12 Days of Christmas 2018

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The 12 Days of Christmas is an Event that refers to the English Christmas carol The Twelve Days of Christmas. It started on the 25th of December and continues each day with a new task that has to be completed to receive a reward, with difficulty increasing each day.[1][2] Additionally, each day came with an image and a description of it to match.


Day Image Story Interaction Goal Prize
1 12DoC 2018 Day 1.png Art by Shazi After years of trying, Shazi has finally managed steal the dessert that R'ah made for Christmas dinner! 10 Berry Oran.png Oran Berry
2 12DoC 2018 Day 2.png Art by Psychokin Stockings and storytime with the classic holiday tale, Taking Over the World. 20 Berry Sitrus.png Sitrus Berry
3 12DoC 2018 Day 3.png Art by Animela Not everyone can handle the cold and others just like to avoid it. A great way to warm up is with a good cup of Tapu Cocoa. 40 Ice Stone.png Ice Stone
4 12DoC 2018 Day 4.png Art by BananaLizard Everyone is working hard to make cookies for Sallyclaus. Some are making a bigger mess, but that's okay, they're helping! 80 Snow Jewel.png Snow Jewel
5 12DoC 2018 Day 5.png Art by Avaritia Spying a sudden stop, some super squad of swanky 'Mon swarmed to a store for spectacular savings. "Superb!" they said, "such simply stylish scarves!" Savings were spent and sweaters selected. 160 Box Glittery.png Glittery Box
6 12DoC 2018 Day 6.png Art by Psychokineticism Bringing 8 arms to a snowball fight is a bit unfair, isn't it? 320 DayCare Pass.png Daycare Pass x10
7 12DoC 2018 Day 7.png Art By Animela Wrapping presents can be a little tricky sometimes. Others take advantage of the distraction to hide another precious gift. 640 Lucky Seal.png Lucky Seal
8 12DoC 2018 Day 8.png Art By Sei Making their way to bring presents to the Pokémon in the Shelter, Garthic and the others stop to admire the dancing colours in the sky. 1280 Lucky Egg.png Lucky Egg
9 12DoC 2018 Day 9.png Art By Novan-Chan Aly, Novie and Bandicoon hand out gifts to various Pokémon just outside of town. Aly uses her telekenisis to allow Phantiidae and Skeleco to enjoy the scenery. 2560 Übercharm.png Übercharm
10 12DoC 2018 Day 10.png Art By Dusky Peculiar Ardik and Glaquine decided to make a fun festive decoration, putting their icy powers to the test. Shiny and sparkling, Dusky couldn't help but think it looked kind of tasty… 5120 Mega Stone Voucher 5.png Mega Stone Voucher 5
11 12DoC 2018 Day 11.png Art By Psychokineticism and Shazi Search and rescue efforts for two missing Pokémon were successful. Ravyne, Blank and Niet found the missing 'mon cuddling for warmth under a snowbank. 10240 Christmas Torterra
12 12DoC 2018 Day 12.png Art By Novan-Chan and Sei Ravyne found a sparkleshiny! 20480 Bunborite Q



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