Questionable Quarry

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The Questionable Quarry event was an April Fool's Event that ran for one week in 2024, starting on April 1st and ending April 7th.


As the user is passing by the Wishforge they notice Ravyne is upset about something. Ravyne was looking for sparkleshines and found this warmrock. They are upset because rocks are not warm. They give it to the user and the user decides to show it to Professor Holly. The user shows the egg-shaped rock to Prof. Holly and explains where they got it. After getting permission Prof. Holly examines it and states it is indeed an Egg but not one that is in her database. She states the user should try hatching it and then bring it back to her. The user takes the Egg and decides to visit Niet.

The user finds Niet arguing with Sally about the ceiling not being meant for dragons. Sally simply states, "Maybe when you finally fix my upside-down staircase, I'll stop using it to torment you." A frustrated Niet greets the user and explains that he is tired of fighting with Sally. After showing Niet the Egg, he states he wasn't aware of this one and suggests going to ask Garthic. The user and Niet greet Garthic in town and the first thing Garthic says is "Whatever it is, I didn't do it." Niet is now suspicious and proceeds to try to explain what is happening when the sound of egg cracking interrupts him. Everyone wonders if it hatched and Niet points out bits of eggshell and a Gem from hatching. The three of them and the newly hatched egg go back to the Lab to show Prof. Holly.

Prof. Holly asks if they are sure it hatched and Niet assures her that they all witnessed the hatching process. Prof. Holly recalls reading about a Pokémon that excels at camouflage, it resembles rocks even more than a Geodude does. Garthic states it could get lost if it is put into someone's fields while Niet agrees because it seems very quiet and a little shy. Prof. Holly states that the user should find some nice accessories to decorate it with while she runs some tests. The user brings back a few accessories and shows them to Prof. Holly. Prof. Holly is sure Perroc will like them then goes on to explain part of her research. She states that Perroc's shape is heavily dependent on its diet which consists of various rocks even though she has noticed that berries are disappearing as well. Garthic states that it is quite fascinating how it doesn't make any noise when it moves or eats. Niet thinks Sally could learn a thing or two from it before excusing himself. Prof. Holly thinks that Perroc is eager to try on an accessory and the user decorates it.

Garthic states, "You won't have to fear losing Perroc in the fields." Perroc seems happy and Garthic says it has a look in its eyes. Prof. Holly bursts his bubble about the eyes being fake which causes Garthic to freak out and ask how does it see? From what Prof. Holly gathers it seems to use the vibrations from the ground to collect information about its surroundings. It isn't strong in combat so it uses tricks to confuse approaching Pokémon. Prof. Holly believes the user will have no problem taking care of Perroc and asks them to let her know about any unusual behaviour. Perroc joins the user's Farm


Task How to Complete Result
1 Picking up the rock, you feel it is indeed warm. And also egg-shaped. Perhaps you should show Holly? Make 200 Interactions You take the Egg-Like Rock to Prof. Holly and find out it is an Egg.
2 You take the Egg and, while you're in the area, decide to visit Niet. He tends to know about ongoing things. Make 500 Interactions Niet wasn't aware of this egg and suggests asking Garthic.
3 The two of you head out of the Lab to find Garthic. Hatch the mystery Egg The egg hatched... we think?
4 Back to the Lab, to show this development to the professor. Make 1000 Interactions Prof. Holly recalls reading about a Pokémon that excels at camouflage more than Geodude.
5 You leave your newly hatched rock in Holly's care while you search for some Accessories. Complete 4 Scour Missions Prof. Holly's research finds that Perroc's shape depends on its diet.
6 It is entirely unclear whether Perroc is even capable of expressing emotion, yet you do feel like it will enjoy being decorated. Dress up Perroc Perroc joined your Farm!


  • Rebecca Marigold wrote the story and came up with the Perroc sprites.
    • Shazi helped refine the story and Niet did a final touch.
    • It was originally just a half joking idea to have a pet rock that could be decorated with accessories.