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Events are special occurrences on-site that can include rewards like Items or special Pokémon. They have a set start and end date and cannot be performed after they ended. Events are usually announced in the Public Forums, but sometimes remain surprises to the user.

Current Events

Event Duration Brief Description
Contest #118 Entries: Jan 9th - Jan 11th

Voting: Jan 12th - Jan 14th

Dress up and vote for the Pokémon best fitting for the category and theme.

Theme: "The Gaudy" Category: Beauty

Tournament Season 14; Event 8/12 Jan. 13th - Jan. 18th Evolve Pokémon

(Pokémon's Egg must have been created on or after 08/Jan/2020)

Type Race January 2020 Jan. 12th - Jan. 18th You will be assigned to a random Team.

For one week, you can hatch Eggs matching your Team's type to score points for your Team.

Regular Events

These are Events that occur with some regularity, and can be expected to happen every month or week.

Retired Events

Events that take place without the Events page have usually special conditions that are either stated in the Event's Announcement or are left secret to the user. These Events are generally considered "Retired" and will not be returning in the same format.

For a comprehensive list of past events and rewards released during the events, please check the Past Events page.