A Dubious Dinner

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The A Dubious Dinner event was an Event that ran for one week in 2024, starting February 23rd and ending February 29th.[1]During the event, users completed a list of tasks for Professor Holly and Zweilous. At the third task, the users received a Deinglitch egg.


The user starts off believing they could relax and enjoy the sunshine until they notice Professor Holly trying to get their attention from the Lab. Upon entering the Lab they Professor Holly thanks the user and explains that she needs help with an issue. The Deino that users would previously see eating odd items has evolved into Zweilous. However, Zweilous seems gravely ill and unresponsive to normal cures. Professor Holly tried to get Niet to get her to talk but she just groans in discomfort. Professor Holly asks the user to find Methos hoping they might be able to help understand what is happening.

The user finds Shazi being, well, Shazi. Shazi greets the user and claims she wasn't chewing on twigs. Luckily, she knows where Methos is and guides the user to them. Methos nonchalantly wakes up from their nap. They then read the user's mind about what it is that they need. Shazi became excited stating she didn't know that was what the user needed. Methos explains that Psychic-types can read minds but stops mid-sentence when they are about to ask Shazi if she was a Psychic. Instead, Methos states, "Just remember that you can always ask people what help they need, Shazi." Methos teleports to Prof. Holly and Shazi states that she forgot how to teleport.

Upon arriving back at the Lab, Methos greets them. Shazi wonders what is wrong with Zweilous and Prof. Holly hopes Methos can tell them. While the user was away, Prof. Holly found a strange Egg next to Zweilous. Since finding it, her equipment had been going haywire and Zweilous also refused to eat a Pecha Berry. This is not normal for Zweilous who eats anything in range of her mouth. Methos deems it is indigestion, however, they wouldn't have guessed it possible with her bottomless stomach. While Prof. Holly updates Professor Laurel the eggy duplicated itself. Prof. Holly asks the user to take one of the Eggs and let her know if it hatches. Hopefully, a solution is found to get Zweilous well again.

The user returns to the Lab after hatching the bizarre-looking Deino. As if in response to the user's Deino's presence the duplicate egg hatches! The lights start to flash and the Deino creates weird noises. Shazi comes over asking about the craziness and notes that the new Deino is purple. Methos gives a quick update that Zweilous' problem has passed. She had swallowed a Dubious Disk whole! They not that she will probably eat some berries now and Prof. Holly asks the user to gather some Oran Berries to help Zweilous heal.

A happy ending all around!

Zweilous gladly accepts the gift of Oran Berries. A bit later, Zweilous seems to have recovered quite a bit. Everyone is glad to see her eating while Shazi is glad it isn't her art supplies. Methos states that Zweilous will be back to doing that as soon as the opportunity arises. Prof. Holly explains that she will continue to monitor Zweilous and ensure she makes a complete recovery. The Professor then states that the strange Deino is healthy despite its appearance and must be a new Variant Pokémon. Shazi names it Deinglitch because it makes weird noises and the light flicker. Prof. Holly thanks the user and tells them to take good care of their Deinglitch. She decides she is going to ask Colress if he can look into mitigating the effects that Deinglitch has on electronics then hands the user a gift.


Task How to Complete Result
1 You may not quite be sure who Methos is, but Zweilous needs help! Complete 8 Scour Missions Shazi takes you to Methos who reads your mind about what you need.
2 Methos has teleported to the Lab, but you'll need to get there on foot. Make 300 Party Interactions Methos finds out that Zweilous has indigestion. The strange egg that Holly found turned into two eggs.
3 While Holly, Methos and Shazi are taking care of the sick Zweilous and the duplicate Egg, you have an Egg of your own to take care of. Hatch the mystery Egg! A bizarre-looking Deino was hatched and the other egg hatches. Zweilous had eaten a Dubious Disk whole.
4 Zweilous should be able to stomach the berries that will help her heal. Deliver 40 Oran Berries Zweilous eats the berries and starts feeling better. Prof. Holly determines that a new Variant has been discovered while Shazi names it Deinglitch.
5 A happy ending all around! --- As thanks, Prof. Holly gives you a Super Lucky Egg!


  • The year 2024 was a leap year, but even so, that Feb 29th looks a bit...glitchy...
  • Deinglitch was a long-awaited PF1 Variant.