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Mega Stones are special items that can be used with the Mega Ring to Mega Evolve Pokémon.

Naming Mechanics

Each Pokémon that is able to Mega Evolve has a stone named after it, e.g. Jumpluff's Mega Stone is called Jumpluffite. If a Pokémon has multiple Mega Evolutions, their Mega Stone's name will also have a letter denoting which Mega Forme it will produce, e.g. Charizard X's Mega Stone is Charizardite X. Mega Stones that are unique to PokéFarm Q will have the letter Q denoted them, e.g. Skarmorite Q.

The only exceptions to this rule are Adamantite, which is used to mega evolve Giratina, and Meteorite, which is used to mega evolve Rayquaza.


A Mega Stone will break and disappear from one's inventory once it is used to Mega Evolve a Pokémon, and therefore may only be used once. To use a Mega Stone, a user must have first obtained the Mega Ring Key Item from Professor Holly. Then Doug the Merchant will then allow the user to Mega Evolve Pokémon in his trading post. (As of the Recode, you can Mega Evolve a Pokémon in its Summary.)

For more information, please see the full article on: How to Mega Evolve a Pokémon.


Professor Holly will award the user with a Mega Ring and a random Mega Stone when the user completes a special requirement, which is to evolve 50, or more, Pokémon. Once a user has obtained the Mega Ring from Professor Holly, Mega Stones will become available in Boxes. Mega Stones are also awarded to users who complete clicking challenges in Events like the Mass-Click Weekend. As well, Mega Stones are available on the Market Board and trading with other users.

Mega Stone Vouchers

Mega Stone Vouchers may be purchased at the Tournament Prize Shop with Tokens. Each Mega Stone Tier has its own type of Voucher, which will only allow its holder to choose from the tier it belongs to.

The Merchant's "Redeem a Voucher" page.

Redeeming a Mega Stone Voucher

To redeem a Mega Stone from a Mega Stone Voucher, one can exchange the Voucher for a Mega Stone with the Merchant, who can be found on the Mega Evolution page. There you can select the rider 'Vouchers'. Here, all Tiers, and their respective Mega Stones, are listed, as well as how many Vouchers of a Tier you own. To get a Mega Stone, simply click on the Mega Stone you want to redeem.

List of Mega Stone Vouchers

Name Icon Description Cost (Tournament Tokens)
Mega Stone Voucher 1 Mega Stone Voucher 1.png A Mega Stone Voucher to be redeemed for a Tier 1 Mega Stone. 3 Tournament Token (Forest).pngForest Tokens
Mega Stone Voucher 2 Mega Stone Voucher 2.png A Mega Stone Voucher to be redeemed for a Tier 2 Mega Stone. 6 Tournament Token (Forest).pngForest Tokens
Mega Stone Voucher 3 Mega Stone Voucher 3.png A Mega Stone Voucher to be redeemed for a Tier 3 Mega Stone. 9 Tournament Token (Forest).pngForest Tokens
Mega Stone Voucher 4 Mega Stone Voucher 4.png A Mega Stone Voucher to be redeemed for a Tier 4 Mega Stone. 12 Tournament Token (Forest).pngForest Tokens
Mega Stone Voucher 5 Mega Stone Voucher 5.png A Mega Stone Voucher to be redeemed for a Tier 5 Mega Stone. 15 Tournament Token (Forest).pngForest Tokens

List of Mega Stones

Every Mega Stone has the description "One of the mysterious Mega Stones. Give it to [Name of the Pokémon] to let it Mega Evolve!"

Note: There are two exceptions to this: Meteorite, which has the description "A rock that fell from the sky. Give it to Rayquaza, then visit the Merchant to unlock Mega Evolution.", and Adamantite, which has the description "An orange rock that was mined from deep underground. Give it to Giratina, then visit the Merchant to unlock Mega Evolution."
Tier Name Image Used On Price for Permanent Mega Evolution
Credits Cr small.png Gold Poké Gp small.png
Tier 1 (Common) Abomasite Mega Stone Abomasite.png Abomasnow 135,000 90
Ampharosite Mega Stone Ampharosite.png Ampharos 135,000 90
Beedrillite Mega Stone Beedrillite.png Beedrill 135,000 90
Cameruptite Mega Stone Cameruptite.png Camerupt 135,000 90
Gyaradosite Mega Stone Gyaradosite.png Gyarados 135,000 90
Houndoominite Mega Stone Houndoominite.png Houndoom 135,000 90
Lopunnite Mega Stone Lopunnite.png Lopunny 135,000 90
Mawilite Mega Stone Mawilite.png Mawile 135,000 90
Pidgeotite Mega Stone Pidgeotite.png Pidgeot 135,000 90
Sharpedonite Mega Stone Sharpedonite.png Sharpedo 135,000 90
Tier 2 (Uncommon) Absolite Mega Stone Absolite.png Absol 135,000 90
Aggronite Mega Stone Aggronite.png Aggron 135,000 90
Alakazite Mega Stone Alakazite.png Alakazam 135,000 90
Altarianite Mega Stone Altarianite.png Altaria 135,000 90
Banettite Mega Stone Banettite.png Banette 135,000 90
Galladite Mega Stone Galladite.png Gallade 135,000 90
Gardevoirite Mega Stone Gardevoirite.png Gardevoir 135,000 90
Gengarite Mega Stone Gengarite.png Gengar 135,000 90
Glalitite Mega Stone Glalitite.png Glalie 135,000 90
Heracronite Mega Stone Heracronite.png Heracross 135,000 90
Lucarionite Mega Stone Lucarionite.png Lucario 135,000 90
Manectite Mega Stone Manectite.png Manectric 135,000 90
Medichamite Mega Stone Medichamite.png Medicham 135,000 90
Pinsirite Mega Stone Pinsirite.png Pinsir 135,000 90
Scizorite Mega Stone Scizorite.png Scizor 135,000 90
Slowbronite Mega Stone Slowbronite.png Slowbro 135,000 90
Steelixite Mega Stone Steelixite.png Steelix 135,000 90
Tier 3 (Rare) Aerodactylite Mega Stone Aerodactylite.png Aerodactyl 162,000 108
Audinite Mega Stone Audinite.png Audino 162,000 108
Garchompite Mega Stone Garchompite.png Garchomp 162,000 108
Kangaskhanite Mega Stone Kangaskhanite.png Kangaskhan 162,000 108
Metagrossite Mega Stone Metagrossite.png Metagross 162,000 108
Sablenite Mega Stone Sablenite.png Sableye 135,000 90
Salamencite Mega Stone Salamencite.png Salamence 162,000 108
Tyranitarite Mega Stone Tyranitarite.png Tyranitar 162,000 108
Tier 4 (Very Rare) Blastoisinite Mega Stone Blastoisinite.png Blastoise 202,500 135
Blazikenite Mega Stone Blazikenite.png Blaziken 202,500 135
Charizardite X Mega Stone Charizardite X.png Charizard 202,500 135
Charizardite Y Mega Stone Charizardite Y.png Charizard 202,500 135
Diancite Mega Stone Diancite.png Diancie 270,000 180
Latiasite Mega Stone Latiasite.png Latias 270,000 180
Latiosite Mega Stone Latiosite.png Latios 270,000 180
Meteorite Mega Stone Meteorite.png Rayquaza 270,000 180
Mewtwonite X Mega Stone Mewtwonite X.png Mewtwo 270,000 180
Mewtwonite Y Mega Stone Mewtwonite Y.png Mewtwo 270,000 180
Sceptilite Mega Stone Sceptilite.png Sceptile 202,500 135
Swampertite Mega Stone Swampertite.png Swampert 202,500 135
Venusaurite Mega Stone Venusaurite.png Venusaur 202,500 135
Tier 5 (PFQ Exclusive) Adamantite Mega Stone Adamantite.png Giratina 270,000 180
Alomarowakite Q Mega Stone Alomarowakite Q.png Marowak (Alolan Forme) 135,000 90
Arbokite Q Mega Stone Arbokite Q.png Arbok 135,000 90
Arcanite Q Mega Stone Arcanite Q.png Arcanine 135,000 90
Bearticite Q Mega Stone Bearticite Q.png Beartic 135,000 90
Breloomite Q Mega Stone Breloomite Q.png Breloom 135,000 90
Bunborite Q Mega Stone Bunborite Q.png Bunbori 270,000 180
Butterfrite Q Mega Stone Butterfrite Q.png Butterfree 135,000 90
Celebite Q Mega Stone Celebite Q.png Celebi 270,000 180
Chandelite Q Mega Stone Chandelite Q.png Chandelure 135,000 90
Dewgongite Q Mega Stone Dewgongite Q.png Dewgong 135,000 90
Dragonitenite Q Mega Stone Dragonitenite Q.png Dragonite 162,000 108
Druddigonite Q Mega Stone Druddigonite Q.png Druddigon 135,000 90
Dunsparcite Q Mega Stone Dunsparcite Q.png Dunsparce 135,000 90
Espeonite Q Mega Stone Espeonite Q.png Espeon 135,000 90
Farfetchite Q Mega Stone Farfetchite Q.png Farfetch'd 135,000 90
Flareonite Q Mega Stone Flareonite Q.png Flareon 135,000 90
Floatzelite Q Mega Stone Floatzelite Q.png Floatzel 135,000 90
Fluxraynite Q Mega Stone Fluxraynite Q.png Fluxray 270,000 180
Flygonite Q Mega Stone Flygonite Q.png Flygon 135,000 90
Froslassite Q Mega Stone Froslassite Q.png Froslass 135,000 90
Furretite Q Mega Stone Furretite Q.png Furret 135,000 90
Girafarite Q Mega Stone Girafarite Q.png Girafarig 135,000 90
Glaceonite Q Mega Stone Glaceonite Q.png Glaceon 135,000 90
Gogoatite Q Mega Stone Gogoatite Q.png Gogoat 135,000 90
Goodranite Q Mega Stone Goodranite Q.png Goodra 135,000 90
Hawluchite Q Mega Stone Hawluchite Q.png Hawlucha 135,000 90
Haxorite Q Mega Stone Haxorite Q.png Haxorus 135,000 90
Heliolite Q Mega Stone Heliolite Q.png Heliolisk 135,000 90
Ho-oh-nite Q Mega Stone Ho-oh-nite Q.png Ho-oh 270,000 180
Jirachinite Q Mega Stone Jirachinite Q.png Jirachi 270,000 180
Jolteonite Q Mega Stone Jolteonite Q.png Jolteon 135,000 90
Jumpluffite Q Mega Stone Jumpluffite Q.png Jumpluff 135,000 90
Jynxite Q Mega Stone Jynxite Q.png Jynx 135,000 90
Kangsparite Q Mega Stone Kangsparite Q.png Kangspar 270,000 180
Korokunite Q Mega Stone Korokunite Q.png Koroku 135,000 90
Laprasite Q Mega Stone Laprasite Q.png Lapras 135,000 90
Leafeonite Q Mega Stone Leafeonite Q.png Leafeon 135,000 90
Liepardite Q Mega Stone Liepardite Q.png Liepard 135,000 90
Lugianite Q Mega Stone Lugianite Q.png Lugia 270,000 180
Lumineonite Q Mega Stone Lumineonite Q.png Lumineon 135,000 90
Lunupinite Q Mega Stone Lunupinite Q.png Lunupine 270,000 180
Luxraynite Q Mega Stone Luxraynite Q.png Luxray 135,000 90
Manaphite Q Mega Stone Manaphite Q.png Manaphy 270,000 180
Manectite Q Mega Stone Manectite Q.png Manectric 135,000 90
Mewnite Q Mega Stone Mewnite Q.png Mew 270,000 180
Mightyenite Q Mega Stone Mightyenite Q.png Mightyena 135,000 90
Milotite Q Mega Stone Milotite Q.png Milotic 135,000 90
Ninetaleite Q Mega Stone Ninetaleite Q.png Ninetales 135,000 90
Noivernite Q Mega Stone Noivernite Q.png Noivern 135,000 90
Persianite Q Mega Stone Persianite Q.png Persian 135,000 90
Pyrite Q Mega Stone Pyrite Q.png Pyroar 135,000 90
Raichunite Q Mega Stone Raichunite Q.png Raichu 135,000 90
Rapidite Q Mega Stone Rapidite Q.png Rapidash 135,000 90
Sawsbuckite Q Mega Stone Sawsbuckite Q.png Sawsbuck 135,000 90
Scolipedite Q Mega Stone Scolipedite Q.png Scolipede 135,000 90
Scraftite Q Mega Stone Scraftite Q.png Scrafty 135,000 90
Sevipernite Q Mega Stone Sevipernite Q.png Seviper 135,000 90
Skarmorite Q Mega Stone Skarmorite Q.png Skarmory 135,000 90
Solynxite Q Mega Stone Solynxite Q.png Solynx 270,000 180
Sylveonite Q Mega Stone Sylveonite Q.png Sylveon 135,000 90
Terabbite Q Mega Stone Terabbite Q.png Terabbit 270,000 180
Tsareenite Q Mega Stone Tsareenite Q.png Tsareena 135,000 90
Umbreonite Q Mega Stone Umbreonite Q.png Umbreon 135,000 90
Vaporeonite Q Mega Stone Vaporeonite Q.png Vaporeon 135,000 90
Wailordite Q Mega Stone Wailordite Q.png Wailord 135,000 90
Wanamangorite Q Mega Stone Wanamangorite Q.png Wanamangora 270,000 180
Weavilite Q Mega Stone Weavilite Q.png Weavile 135,000 90
Victinite Q Mega Stone Victinite Q.png Victini 270,000 180
Zangoosite Q Mega Stone Zangoosite Q.png Zangoose 135,000 90
Zoroarkite Q Mega Stone Zoroarkite Q.png Zoroark 162,000 108