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The 12 Days of Christmas is an Event that refers to the English Christmas carol The Twelve Days of Christmas. It starts on the 25th December and continues each day with a new task that has to be completed to receive a reward, with difficulty increasing each day.


2014 started the first 12 Days of Christmas.[1] Each day, two separate tasks would be available. The first one was an Interaction target that had to be reached, to start the counter the page has to be visited and the counter would need to be started manually. After reaching the needed amount, the page would have to be visited again to claim the reward. If a user missed a day, then the day would be skipped and they would continue with the next target with every other user.

The second task was a Looker Counter. Each day, new artwork was presented, with Looker the Ditto hiding within. The Ditto could be spotted by looking for a face comprised of a mouth and two dots for eyes. Clicking the face triggers a popup that confirmed finding Looker and the Looker status was set on Found for the day. After 12 days, a reward is given out to any user who found Looker 12 times. Because the art changes every day, it is not possible to redo a missing day. In return, it is possible to buy a key to unlock a missed day, and therefore remain eligible to get the reward. The keys are purchased with Zophan Canisters, starting with Zophan Canister 16x16.png50, with each additional key doubling in cost. The keys cannot be traded.

Day 1 - 11

Day Interactions Needed Reward Dialogue Artwork Image Information
Day 1 10 Cookie

KHISYRA: Elta, did you really ate all the cookies?

ELTAFEZ: I'm sorry! I was just too excited for the Twelve days of Christmas Event!

KHISYRA: Oh? What is that again?

ELTAFEZ: For twelve days, users will have a number of interactions to make and get prizes when they do make it!

KHISYRA: Oh, oh! I've heard of it! It seems easy.

ELTAFEZ: It does. But as the days go by, it gets much harder!

LOOKER: And today, it's 10 interactions! -giggles-

KHISYRA: Looker? Is that you?


LOOKER: Find me! And if you do.. Maybe I'll reward you~ :]

12DoC2014 Day 01.jpg Artwork by Suddenhack

Show Looker's Location

Day 2 20 Ice Rock

NAIYALA: On the second day of Christmas, my true love gave to me, two Squirtle-Pidoves..

LOOKER: And a Pidgey in a pear treeeeee.

NAIYALA: Ah! Looker! Where are you?

LOOKER: What's the fun if I tell you where I am?


LOOKER: What I -can- tell you is the number of interactions to make today! A tiny little 20. Good luck!

12DoC2014 Day 02.jpg Artwork by Looker

Show Looker's Location

Day 3 40 3 Large Gift

4 Medium Gift

5 Small Gift

FATAL: Why did I think this was a good ideaaaa?!

LOOKER: Because it's the Holidays and you love giving?

FATAL: Looker? Stop analysing my decisions and HELP MEEEEE!

LOOKER: Maybe it'll help if users make the 40 interactions needed for today?

FATAL: Click away, users, click and help me!

12DoC2014 Day 03.jpg Artwork by Fatal

Show Looker's Location

Day 4 80 Relic Copper

NOVAN-CHAN: -grumbles- You'd think wrapping presents would be easy! But nooo. First I somehow got tape and stickers all over my fur an..ngh... argh Now.. This stupid bow- WON'T COME OFF! Where is that Ditto!?

LOOKER: ... Now I really see that I shouldn't bother that Pikachu. At least she hasn't noticed me here hahah.

NOVAN-CHAN: LOOKER!?? Where the hell are you!? It's not fair that I have to wrap everything!! Get over here and help! LOOKER!!?

LOOKER: uhhh. I wish I could help her, looks like a bit much but she's got it! Haha~ I'm busy making sure I do my 80 interactions for today!

12DoC2014 Day 04.jpg Artwork by Novan-chan

Show Looker's Location

Day 5 160 2 Blue Tinsel Tree

2 Gold Tinsel Tree

2 Red Tinsel Tree

2 Silver Tinsel Tree

RAVYNE: Izzy should be preparings to become muchcold! With snowfort and lots of snowballs, I'll make quickwin!

SUDDENHACK: Heh, I'm not quite sure of that! I have good aim!

LOOKER: I'm rooting for you, Izzy!

RAVYNE: Looker is behere too? Is unfairfight, but won't even have to trymuch!

LOOKER: Just like 160 interactions to do is nothing! But Ravyne does have a nice supply of snowballs...-gulps- I better stay hidden!

12DoC2014 Day 05.jpg Artwork by Marie-chan

Show Looker's Location

Day 6 320 6 Cookies

LEDAH: Easy, Marie, easy, I just want that shiny star...

MARIE-CHAN: Oh? It's the star you want? Grab it then!


MARIE-CHAN: -Giggles-

LOOKER: I hope Ledah had time to make her 320 interactions... And let's hope Marie doesn't drop her!

12DoC2014 Day 06.jpg Artwork by srsishere

Show Looker's Location

Day 7 640 Relic Silver

CONSTANTINE: While everyone is doing their 640 interactions I can steal their presents! It’s a flawless plan!

LOOKER: I don’t think so, Constantine! I see you there! The question is do you see me?

CONSTANTINE: Blast it! I would have gotten away with it, if it wasn’t for that meddling Looker!

12DoC2014 Day 07.jpg Artwork by Eltafez

Show Looker's Location

Day 8 1,280 Ice Statue

LOOKER: Sam... What are you doing?

SRSISHERE: I wanted to start the New Year on the right foot and put away the Christmas tree so it wouldn't stay there until late January, but I think I got myself tangled up. -giggles-

LOOKER: It seems like it too... Ah well! Happy New Years, users! And don't forget to make your 1,280 interactions today!

12DoC2014 Day 08.jpg Artwork by Khisyra

Show Looker's Location

Day 9 2,560 3 Blue/Silver Bauble

3 Red/Gold Bauble

5 Blue Bauble

5 Gold Bauble

5 Red Bauble

5 Silver Bauble


ACREE: HEEEY! You can chase the turkey around all you want, BUT RELEASE ME FIRST!

LOOKER: Pretty sure Thanksgiving was weeks ago.

ACREE: Looker? Is that you?! Where the heck are you?! GET ME OUTTA HERE!

SCIZOROARK: Looker! You're just in time! How do I znalp the turkey!?

LOOKER: I hope you've had the chance to make your 2,560 interactions! This could go on for a while!

12DoC2014 Day 09.jpg Artwork by SciZoroark

Show Looker's Location

Day 10 4,120* Ninetaleite Q

BACENT: Nothing like a big turkey dinner to help put you to sleep.

ROB: And as always, it was delicious Bacent.

LOOKER: The cookies in the oven smell great too!

ROB: ...When did Looker get here? Was she here for dinner?

BACENT: Don't know, don't care. Sleeeeeep.

LOOKER: Guess the treats will have to wait, for now lets work on those 5,120 interactions!

12DoC2014 Day 10.jpg Artwork by Sei

Show Looker's Location

Day 11 10,240 Relic Band

GARTHIC: I know I've been described as 'cold and logical' but THIS IS GOING A BIT FAR, SEI!

SEI: Not far enough, yer head's still missin'! Hehe~

GARTHIC: I assure you it's right where it's meant to be... And it's cold! I swear, I get sick from this and I'm sharing!

SEI: Dun care. Am Sei.

LOOKER: Don't worry! You're not weak to ice - you'll be fine whilst Sei makes her 10,240 interactions for today!

GARTHIC: What about me!?

SEI: What -about- you? Brb, clicking~

GARTHIC: ...Damnit, where's Cormyr when you need him!?

12DoC2014 Day 11.jpg Artwork by Naiyala

Show Looker's Location

Day 12

The last day takes the user to a journey to find Niet and Sally to get the last reward. The last day had 7 steps and the last step rewarded for both, the interacting and for finding Looker in each picture. The total amount of Interactions that needed to be done on this day was 20,480. The reward for finding all the Looker faces was Show Reward

Step Interactions Needed Story Artwork Image Information
1 1,320 It is the last day of the 12 Days of Christmas event. You've visited many different staff members and made plenty of interactions, and now there's just one more to visit.

You decide to go visit Sally. Her room is some distance away, you'll need to make 1,320 interactions to get there.

12DoC2014 Day 12 Step 1.jpg Artwork by Marie (background) and Sei (text)
2 2,640 Hmm, Sally's room is quite heavily guarded. That Metagross and Magnezone don't look too friendly. Something tells you that you don't want that Metagrossite being used.

But perhaps you can distract them. Spend some time on this. 2,640 interactions should let you slip past the guards.

12DoC2014 Day 12 Step 2.jpg Artwork by Khisyra
3 660 Ah, so that's why the room was guarded so carefully. Sally is asleep, and shouldn't be disturbed.

You really want to find out about the 12th Day of Christmas though, so perhaps you should wake her...

660 interactions should do it. Careful, now!

12DoC2014 Day 12 Step 3.jpg Artwork by Naiyala
4 5,280 Okay, so maybe waking up a sleeping dragon wasn't the best idea!

Luckily, you manage to calm her down when you explain why you woke her. Sally admits to not knowing exactly what the plan is, and directs you to find Niet instead.

Niet is currently on the other side of the PFQ HQ, so you'll have to make 5,280 interactions to reach him.

12DoC2014 Day 12 Step 4.jpg Artwork by SciZoroark (lines) and Eltafez (colour)
5 10 Seems like Niet doesn't want to be bothered with the event... He's had a lot of work to do, after all. He's thrown a Cookie at you, like that's any kind of prize for all the effort you've put in.

This all seems rather cheap. You should make 10 interactions and knock on his door again to tell him that.

Maybe complaining will solve everything...

12DoC2014 Day 12 Step 5.jpg Artwork by srsishere
6 10,570 BAD IDEA! Run! Run for your life! Just... don't stop, run right now! 12DoC2014 Day 12 Step 6.jpg Artwork by Fatal
7 - Phew! After making your escape from HyperNiet, you've made it back to Sally's room. She has an amused look... was this planned all along?

You think for a moment, but your thoughts are distracted by your prize. Show Reward

Thanks for playing, we hope you enjoyed the 12 Days of Christmas event, and happy 2015!

12DoC2014 Day 12 Step 7.jpg Artwork by SciZoroark (lines) and Eltafez (colour)


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