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Accessories are items that let the user dress up and decorate your Pokémon. Users do this by navigating to the Dress Up page on the Pokémon's Summary Page, given the user owns an accessory. After saving, all accessories that are used will no longer show in the user's Fashion Suitcase. Accessories can be used to boost a Pokémon's rankings in Contests.

Accessories can be obtained via scouring in the Scour Areas or from the Contest Hall.

Note: Accessories can only be traded by dressing up a Pokémon and then trading it.

Accessories Purchasable at the Contest Hall

The following accessories can be bought in the Accessory Shop in the Contest Hall.


Item Name Price
Blue Flower Cornn Berry x30
Green Flower Wepear Berry x10
Orange Flower Magost Berry x15
Pink Flower Bluk Berry x10
Purple Flower Nomel Berry x15
Red Flower Razz Berry x10
White Flower Nanab Berry x10
Yellow Flower Rabuta Berry x15


Item Name Price
Black Specs Wepear Berry x20
Cape Cornn Berry x250
Carpet Spelon Berry x100
Coloured Parasol Magost Berry x50
Confetti Razz Berry x30
Fluffy Bed Watmel Berry x150
Googly Specs Nomel Berry x20
Gorgeous Specs Pinap Berry x40
Mirror Ball Durin Berry x250
Old Umbrella Pamtre Berry x50
Photo Board Belue Berry x200
Retro Pipe Pamtre Berry x120
Spotlight Nomel Berry x80
Standing Mike Bluk Berry x80
Surfboard Wepear Berry x180
Sweet Candy Nanab Berry x30


Item Name Price
Blue Trampoline Pinap Berry x120
Chimchar Mask Razz Berry x300
Comet Belue Berry x999
Crown Spelon Berry x500
Flag Nanab Berry x10
Piplup Mask Bluk Berry x300
Red Trampoline Pinap Berry x120
Tiara Durin Berry x500
Turtwig Mask Wepear Berry x300

Accessories Obtainable Via Scouring


Item Name Scour Area
Big Leaf Forest
Black Pebble Volcano
Bubble Ocean
Glitter Boulder Tundra
Jagged Boulder Desert
Mini Pebble Desert
Narrow Leaf Forest
Round Pebble Desert
Shed Claw Forest
Shed Horn Forest
Small Leaf Forest
Snaggy Pebble Volcano
Stump Forest
Thick Mushroom Forest
Thin Mushroom Forest


Item Name Scour Area
Determination City
Eerie Thing City
Glitter Powder Tundra
Humming Note City
Mystic Fire Volcano
Peculiar Spoon City
Poison Extract City
Pretty Dewdrop Ocean
Puffy Smoke Volcano
Seashell Ocean
Shimmering Fire Volcano
Shiny Powder Tundra
Snow Crystal Tundra
Sparks City
Spring Desert
Wealthy Coin Desert


Item Name Scour Area
Big Scale City
Black Beard Volcano
Black Moustache Volcano
Blue Feather Ocean
Blue Scale Ocean
Green Scale Forest
Narrow Scale Tundra
Pink Scale Volcano
Purple Scale Ocean
Red Feather Volcano
White Beard Tundra
White Feather Tundra
White Moustache Tundra
Yellow Feather Desert


Item Name Scour Area
Black Fluff Volcano
Brown Fluff Desert
Orange Fluff Desert
Pink Fluff Volcano
White Fluff Tundra
Yellow Fluff Desert


Item Name Scour Area
Big Tree Forest

Other Accessories


Item Name Category Tier
Red Barrette Cool Normal
Red Balloons Cool Great
Top Hat Cool Ultra
Gold Pedestal Cool Master
Blue Barrette Beauty Normal
Blue Balloons Beauty Great
Silk Veil Beauty Ultra
Glass Stage Beauty Master
Pink Barrette Cute Normal
Pink Balloon Cute Great
Lace Headdress Cute Ultra
Flower Stage Cute Master
Green Barrette Smart Normal
Green Balloons Smart Great
Professor Hat Smart Ultra
Cube Stage Smart Master
Yellow Barrette Tough Normal
Yellow Balloon Tough Great
Heroic Headband Tough Ultra
Award Podium Tough Master

Easter Accessories

Item Name
Egg(Cloud Bunny)
Egg(Green Shell)
Egg(GS Ball)
Egg(Unite Ball)
Egg(Wishing Star)

Halloween Accessories

Item Name
Aerodactyl Bones
Duskull Mask
Gourgeist Guitar
Gourgeist Pumpkin
Litwick Candles
Mimikyu Pumpkin
Mimikyu Pumpkin Stack
Mismagius Hat
Noibat Decoration
Pikachu Pumpkin
Pikachu Pumpkin Stack
Spider Web
Spinarak Decoration
Woobat Decoration
Zubat Decoration

Advent Calendar Accessories

Item Name
Big Candy Cane
Blue/Silver Bauble
Blue Bauble
Blue Tinsel Tree
Candy Cane
Christmas Star
Gold Bauble
Gold Bell
Gold Tinsel Tree
Large Gift
Left Chibi Wing
Left Seraphin Wing
Medium Gift
Red/Gold Bauble
Red Bauble
Red Tinsel Tree
Right Chibi Wing
Right Seraphin Wing
Santa Hat
Silver Bauble
Silver Bell
Silver Tinsel Tree
Small Gift