12 Days of Christmas 2023

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Mega Marshadow wishes you a successful 2024!

The 12 Days of Christmas is an Event based on the English Christmas carol The Twelve Days of Christmas. It started on the 25th of December 2023 and continued each day with a new task that had to be completed to receive a reward, with the difficulty increasing each day.[1][2]

Additionally, each day came with an image and a description to match.

If a day's goal wasn't met, any progress from the date was rolled over and could be completed and rewarded at a later date within the event. The image and description presented would be the date of the goal that wasn't completed yet until it reached the most recent one.


Day Image Story Interaction Goal Prize

Art by Shazi

The first snow is falling while everyone gets nice and cozy. Unfortunately Jestur has stolen the kindling from Bunn... Hope we get a fire going soon. 10 1Christmas Tokens

Art by QuirkyRabbit

It's time for presents! Hope you all got something you wanted for Christmas! 20 2Christmas Tokens

Art by ICEBUNN, Eggy, Shazi, Nunka, and DuchessLunaire

Shazi mixed up her seasons and forgot Christmas is winter here. Time to free her from the ice! 40 3Christmas Tokens

Art by Nunka

A Snow sculpture contest how fun! Who won you ask? Unclear but everyone had a good time so that's what matters. 80 4Christmas Tokens

Art by Eggy

For the winter holidays, Sneaselda cooks a stew while her gentle friend Garganacl adds his salt for special flavor, made to be served to lots of Pokémon! 160 5 Christmas Tokens

Art by AlyssaNights

Even the underwater Pokémon are getting ready for Christmas, there aren't any trees but such a lovely piece of coral couldn't go undecorated! 320 6 Christmas Tokens

Art by Zio

Everyone loves to decorate the tree, but some are more helpful than others. At least it's a nice tree right? 640 7Christmas Tokens

Art by DuchessLunaire

The beautiful voice of Lyruse has made the caroling this year a delight to the ears. How lucky we are to have such a Pokémon! 1,280 8Christmas Tokens


Bunn puts the star at the top of the tree as Suriya makes sure he can reach it. How exciting it is to see the Christmas tree finished! 2,560 9Christmas Tokens

Art by Novan-chan

The sleigh full of presents had a bit of an accident, but not to worry lots of Pokémon have come to help get it out of the snow! 5,120 10Christmas Tokens

Art by BananaLizard and Shazi

A snowball fight broke out while everyone was trying to make snowmen. Methos probably has an unfair advantage here. 10,240 Marshadeite Q & 10Christmas Tokens

Art by Rebecca Marigold

Rebecca invited everyone over to celebrate with her and bake delicious cookies. Things became a little more chaotic than she expected but everyone still had a wonderful time! 20,480 Christmas Bandicoon & 10Christmas Tokens

12 Days of Christmas 2023 Shop

After meeting the daily interactions target and receiving Christmas Tokens users could spend them at the 2023 12 Days of Christmas Shop. Tokens could also be traded with other users. The redeemable prizes were:

Christmas Sweets

The normal berries on a Pokémon's Summary Page were replaced with custom Christmas Sweet Images. Each of the five berries had its own unique Christmas Sweet type, reflecting each berry's flavour. Feeding a Pokémon a Christmas Sweet had the same effect as regular berries.

The Aspear Berry is renamed to Mince Pie, Cheri Berry to Gingerbread Man, Chesto Berry to Fruit Cake, Pecha Berry to Candy Cane and Rawst Berry to Hot Chocolate.

Christmas Sweet


  • The Christmas Sweets Sprites were created by Rebecca Marigold.
  • Christmas sweets are reflected in their filenames.
    • Sweet is also a flavour which leads to the rather amusing sweet.sweet.png file.
      • This is kind of reminiscent of Dry Drink from PF1 for silly/nonsense names.