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Totem Pokémon are a type of variant Pokémon originating from Pokémon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon. They were introduced in the 6th of February 2018 update.[1]

Obtaining Totem Pokémon

Example of the sticker collecting process.

Eligible Pokémon may find Totem Stickers Totem Sticker.png in Scour Areas. The user must collect 5 stickers from each of the six Scour Areas for their Pokémon to change into its Totem Forme. Totem Pokémon introduced via Mass-Click Weekend can also be changed into its Totem Forme using its corresponding Super Totem Sticker.

Important Details

  • Totem Pokémon are required for Pokédex Completion, but do not have a Pokédex description of their own.
  • They are not account locked and may be traded in Totem forme.
  • Wishiwashi must be in their School Forme to earn Totem Stickers while scouring.
  • Making a Pokémon Totem is like Mega Evolution and irreversible. There is no known way of reverting a Totem Forme Pokémon back to its regular forme.

Totem Pokémon

Pokémon Totem Forme
Totem Alolan Raticate Totem Alolan Raticate.png
Totem Alolan Marowak Totem Alolan Marowak.png
Totem Gumshoos Totem Gumshoos.png
Totem Vikavolt Totem Vikavolt.png
Totem Rimbombee Totem Rimbombee.png
Totem Wishiwashi Totem Wishiwashi.png
Totem Araquanid Totem Araquanid.png
Totem Lurantis Totem Lurantis.png
Totem Salazzle Totem Salazzle.png
Totem Togedemaru Totem Togedemaru.png
Totem Mimikyu Totem Mimikyu.png
Totem Kommo-o Totem Kommo-o.png

Exclusive Totem Pokémon

These Totem Pokémon have been introduced via MCW.

Pokémon Totem Forme
Totem Sandslash Q Totem Sandslash Q.png
Totem Whiscash Q Totem Whiscash Q.png
Totem Donphan Q Totem Donphan Q.png
Totem Braviary Q Totem Braviary Q.png
Totem Maractus Q Totem Maractus Q.png
Totem Snow Vespiquen Q Totem Snow Vespiquen Q.png
Totem Skuntank Q Totem Skuntank Q.png
Totem Mandibuzz Q Totem Mandibuzz Q.png
Totem Trevenant Q Totem Trevenant Q.png
Totem Leavanny Q Totem Leavanny Q.png