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The Costume Conundrum event was an Event that ran for two weeks in 2023, starting October 23rd and ending November 5th.[1]During the event, users completed a list of tasks for Eltafez, Alex, and Mimikyu. At the conclusion of the event, the users received one of three Custom Sprite Mimikyu of their choosing.

Furthermore, Hallowe'en-themed Accessories will be obtainable from Scour Missions during the course of the event.

Hallowe'en Costumes from previous years will also be available for purchase from the Dressing Room - this includes last year's Halloween Supplies item, which can be used on any of PFQ's Exclusive (basic-stage) Starters!


The user enters the Lab and is greeted by Professor Holly. Prof. Holly asks the user to help Alex with making costumes because the Professor doesn't know much about sewing and needs to keep up with Eben and his discoveries in Paldea. Eltafez comes in with news for Prof. Holly. As the user prepares to leave Eltafez asks if she can tag along.

Upon entering the Salon, the user and Eltafez find a Mimikyu ransacking through Alex's old costumes and shouting at Alex. Eltafez takes over to find out why Mimikyu seems rather frantic. She translates that Mimikyu is jealous and frustrated about missing out on last year's Hallowe'en and wanting to be part of this year's. Mimkyu heard that Alex made costumes but non of them fit it. It asks for Alex to make it a costume that matches its ghost-like qualities. Unfortunately, Alex is tied up with other projects at the moment and doesn't have the right materials. Eltafez states that they are on a supply quest and leads the user and Mimikyu to Kryptik and Avaragon.

Kryptik and Avaragon are working on decorations. Eltafez asks if they have time to help make Mimikyu's costume. Avaragon seems very interested in helping. Kryptik and Eltafez decide to go get some supplies for Alex while the user helps Mimikyu and Avaragon finish the decorating.

Everything is ready for the party later, all that's left is the costumes! The user, Mimikyu, and Avaragon head back to the Salon together. Alex just finished cleaning up the Salon. Deino tried to help her by eating loose scraps of fabric. Alex worries that Deino will get a tummy ache from eating everything she finds. Eltafez comes in with the supplies for Mimikyu's costume while Kryptik remains outside so it doesn't drag dirt into the Salon. Mimikyu can't decide which special Pokémon it wants to look like. It looks at the user for help with choosing a costume. Their choices are Vampire Gligar, Scaracross, or Witch Purrloin.

The costume the user chooses sounds great and Mimikyu seems happy with it. Eltafez has ran out of free time and thanks the user for their help. Alex, Avaragon, and Deino get to work on Mimikyu's outfit. While they do that the user dresses up their own Pokémon.

Alex and Mimikyu are very pleased with how the costume turned out. Alex states she has the rest of the things to do handled. After hours of festivities, the party winds down for the night. Eltafez is glad to see Alex worked her magic on Mimikyu's costume. Alex asks Mimikyu not to trash her Salon next time it wants a costume. Mimikyu is remorseful for its actions, but grateful for the help as well. Avaragon asks Alex if it can work at her Salon which Alex delightfully accepts. Mimikyu joins the user's Farm and trusts them immensely.


Task How to Complete Result
1 Eltafez joins you for walkies, as you go to see Alex. Make 100 Party Interactions Mimikyu is causing a commotion in the Salon.
2 Eltafez will lead the way, Mimikyu seems quite comfortable in your shadow. Make 1000 Interactions Avaragon seems interested in helping with Mimikyu's costume. Kryptik and Eltafez will go get some supplies for Alex.
3 There's a gleam in Avaragon's eyes. He seems motivated to help! Complete 6 Scour Missions You head back to the Salon with Avaragon and Mimikyu,
4 Choose a costume! What will you choose? Vampire, Scaracross, or Witch One costume coming up!
5 While they get to work on Mimikyu's outfit, why not dress up a Pokémon of your own? Dress up a Pokémon using at least 3 Hallowe'en-themed Accessories Mimikyu is all dressed up and it is time for the festivites. Mimikyu joins your Farm!

Custom Sprites

During the story, users could choose which costume Mimikyu should dress up as. At the conclusion of the story, the user would receive a Custom Sprite of Mimikyu dressed up in the costume that they chose.

Mimikyu Custom Sprite
Vampire Scaracross Witch


The normal berries on a Pokémon's Summary Page were replaced with custom Candy Images. Each of the five berries had its own unique Candy type, reflecting each berry's flavour. Feeding a Pokémon a Candy had the same effect as regular berries.