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Valentine's Day is an Event to spread positivity within the community.


From February 14th to February 16th, users could obtain Sweet Hearts.[1] However, they could not be purchased directly. Instead, users must gift them to each other. On the purchasing screen, a user was able to select a user to gift to, how many Sweet Hearts to send, and whether or not to send them anonymously. A message could also be attached. Sweet Heart could be bought using Credits or Zophan Canisters. Each Sweet Heart cost Cr small.png1,000 to send, but they can also be paid for in Zophan Canister 16x16.png10 each.

The 10 people who bought the most Sweet Hearts received a Heart Scale as a reward.

Statistics on the Event:

  • Number of participants: 672
  • Number of Sweet Hearts bought: 19,418
  • Number bought with Zophan Canisters: 281
  • Total Zophan Canisters spent: 2,810
  • Total Credits spent: 191,370,000


Just like the previous year, from February 14th to February 16th users could gift Sweet Hearts to each other. Sweet Hearts could be purchased with either Credits or Zophan Canisters, and cost Cr small.png1,000 or Zophan Canister 16x16.png10 to send to a user. On the purchasing page, a user was able to send the Sweet Hearts anonymously or with a message if they desired to.

The top 100 people who sent the most Sweet Hearts received cheat code to claim an Amorvoir Custom Sprite.[2] And, the top 50 buyers will receive Heart Scales shortly after the event. ???

Statistics on the Event:

  • Number of participants: 1,713
  • Number of Sweet Hearts bought: 382,822
  • Most bought by one user: 6,501


Similarly to the previous years, from February 13th to February 19th users could gift Sweet Hearts and Cookies to one another in gifts of x1, x2, x4, x8, or x12. Sweet Hearts could be purchased with the main types of currency: Credits, Gold Poké, or Zophan Canisters; while Cookies could be purchased with Gold Poké or Zophan Canisters. Sweet Hearts cost Cr small.png200, Gp small.png2, or Zophan Canister 16x16.png1 each, while Cookies cost Gp small.png20 or Zophan Canister 16x16.png10 each.

Unlike the previous years, there were two separate rankings for the "Most Doting", those who sent the most gifts, and "Most Loved", those who were sent the most gifts, players. The top 500 of each ranking would receive an Amy Celebi Custom Sprite. But, if a player qualified for both, only their highest ranking would be counted and the lower would be forfeited for another player to have the chance to get the Custom Sprite. Users Received the Amy Celebi Custom Sprite on 2017-02-21 by claiming their sprite from the event page.

There also was a section in which the user could purchase an Amorvoir Custom Sprite, for 500ZC. When purchased, it would be sent to the user by Sally (SYSTEM) through the Trade Centre.


When a user was sent a gift of Sweet Hearts, or Cookies, SYSTEM would send the doted a message. The message would contain the username of the doter, or "A secret someone" if they chose not to reveal it, a sentence stating the amount gifted, and a quirky little saying at the end.

Number Sent Message
1 ...sent you a gift of one Sweet Heart/Cookie for Valentine's Week! Yay!
2 ...sent you a gift of 2 Sweet Hearts/Cookies for Valentine's Week! One for you and one to share, perhaps?
4 ...sent you a gift of 4 Sweet Hearts/Cookies for Valentine's Week! A pair of pairs, great for indulging or to share around!
8 ...sent you a gift of 8 Sweet Hearts/Cookies for Valentine's Week! A small feast to share with friends!
12 ...sent you a gift of 12 Sweet Hearts/Cookies for Valentine's Week! A dozen is the easiest number to share around because it divides so well!


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