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Eternal Flame.png
The Eternal Flame event was an Event that ran for two weeks in 2018, starting on February 14th and ending February 27th. During the event, users completed a list of tasks relating to a storyline featuring Flaroptera and Avaragon. During this time, Sweet Hearts and Cookies could be exchanged like previous years via the Sweet Heart Stand. However, there were no prizes given for number of treats given/exchanged.


The user arrives at a very pink and festive town as they are approached by Professor Laurel. Prof. Laurel tells the user that the day is all about love and gives them a Sweet Heart and prompts them to go to a stand covered in chocolates and flowers.

After returning from the stand, the user is again approached by the Professor. He is having troubles helping a Pokemon, and asks for the user's help, showing them an obviously upset Flaroptera. The user gifts the Flaroptera a perfect berry that is quickly accepted and then eaten. The Flaroptera says something to the user, which Niet kindly translates for them. Flaroptera is looking for a gift for Avaragon, a Pokemon who already has everything he could ever want. This creates a problem for Flaroptera, as they don't know what to get him.

While going on a walk with the user, Flaroptera and the user run into Ravyne, who is surrounded by gems. The sight of so many gems gives Flaroptera an idea: the gift of value. Ravyne tells Flaroptera and the user that if they bring him a medium gem, he can make them something nice out of it. The user gives Ravyne a medium ghost gem, which he then turns into an Amethyst Pendant and gives it to Flaroptera. While on their way to give Avaragon the gift, a Bandicoon steals the Amethyst Pendant from Flaroptera, dampening their mood a lot. The user comforts Flaroptera and they go off to find a new gift.

The user and Flaroptera go on another walk for some more inspiration and they run into Garthic and Sei exchanging gifts. Garthic gives her a new scarf to replace her old tattered one, and Sei loves it! This gives Flaroptera another idea: the gift of renewal. Flaroptera says something excitedly, which Garthic translates for the user. Avaragon had a Reaper Cloth that is very tattered and Flaroptera wishes to get him a new one.

Receiving a new Reaper Cloth from the user, Flaroptera runs off again. A (very cute) scene plays of Sei convincing Garthic to carry her before the user catches up to Flaroptera. The Bandicoon comes back, steals the Reaper Cloth, and escapes once again. The user comforts Flaroptera once again and they go to find another gift.

Looping back to the Lab after yet another walk, the user and Flaroptera run into Professors Holly and Laurel. Prof. Laurel had just given Holly a box of chocolates. Flaroptera gets another idea: the gift of food. Flaroptera doesn't say anything to the user, but points at the box and nods at them. The user gives Flaroptera a box of 12 Sweet Hearts and they run off again. For the third time, Bandicoon steals the gift. It taunts Flaroptera by eating the gift right in front of them. Bandicoon flees once more.

Eternal Flame End.png
As Flaroptera and the user go for a walk once again, the two come across a new stand selling beautiful flowers in various shades of purples, reds, and whites. A man named Leslie approaches and asks Flaroptera what they'd like. They look at the flowers, commenting on them, until they point to the ones they like. Leslie informs Flaroptera that the flowers are fuchsias that he crossbred himself. He also tells them that fuchsias represent love, and they are very popular this time of year. Fuchsias don't just represent love, however. They represent the trust in the person you're giving them to. Flaroptera loves the flowers and proceeds to tell Leslie about Avaragon. He hands them a potted Karen Jennifer for 5,000 credits, which the user provides.

On their way to give the gift to Avaragon, Flaroptera and the user encounter the Bandicoon again. After inspecting them, the Bandicoon leaves without taking anything. Finally being able to give their gift, Flaroptera excitedly gives the plant to Avaragon. He accepts it, and pulls out a different fuchsia plant. The colors complement each other perfectly, which Leslie had probably planned.

After giving Avaragon a hug, Flaroptera tells him the story of what had happened. Avaragon began to take out all the other gifts he had received: an Amethyst Tiara from Taimorpha, a new Reaper Cloth from Lunupine, and a (slightly wet) box of chocolates from Hydrinifor. The Bandicoon returns wearing a stolen scarf, gives Flaroptera a thumbs up, and quickly flees again. Sei appears, scarf-less, and greets the group. She tells them that Bandicoon is weird, but helps in its own way. Sei chases after the Bandicoon again in an attempt to get her scarf back.


Task How to Complete Result
1 A stand covered in chocolates and flowers has been set up. Unlocks the Sweet Heart Stand. Visit it using the link given. Eternal Flame Task 1.png

Professor Laurel asks for help to cheer Flaroptera up.

2 Find something nice and spicy for the Fire-type. Obtain a Perfect Cheri Berry to give to Flaroptera. Eternal Flame Task 2.png

Niet appears and explains that Flaroptera is looking for a present for Avaragon. He suggests a walk around the farm for inspiration.

3 Take a walk with Flaroptera. Make 100 Party Interactions. Eternal Flame Task 3.png

You and Flaroptera come across Ravyne, who offers to make something nice for Avaragon using a Medium Gem.

4 Find a Medium Ghost Gem for Avaragon's gift! Obtain and give Ravyne a Medium Ghost Gem. Eternal Flame Task 4.png

Ravyne creates an Amethyst Pendant. When Flaroptera goes to give it to Avaragon, a Bandicoon appears and makes off with it.

5 Continue on your walk for more inspiration. Make another 300 Party Interactions. Eternal Flame Task 5.png

You and Flaroptera find Garthic and Sei. Flaroptera decides to get a Reaper Cloth for Avaragon to replace his old one.

6 Find a Reaper Cloth! Obtain and give Flaropera a Reaper Cloth. Eternal Flame Task 6.png

Flaroptera is pleased with the gift! When Flaroptera goes to give it to Avaragon, the Bandicoon appears again and makes off with it.

7 Continue on your walk for more inspiration. Make another 600 Party Interactions. Eternal Flame Task 7.png

You and Flaroptera find your way to the Lab, where Professor Holly and Professor Laurel are seen exchanging chocolates.

8 Get Flaroptera some chocolate! Obtain and give Flaroptera 12 Sweet Hearts. Eternal Flame Task 8.png

When Flaroptera goes to give the chocolates to Avaragon, the Bandicoon appears yet again and makes off with the box.

9 Continue on your walk for more inspiration. Make another 1000 Party Interactions. Eternal Flame Task 9.png

You and Flaroptera find a lovely flower stand. Leslie, who runs the flower stand, offers to sell flowers that symbolize love and trust.

10 Buy flowers! Pay for Flaroptera's flowers with 5,000 Credits. Eternal Flame Task 10.png

Flaroptera presents the flowers to Avaragon, who has also gotten flowers from Leslie to give to Flaroptera. Avaragon gives you a Teddibear as thanks for your help.

Sweet Heart Stand

Similarly to the previous years, from February 14th to February 27th users could gift Sweet Hearts and Cookies to one another in gifts of x1, x2, x4, x8, or x12. Sweet Hearts could be purchased with Credits; while Cookies could only be purchased with Gold Poké. Sweet Hearts costed 200 Credits each, while Cookies costed 20 GP each.

Amorvoir and Amy Celebi could also be purchased for 500 ZC each


When a user was sent a gift of Sweet Hearts, or Cookies, SYSTEM would send the doted a message. The message would contain the username of the sender, or "A secret someone" if they chose not to reveal it, a sentence stating the amount gifted, and a quirky little saying at the end.

Number Sent Message
1 ...sent you a gift of one Sweet Heart/Cookie for Valentine's Week! Yay!
2 ...sent you a gift of 2 Sweet Hearts/Cookies for Valentine's Week! One for you and one to share, perhaps?
4 ...sent you a gift of 4 Sweet Hearts/Cookies for Valentine's Week! A pair of pairs, great for indulging or to share around!
8 ...sent you a gift of 8 Sweet Hearts/Cookies for Valentine's Week! A small feast to share with friends!
12 ...sent you a gift of 12 Sweet Hearts/Cookies for Valentine's Week! A dozen is the easiest number to share around because it divides so well!


  • Leslie George Alfred Millns (17/12/1935-31/12/2017) is Niet's grandfather.
  • The Flaroptera you help in the event is male, as evidenced by the shorter and neater chest fur.