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The image used to denote Gold Poké.

Gold Poké is a Premium Currency represented by a gold coin Gp small.png. It can be used to buy various Account Upgrades, Forme-Change Items and Event Eggs, as well as a number of other services.


Opening Boxes

Rarely when the user opens a box found in Scour Missions, they may receive a random amount of Gold Poké.

Gold Poké Vouchers

Gold Poké Voucher.png

Gold Poké Vouchers can be bought with Zophan Canisters, at this page. The base rate is 1 Gold Poké for one Zophan Canister, however, there are special deals for larger quantities of Gold Poké. The user can give these Vouchers to a Pokémon in order to trade Gold Poké with other users.

To redeem a Gold Poké Voucher go to the Gold Poké page here. Available Gold Poké Voucher are:

  • Gp small.png100 for Zophan Canister 16x16.png100 (full price)
  • Gp small.png550 for Zophan Canister 16x16.png500 (10% extra)
  • Gp small.png1,250 for Zophan Canister 16x16.png1,000 (25% extra)
  • Gp small.png3,000 for Zophan Canister 16x16.png2,000 (50% extra)


If the user has Hypermode, they can collect 500 Gold Poké from the Hypermode page every 28 days. The 500 Gold Poké bonus can be collected when they first upgrade to Hypermode as well, but only once.

Fabulous Friday

Every Fabulous Friday the user can interact with others for GP. The amount of Gold Poke a user can get is based on how many interactions he/she made that Friday. The GP can be collected from the Fabulous Friday page on the following day, which is called 'Superb Saturday'. The maximum amount that a user can get is 125 GP.

Online Chain

Gold Poké can be earned by fulfilling the qualifications of the online chain task, which can be found on this page.


Gold Poké may be used to: