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The Easter Eggscapade event was an Event that lasted for two weeks in 2023, starting on April 8th and ending April 21st. During the event, users completed a list of tasks relating to a storyline featuring a Togepi and a Vullaby.


It's Easter and Professor Holly is preparing to host an egg painting event. Shazi and Sei, who are wonderful artists, volunteered to help. Prof. Holly asks the user to give her a hand carrying the paints. Outside, Sei is asking Shazi if she got all of the paintbrushes. Shazi notices the user and Prof. Holly walking up with the paint. They ask if Prof. Holly got all the pretty colours, even the cyan. The user helps them set up the painting booth and play the waiting game. Shazi doesn't like that game and would rather play Hungry Hungry Hippopopap instead.

A Deino comes to the booth wanting to paint some eggs. There is suddenly a crashing sound behind the user and a Togepi can be seen running off with the paint. Sei asks the user to chase after the Togepi since the booth will be chaos without both of them. After stating this Deino is seen eating the paintbrushes and Shazi is yelling that "Paintbrushes aren't tasty!"

Before the user knows it they are on the edge of town and they run into Novan-chan. She asks the user, "Where chu off to 'n such a hurry?" After being filled in about what has happened Novan decides to help get the paint back. Togepi comes out from a bush and flees before the user and Novan has a chance to react. The user finally spots Togepi and it is with a Vullaby. Novan asks why they tried to sabotage the event. Togepi and Vullaby explained that Togepi wanted to help Vullaby and only "borrowed" the paints. Novan states that they could have just come to the booth.

Upon their return Sei excalims that Shazi had to go deal with Deino again. Novan already seemed to know that Deino ate the paintbrushes. She then states that they found the runaway paints and a "coupl'a cuties" who wanted their shells painted. Vullaby doesn't want bright colours though. Sei excitedly agrees to help. Both Togepi and Vullaby are happy with how Sei painted their shells. Sei scolds them about asking first and that no one was going to say no since their booth was free. The two Pokémon accept the gentle scolding. Sei thanks the user for their help and the pair of Pokémon want to join the user's farm.


Task How to Complete Result
1 You grab some cans and head outside. Make 100 Party Interactions

You help set up the painting booth.

2 Tend to your Farm for a while. Hatch 10 eggs

A Togepi takes off with the paint!

3 Time for a search, where could this rogue Togepi have gotten to? Complete 12 Scour Missions

You run into Novan-chan who wants to help.

4 Chase down the Togepi! 500 Interactions

You find Togepi with a Vullaby.

5 Your party heads back to town. 500 Interactions

Sei agrees to paint Togepi's and Vullaby's shells.

6 In the meantime, you notice some of the Easter festivities have been set up. [Optional] Play Eggsweeper

The Togepi and Vullaby want to join your Farm!


For more information, please see the full article on: EggSweeper.


Regardless if the user wins the game or not, they will receive an Easter Egg for each Egg they found in the game.

If the user successfully finds all 10 Easter Eggs they will also receive an Easter Ticket for use in the prize shop.

Easter Tickets

Hatching eggs during the event may yield Easter Tickets. The Tickets may be spent on consumables and other items in a special event shop. The shop was located on the EggSweeper page below the game.

  • If users have any tickets left over from the 2017 Easter event, they will also be usable.
  • The first hatch of the day always grants a ticket, and subsequent hatches can give one.
  • Users had to play through the storyline and unlock the EggSweeper game before they could access the event shop.


Image Name Description Price
Easter Egg +20 Happiness. You can never have too many! 1
DayCare Pass ×10 Each one allows adoption of an extra DayCare Egg beyond your daily limit. 3
DayCare Pass ×60 Each one allows adoption of an extra DayCare Egg beyond your daily limit. 15
Lucky Egg When activated, earn EXP on your own Party by interacting with others. 4
Super Lucky Egg When activated, earn EXP on your own Party by interacting with others. 15
Egg Pass Hatch an Egg without breaking your PokéRadar chain. 4

Custom Sprite Vault

Users were able to buy past Easter Custom Sprites for 500 each during the event. These Custom Sprites were the Easter Egg, Radiant Red, Glittering Green, Bejeweled Blue, and Easter Bunnelby.