dojo all feature staff NPCs. Staff NPCs all perform tasks relevant to the PokéSonas they are based on, e.g. Ravyne's NPCs are both based around Gems.

Below is a gallery featuring PFQ's error page images. All of the images were made by Artist Novan-Chan, they each feature different members of the staff.