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This is a list of concluded Events with information such as Duration, a short Description and the Reward. The ongoing Events are located on the Current Events page.

List of Events

Note: Events are ordered in reverse chronological order, starting with the most recent. Images and names belong to PFQ!


Duration Name Description Reward Image(s)
June 30 - July 1 Mass Click Weekend 45[1] Individual Goal

10,000 Interactions

Hawluchite Q

(Mega Hawlucha Q)

Mega Stone Hawluchite Q.png Pokémon Mega Hawlucha Q.png Pokémon Mega Hawlucha Q Shiny.png
May 26 - May 27 Mass Click Weekend 44[2] Individual Goal

10,000 Interactions

Druddigonite Q

(Mega Druddigon Q)

Mega Stone Druddigonite Q.png Pokémon Mega Druddigon Q.png Pokémon Mega Druddigon Q Shiny.png
April 28 - April 29 Mass Click Weekend 43[3] Individual Goal

10,000 Interactions

Dewgongite Q

(Mega Dewgong Q)

Mega Stone Dewgongite Q.png Pokémon Mega Dewgong Q.png Pokémon Mega Dewgong Q Shiny.png
March 24 - March 25 Mass Click Weekend 42[4] Individual Goal

10,000 Interactions

Sylveonite Q

(Mega Sylveon Q)

Mega Stone Sylveonite Q.png Pokémon Mega Sylveon Q.png Pokémon Mega Sylveon Q Shiny.png
Feburary 24 - Feburary 25 Mass Click Weekend 41[5] Individual Goal

10,000 Interactions

Girafarite Q

(Mega Girafarig Q)

Mega Stone Girafarite Q.png Pokémon Mega Girafarig Q.png Pokémon Mega Girafarig Q Shiny.png
Feburary 14 - Feburary 27 Eternal Flame[6] Varied Goals:

See the Event Page

Teddibear Pokémon Teddibear.png
January 28 - January 29 Mass Click Weekend 40[7] Individual Goal:

10,000 Interactions

Glaceonite Q

(Mega Glaceon Q)

Mega Stone Glaceonite Q.png Pokémon Mega Glaceon Q.png Pokémon Mega Glaceon Q Shiny.png


Duration Name Description Reward Image(s)
December 25 - January 6 12 Days of Christmas 2017[8] Various Goals:

See the Event Page

Various. Varied.
November 25 - November 26 Mass Click Weekend 39[9] Individual Goal:

10,000 Interactions

Farfetchite Q

(Mega Farfetch'd Q)

Mega Stone Farfetchite Q.png Pokémon Mega Farfetch'd Q.png Pokémon Mega Farfetch'd Q Shiny.png
October 30 - November 12 Spirits Unchained[10] Various Goals

See the Event Page

Premium Box

Hallowe'en Witch Liepard

Vampire Gliscor

Premium Box.png Pokémon Hallowe'en Witch Liepard.png Pokémon Vampire Gliscor.png
October 28 - October 29 Mass Click Weekend 38[11] Individual Goal:

10,000 Interactions

Vaporeonite Q

(Mega Vaporeon Q)

Mega Stone Vaporeonite Q.png Pokémon Mega Vaporeon Q.png Pokémon Mega Vaporeon Q Shiny.png
September 30 - October 1 Mass Click Weekend 37[12] Individual Goal:

10,000 Interactions

Dunsparcite Q

(Mega Dunsparce Q)

Mega Stone Dunsparcite Q.png Pokémon Mega Dunsparce Q.png Pokémon Mega Dunsparce Q Shiny.png
August 26 - August 27 Mass Click Weekend 36[13] Individual Goal:

10,000 Interactions

Pyrite Q

(Mega Pyroar Q)

Mega Stone Pyrite Q.png Pokémon Mega Pyroar Q.png Pokémon Mega Pyroar Q Shiny.png
August 18 - August 31 Astral Disruption[14] Various Goals

See the Event Page

Premium Box Premium Box.png
July 29 - July 30 Mass Click Weekend 35[15] Individual Goal:

10,000 Interactions

Haxorite Q

(Mega Haxorus Q)

Mega Stone Haxorite Q.png Pokémon Mega Haxorus Q.png Pokémon Mega Haxorus Q Shiny.png
June 24 - June 25 Mass Click Weekend 34[16] Individual Goal:

10,000 Interactions

Espeonite Q

(Mega Espeon Q)

Mega Stone Espeonite Q.png Pokémon Mega Espeon Q.png Pokémon Mega Espeon Q Shiny.png
May 27 - May 28 Mass Click Weekend 33[17] Individual Goal:

10,000 Interactions

Weavilite Q

(Mega Weavile Q)

Mega Stone Weavilite Q.png Pokémon Mega Weavile Q.png Pokémon Mega Weavile Q Shiny.png
Apr 29 - Apr 30 Mass Click Weekend 32[18] Individual Goal:

10,000 Interactions

Milotite Q

(Mega Milotic Q)

Mega Stone Milotite Q.png Pokémon Mega Milotic Q.png Pokémon Mega Milotic Q Shiny.png
Apr 1 - Apr 2 Mass Click Weekend 31[19] Individual Goal:

10,000 Interactions

Solynxite Q

(Mega Solynx Q)

Mega Stone Solynxite Q.png Pokémon Mega Solynx Q.png Pokémon Mega Solynx Q Shiny.png
Mar 3 - 24 Red Nose Day 2017[20] Rewards were based on how much ZC a user purchased Custom Sprite Symbol.pngRed Nose Popplio, Custom Sprite Symbol.pngRed Nose Brionne, Custom Sprite Symbol.pngRed Nose Primarina, Comic Relief Costume Mime Jr., Comic Relief Costume Lopunny, Comic Relief Costume Brionne Pokémon Red Nose Popplio.pngPokémon Red Nose Brionne.pngPokémon Red Nose Primarina.png Mime Jr Comic Relief Costume.png Lopunny Comic Relief Costume.png Brionne Comic Relief Costume.png
Feb 25 - 26 Mass Click Weekend 30[21] Individual Goal:

10,000 Interactions

Persianite Q

(Mega Persian Q)

Mega Stone Persianite Q.png Pokémon Mega Persian Q.png Pokémon Mega Persian Q Shiny.png
Feb 13 - 19 Valentine's Week 2017[22] Given to the top 500 Most Doting and Most Loved. Custom Sprite Symbol.png Amy Celebi Pokémon Amy Celebi.png
Jan 28 - 29 Mass Click Weekend 29[23] Individual Goal:

10,000 Interactions

Jolteonite Q

(Mega Jolteon Q)

Mega Stone Jolteonite Q.png Pokémon Mega Jolteon Q.png Pokémon Mega Jolteon Q Shiny.png


Duration Name Description Reward Image(s)
Dec 25 - Jan 6 12 Days of Christmas 2016[24] Various Goals:

See the Event Page

Various. Varied.
Dec 17 - 18 AZ Floette Event[25] Individual Goal:

1,000 Interactions
Community Goal:
25,000,000 Interactions

Custom Sprite Symbol.png AZ's Floette Pokémon AZ's Floette.png
Nov 26 - 27 Mass Click Weekend 28[26] Individual Goal:

10,000 Interactions

Froslassite Q

(Mega Froslass Q)

Mega Stone Froslassite Q.png Pokémon Mega Froslass Q.png Pokémon Mega Froslass Q Shiny.png
Oct 29 - 30 Mass Click Weekend 27[27] Individual Goal:

10,000 Interactions

Breelomite Q

(Mega Breloom Q)

Mega Stone Breloomite Q.png Pokémon Mega Breloom Q.png Pokémon Mega Breloom Q Shiny.png
Oct 01 - 02 Mass Click Weekend 26[28] Individual Goal:

10,000 Interactions

Flareonite Q

(Mega Flareon Q)

Mega Stone Flareonite Q.png Pokémon Mega Flareon Q.png Pokémon Mega Flareon Q Shiny.png
Aug 27 - 28 Mass Click Weekend 25[29] Individual Goal:

10,000 Interactions

Laprasite Q

(Mega Lapras Q)

Mega Stone Laprasite Q.png Pokémon Mega Lapras Q.png Pokémon Mega Lapras Q Shiny.png
Jul 30 - 31 Mass Click Weekend 24[30] Individual Goal:

10,000 Interactions

Jirachinite Q

(Mega Jirachi Q)

Mega Stone Jirachinite Q.png Pokémon Mega Jirachi Q.png Pokémon Mega Jirachi Q Shiny.png
Jun 25 - 26 Mass Click Weekend 23[31] Individual Goal:

10,000 Interactions

Umbreonite Q

(Mega Umbreon Q)

Mega Stone Umbreonite Q.png Pokémon Mega Umbreon Q.png Pokémon Mega Umbreon Q Shiny.png
May 28 - 29 Mass Click Weekend 22[32] Individual Goal:

10,000 Interactions

Wailordite Q

(Mega Wailord Q)

Mega Stone Wailordite Q.png Pokémon Mega Wailord Q.png Pokémon Mega Wailord Q Shiny.png
Apr 30 - May 01 Mass Click Weekend 21[33] Individual Goal:

10,000 Interactions

Leafeonite Q

(Mega Leafeon Q)

Mega Stone Leafeonite Q.png Pokémon Mega Leafeon Q.png Pokémon Mega Leafeon Q Shiny.png
Mar 26 - 27 Mass Click Weekend 20[34] Individual Goal:

10,000 Interactions

Butterfrite Q

(Mega Butterfree Q)

Mega Stone Butterfrite Q.png Pokémon Mega Butterfree Q.png Pokémon Mega Butterfree Q Shiny.png
Feb 27 - 28 Mass Click Weekend 19[35] Individual Goal:

10,000 Interactions

Manectite Q

(Mega Manectric Q)

Mega Stone Manectite Q.png Pokémon Mega Manectric Q.png Pokémon Mega Manectric Q Shiny.png
Jan 30 - 31 Mass Click Weekend 18[36] Individual Goal:

10,000 Interactions

Noivernite Q

(Mega Noivern Q)

Mega Stone Noivernite Q.png Pokémon Mega Noivern Q.png Pokémon Mega Noivern Q Shiny.png


Duration Name Description Reward Image(s)
Dec 26 - 27 Mass Click Weekend 17[37] Individual Goal:

4,000 or 20,000 Interactions

Ho-oh-nite Q or Lugianite Q

(Mega Ho-Oh Q or Mega Lugia Q)

Both for 20,000 Interactions

Mega Stone Ho-oh-nite Q.png Pokémon Mega Ho-oh Q.png Pokémon Mega Ho-oh Q Shiny.png
Mega Stone Lugianite Q.png Pokémon Mega Lugia Q.png Pokémon Mega Lugia Q Shiny.png
Dec 01 - 25 Advent Calendar 2015[38] Individual Goal:

200 Interactions for each day

3 random Consumables for days 1-24

Up to 550 Gold Poké for day 25

Gold Poké Voucher.png Cookie.pngSweet Heart.pngGummi White.png
Nov 28 - 29 Mass Click Weekend 16[39] Individual Goal:

10,000 Interactions

Zoroarkite Q

(Mega Zoroark Q)

Mega Stone Zoroarkite Q.png Pokémon Mega Zoroark Q.png Pokémon Mega Zoroark Q Shiny.png
Oct 31 - Nov 01 Mass Click Weekend 15 [40] Individual Goal:

3,333 Interactions

Lunupine Egg Lunupine.png Pokémon Lunupine.png Pokémon Lunupine Shiny.png
Individual Goal:

12,345 Interactions

Lunupinite Q

(Mega Lunupine Q)

Mega Stone Lunupinite Q.png Pokémon Mega Lunupine Q.png Pokémon Mega Lunupine Q Shiny.png
Sep 26 - 27 Mass-Click Weekend 14[41] Individual Goal:

10,000 Interactions

Raichunite Q

(Mega Raichu Q)

Mega Stone Raichunite Q.png Pokémon Mega Raichu Q.png Pokémon Mega Raichu Q Shiny.png
Aug 29 - 30 Mass-Click Weekend 13[42] Individual Goal:

10,000 Interactions

Arbokite Q

(Mega Arbok Q)

Mega Stone Arbokite Q.png Pokémon Mega Arbok Q.png Pokémon Mega Arbok Q Shiny.png
Jul 25 - 26 Mass-Click Weekend 12[43] Individual Goal:

10,000 or 30,000 Interactions

300 or 600 unique users interacted

4,000 or 12,000 disliked Berries fed

Mythrite, Opal, or Adamantite

(Primal Dialga, Primal Palkia, or Mega Giratina Q)

Mythrite.png Pokémon Primal Dialga Q.png Pokémon Primal Dialga Q Shiny.png
Opal.png Pokémon Primal Palkia Q.png Pokémon Primal Palkia Q Shiny.png
Mega Stone Adamantite.png Pokémon Mega Giratina Q.png Pokémon Mega Giratina Q Shiny.png
Jun 27 - 28 Mass-Click Weekend 11[44] Individual Goal:

10,000 Interactions

Arcanite Q

(Mega Arcanine Q)

Mega Stone Arcanite Q.png Pokémon Mega Arcanine Q.png Pokémon Mega Arcanine Q Shiny.png
May 30 - 31 Mass-Click Weekend 10[45] Individual Goal:

10,000 or 40,000 Interactions

Zangoosite Q or Sevipernite Q

(Mega Zangoose Q or Mega Seviper Q)

Both for 40,000 Interactions

Mega Stone Zangoosite Q.png Pokémon Mega Zangoose Q.png Pokémon Mega Zangoose Q Shiny.png
Mega Stone Sevipernite Q.png Pokémon Mega Seviper Q.png Pokémon Mega Seviper Q Shiny.png
Apr 25 - 26 Mass-Click Weekend 9[46] Individual Goal:

10,000 Interactions

Furretite Q

(Mega Furret Q)

Mega Stone Furretite Q.png Pokémon Mega Furret Q.png Pokémon Mega Furret Q Shiny.png
Mar 28 - 29 Mass-Click Weekend 8[47] Individual Goal: 10,000 Interactions Rapidite Q

(Mega Rapidash Q)

Mega Stone Rapidite Q.png Pokémon Mega Rapidash Q.png Pokémon Mega Rapidash Q Shiny.png
Mar 14 Pi Day[48] Pies replace Berries. Individual Goal: 3,141 Interactions Nerdy Illumise Pie Aspear Meringue.pngPie Lattice Cheri.pngPie Chesto Crumble.pngPie Pecha.pngTart Rawst Berry.png Pokémon Nerdy Illumise.png Pokémon Nerdy Illumise Shiny.png
Feb 28 - Mar 01 Mass-Click Weekend 7[49] Individual Goal:

10,000 Interactions

Flygonite Q

(Mega Flygon Q)

Mega Stone Flygonite Q.png Pokémon Mega Flygon Q.png Pokémon Mega Flygon Q Shiny.png
Feb 14 - 16 Valentine's Day[50] Community Goal: Purchase Sweet Hearts for other users Sweet Hearts, Heart Scales, and Amorvoir Sweet Heart.pngHeart Scale.png Pokémon Amorvoir.png
Feb 07 - 08 Mass-Click Weekend 6[51] Individual Goal:

10,000 Interactions

Luxraynite Q

(Mega Luxray Q)

Mega Stone Luxraynite Q.png Pokémon Mega Luxray Q.png Pokémon Mega Luxray Q Shiny.png


Duration Name Description Reward Image(s)
Dec 25 - Jan 6 12 Days of Christmas 2014[52] Various Goals:

See the Event Page

Various. Varied.
Nov 29 - Dec 01 Mass-Click Weekend 5[53] Individual Goal:

1,000, 4,000, 10,000 or 25,000 Interactions

OR/AS Mega Stone

or Forme-Change Item

Mega Stone Beedrillite.pngMega Stone Cameruptite.pngMega Stone Sharpedonite.png

Mega Stone Lopunnite.pngMega Stone Pidgeotite.png

Mega Stone Slowbronite.pngMega Stone Steelixite.pngMega Stone Altarianite.png

Mega Stone Glalitite.pngMega Stone Galladite.png

Mega Stone Sablenite.pngMega Stone Salamencite.pngMega Stone Metagrossite.png

Mega Stone Audinite.pngMega Stone Sceptilite.pngMega Stone Swampertite.png

Mega Stone Latiasite.pngMega Stone Latiosite.pngMega Stone Meteorite.png

Mega Stone Diancite.pngRed Orb.pngBlue Orb.png

Nov 01 - 03
Mass-Click Weekend 4[54] Individual Goal:

10,000 Interactions

Ninetaleite Q

(Mega Ninetales Q)

Mega Stone Ninetaleite Q.png Pokémon Mega Ninetales Q.png Pokémon Mega Ninetales Q Shiny.png
Oct 31
Trick or Treat![55] Collect 7 treats to receive the reward. Hallowe'en Witch Egg Hallowe'en Witch Purrloin.png Pokémon Hallowe'en Witch Purrloin.png Pokémon Hallowe'en Witch Purrloin Shiny.png
Sept 27 - 28
Mass-Click Weekend 3[56] Individual Goal:

10,000 Interactions

Skarmorite Q

(Mega Skarmory Q)

Mega Stone Skarmorite Q.png Pokémon Mega Skarmory Q.png Pokémon Mega Skarmory Q Shiny.png
Aug 30 - 31
Mass-Click Weekend 2[57]

Individual Goal:
10,000 Interactions
Community Goal:
25,000,000 Interactions

Jumpluffite Q
(Mega Jumpluff Q)
Extra: AZ's Floette

Mega Stone Jumpluffite Q.png Pokémon Mega Jumpluff Q.png Pokémon Mega Jumpluff Q Shiny.png Pokémon AZ's Floette.png
Aug 01 - 12 Seasonal Turtwig Event[58] The first regular event. First 1,000 users won. Seasonal Turtwig Egg Seasonal Turtwig Summer.png Pokémon Seasonal Turtwig Summer.png Pokémon Seasonal Grotle Summer.png Pokémon Seasonal Torterra Summer.png
Pokémon Seasonal Turtwig Summer Shiny.png Pokémon Seasonal Grotle Summer Shiny.png Pokémon Seasonal Torterra Summer Shiny.png
Aug 01 Early Bird Event A gift for Early Access Users who played in the Private Beta. Early Bird Natu Egg Early Bird Natu.png Pokémon Early Bird Natu.png Pokémon Early Bird Xatu.png Pokémon Early Bird Natu Shiny.png Pokémon Early Bird Xatu Shiny.png
Jul 26 - 27
Mass-Click Weekend[59] Individual Goal:

10,000 Interactions

Floatzelite Q

(Mega Floatzel Q)

Mega Stone Floatzelite Q.png Pokémon Mega Floatzel Q.png Pokémon Mega Floatzel Q Shiny.png
May 16 - 26
Voltorb Flip[60] Minigame: Voltorb Flip Sylveon Pokémon Sylveon.png Pokémon Sylveon Shiny.png
May 23 Welcome back[61] A Cookie for everybody. Even more for Zophan Canister buyers. Cookie Cookie.png
Apr 20
Easter Event All Egg Sprites were changed into colourful Eggs. No reward Coloured Egg.png
Apr 01 April Fools[62] All Pokémon Sprites were changed into an Espurr. No reward Pokémon CATS' Espurr.png
Feb 14 - 16
Valentine's Day[63] Community Goal: Purchase Sweet Hearts for other users Sweet Heart and Heart Scales Sweet Heart.png Heart Scale.png


Duration Name Description Reward Image(s)
Dec 01 - 25
Advent Calendar[64] Daily new Accessory, 1,000 Interactions on last day for Mega Stone Christmas Accessories & Mightyenite Q

(Mega Mightyena Q)

Mega Stone Mightyenite Q.png Pokémon Mega Mightyena Q.png Pokémon Mega Mightyena Q Shiny.png


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