Bountiful Bouquet

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The Bountiful Bouquet event was an Event that ran for one week in 2023, starting on February 14th and ending February 20th. During the event, users completed a list of tasks relating to a storyline featuring the moderator Shazi and two Aegislash. During this time, Sweet Hearts, Cookies, and Chocolate Meowstic Custom Sprites could be exchanged like in previous years via the Sweet Heart Stand.

Note: Users may buy Bouquets from the Tournament Prize Shop.


It’s Valentine’s day and Professor Holly and Professor Laurel are spending the day together leaving Lunupine and Solynx at the Lab. Prof. Laurel has asked Shazi to look after the DayCare while they’re gone. Worried about Shazi the Professors ask the user to check in on her in the Daycare. At the Daycare, the user finds her along with a Shield Aegislash who seems to be looking for Sword Aegislash. Shazi wants to help but can't until Prof. Laurel gets back instead she says it's a job for the user. Right after sending the user off to search, Shazi runs after a Deino eating a crayon.

The user finds the missing Aegislash in a Fairy Field collecting flowers. Through gestures the user manages to understand that the Sword Aegislash wants help gathering more flowers. After the user gathers the flowers they return to Sword Aegislash and they are assembled into a bouquet. The user and Sword Aegislash return to the Daycare where Shield Aegislash seems to have asked Shazi to use her psychic powers to find its partner. Shazi jokingly asks if the bouquet is for her before getting yelled at by Shield Aegislash. The two Aegislash go off after Shazi checks the Matchup Checker that states 99% and they are inseparable.

Shazi has a sticky note report for Prof. Laurel and states she would have had it sooner but Deino thinks everything around her is yummy. Once again, Shazi states she's not allowed to leave and asks you to deliver it. The professors haven't come back to the Lab yet; however, Solynx and Lunupine welcome the user's company. Solynx's constant urge to fight seems mostly gone and he seems quite domesticated while Lunupine looks tired but her spirits are high. Kinaster sneaks in for a visit to its parents. While the user is there, they can optionally play a game with Kinaster.

The user has to get going and sticks Shazi's report to Lunupine's forehead. Lunupine seems rather perturbed about this. Upon arriving back at the Daycare Shazi states she found a weird eggy and gives it to the user to hatch. The user hatches the Egg to reveal a baby Rose Gift Honedge. The user shows the professors the new Variant and they both wonder how the user discovered it. The user summarises the day's events before an agitated Lunupine shows up and Prof. Laurel takes Shazi's Daycare "report". The report states "Lots of eggies." The professors have a laugh and state that their day was amazing. They thank the user for taking care of things for them. Before the user can retire to their Farm the Aegislash pair finds them. They are very grateful for the help and as thanks for the user's help, they assembled a second Bouquet just for the user.


Task How to Complete Result
1 It'll only take a moment, probably! Make 100 party interactions

You are asked to find Sword Aegislash by Shazi and Shield Aegislash.

2 Seems you've been dragged into another adventure. Nothing for it but to search! Make 1000 party interactions

You find Sword Aegislash.

3 Through the sword's gestures, you manage to understand that it wants help gathering more flowers. Harvest 40 berries

You return with the flowers and assemble them into a bouquet.

4 The result seems to be worth the effort. Now might be a good time to return to the Daycare. Make 100 party interactions

Sword Aegislash gives the bouquet to Shield Aegislash. Shazi asks you to take a report to Professor Laurel.

5 Shazi hands you a sticky note. On the way to the Lab, you should check in on your Farm. Do 6 scour missions

Holly and Laurel aren't there instead Lunupine and Solynx are there.

6 While you're here, why not stay a while and play? [Optional] Play Kinaster's Minigame

You have to get going. You give the note to Lunupine and Shazi gives you a weird eggy.

7 Well... That was unexpected! Hatch the mystery Egg!

A new variant has been discovered!

8 The two Aegislash are very grateful for your help! You have reached the end of the Event. Thank you for playing!
As thanks for your help the Aegislash gives you a bouquet. 

Kinaster's Minigame

A screenshot of Kinaster's Game.

During the event there was a cutscene that asks users to play with Kinaster. Kinaster's Minigame was optional to play and could be played before moving to the next cutscene or at the end of the story event. The objective of the minigame was to have a higher score than Kinaster. The user could only move vertically (up or down) while Kinaster could only move horizontally (left or right) and they may choose any tile that is in that column/row unless it had already been selected. The game was over when there were no more moves left for either the user or Kinaster. If the user won they received Stardust; however, if they lost they received a Brick Piece. If the score was tied, Kinaster won. Users could replay the minigame every 10 minutes.

Sweet Heart Stand

Similarly to the previous years, from February 14th to February 20th users could gift Sweet Hearts and Cookies to one another in gifts of x1, x2, x4, x8, or x12. Sweet Hearts were 200 Credits each, while Cookies were 20 GP each.

Users could also buy a pair of Chocolate Meowstic Custom Sprites for 250. These sprites followed the same rules as the Sweet Hearts and Cookies gifts: users had to specify another user as a recipient. The user would receive one of the pair at random for themselves, and the recipient would receive the other. This gift could be sent anonymously if a user chose to.

Users could also buy Amorvoir, Amy Celebi, Teddibear, Sylventine, and Cupidueye for themselves for 500 Zophan Canisters. The new Valentine's Day Custom Sprite, Volcarosa, could also be bought for themselves for 500.


When a user was sent a gift of Sweet Hearts, or Cookies, SYSTEM would send the doted a message. The message would contain the username of the sender, or "A secret someone" if they chose not to reveal it, a sentence stating the amount gifted, and a quirky little saying at the end.

Number Sent Message
1 ...sent you a gift of one Sweet Heart/Cookie for Valentine's Week! Yay!
2 ...sent you a gift of 2 Sweet Hearts/Cookies for Valentine's Week! One for you and one to share, perhaps?
4 ...sent you a gift of 4 Sweet Hearts/Cookies for Valentine's Week! A pair of pairs, great for indulging or to share around!
8 ...sent you a gift of 8 Sweet Hearts/Cookies for Valentine's Week! A small feast to share with friends!
12 ...sent you a gift of 12 Sweet Hearts for Valentine's Day! A dozen is the easiest number to share around because it divides so well!