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Totem Pokémon are a type of variant Pokémon originating from Pokémon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon. They were introduced on 6th of February 2018.[1]

Obtaining Totem Pokémon

Example of the sticker collecting process.

Totem Stickers are available in Scour Areas for Pokémon that qualify. For a Pokémon to transform into its Totem Forme, the user must collect 5 stickers from each of the "six" Scour Areas. As a result, the Pokémon will receive 5 stickers from the Ocean area, 5 stickers from the Volcano area, 5 stickers from the Desert area, etc., until it has a total of 30 stickers altogether. There are times when the Pokémon will not find any stickers; however, when it finds a Totem Sticker, it will only receive a single sticker per return.


  • Totem Pokémon introduced via Mass-Click Weekend can also be transformed into its Totem Forme using its corresponding Super Totem Sticker.
  • Totem Pokémon introduced via Mass-Click Weekend will be able to find Totem Stickers in Scour Areas once the next Totem Mass-Click Weekend has passed.
  • Niet has to code the ability to find the Totem Stickers, and sometimes this does not get done right away.

Users may view how many stickers they have collected and from which Scour Areas on the Pokémon's Summary Page.

Important Details

  • Totem Pokémon are required for Pokédex Completion but do not have a Pokédex description of their own.
  • They are not account locked and may be traded in Totem forme.
  • Wishiwashi must be in their School Forme to earn Totem Stickers while scouring.
  • Making a Pokémon Totem is like Mega Evolution and irreversible. There is no known way of reverting a Totem Forme Pokémon back to its regular forme.
  • The first scour of the day overrides any totem stickers found.
  • Boosts and energy do not affect the Pokémon finding stickers.

Totem Pokémon

Pokémon Totem Forme
Totem Alolan Raticate
Totem Alolan Marowak
Totem Gumshoos
Totem Vikavolt
Totem Ribombee
Totem Wishiwashi
Totem Araquanid
Totem Lurantis
Totem Salazzle
Totem Togedemaru
Totem Mimikyu
Totem Kommo-o

Exclusive Totem Pokémon

These Totem Pokémon have been introduced via MCW.

Pokémon Totem Forme
Totem Sandslash Q
Totem Whiscash Q
Totem Donphan Q
Totem Braviary Q
Totem Snow Vespiquen Q
Totem Maractus Q
Totem Skuntank Q
Totem Mandibuzz Q
Totem Trevenant Q
Totem Leavanny Q
Totem Porygon-Z Q
Totem Spiritomb Q
Totem Sudowoodo Q
Totem Walrein Q
Totem Galvantula Q
Totem Eucylph Q
Totem Talonflame Q
Totem Lanturn Q
Totem Masquerain Q
Totem Mantine Q
Totem Malamar Q