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The Farm page is accessible from the third NavBar tab from the left. The Farm page has six sections, each with their own distinct use. It serves as a "hub" to help administrate the user's Farm.

The Farm Page

Farm News

This section is further split into four boxes, each with the purpose of giving information about the user's Farm at the current time, or in recent history. Each box has a Reload button to refresh its contents. The boxes contain the following information, with in-depth descriptions given further below:

  1. Recent Level-Ups
  2. Pokémon that can Evolve
  3. Notices
  4. VIP List (which is divided into further subsections)
    1. Online VIPs
    2. Offline VIPs

Recent Level-Ups

This box provides a list of all Pokémon in the user's Farm who have leveled-up recently. All Pokémon here are listed with a hyperlink to their summary page, as well as how long ago they leveled-up.

Pokémon that can Evolve

As the name suggests, this box lists all Pokémon on the user's Farm that have met the given criteria to evolve. As with the previous box, a hyperlink to the listed Pokémon's summary page will be given, as well as what species of Pokémon they will evolve into. You may also evolve a Pokémon from here by clicking "Quick Evo" then clicking "Evolve" next to the Pokémon you wish to evolve.


The Notices box provides information for various things around the user's Farm, including:

  • Berries ready to be harvested in the user's Berry Garden.
  • Pokémon returning from a Scour Mission.
  • Personal Messages received.
  • New posts in the forum threads the user is subscribed to.
  • Pokémon or eggs in the user's Party that are ready to hatch or evolve.
  • Pokémon reached level or happiness set at Summary Page using Target Notification.
  • The user has enough Gems for making a Badge at the Wishforge.
  • Pokémon in the Dojo finishing training or finding training bags.

VIP List

This box lists the user's VIPs and provides a link to their profile, dividing them by whether they are online or offline. Different coloured dots will be displayed next to their name to indicate whether they are online or not. A green dot means the user is online, an orange dot means they are AFK, a red dot means they set their status to busy, and a grey dot means they are offline. A "Refresh" button is available to update the information.


For more detailed information, please visit Inventory.

This section provides a list of all the user's items, divided into their respective categories. (Account Upgrades, Evolution Stones, Evolution Items, Special Evolution Items, Plates, Forme-Change Items, Summon Items, Mega Stones, Training Bags, Incense, Consumables, Pokéblocks, Z-Crystals, Costumes, Gems, Fishing Gear, Common Berries, Berries, Rare Berries, Special Berries, Mulch, Boxes, Treasure, Fossils, Event Items, and Key Items.) Hovering over an item in the inventory will give a brief description of it.

Nearby Places

This section consists of links to important places. Please visit those pages for further information.

Nearby Places

Other Links

This section consists of a set of links to various pages of the site deemed useful. It is separated into five different sections.

Important Forum Threads

This section holds certain important threads users should read through. It includes the Rules, Staff Roster, and General Feedback.


This section lists several items and upgrades that are useful for farmers. This includes the PokéDex, Hypermode, EXP Boosts, Treasure Boxes, Summon Items, Mega Evolution, Shiny Hunting, Albino Hunting, Money Safe, and the Pokéwalker.


This section compiles multiple events that happen in PokéFarm Q. This includes Pokérus, Pokémon of the Day, V~Wave, Daily Tasks, Weekly Tournaments, Fabulous Friday, Type Race, and Mass-Click Weekend.


This section has user customization tools. It includes the Customise Outfit, User Search, Image Uploader, Site Skins, Template Editor, Shortlink creation, this PFQ Wiki, and Cheat Codes.


This section has the miscellaneous tools that are still very useful, but does not fit in the other sections. It includes PFQ Comics, Sprite Use Permission, ModWatch, Referrals, Site Stats, and the Support Centre.

Tools / Options

For more detailed information, please visit Tools/Options

This section consists of various options and utilities. This includes options for the forums, some display options, personal profile options, and userscripts.


A simple text-writing tool. With this, the user may take notes on whatever you wish. Folders can be created to organize notes.


A bar graph that details the User's interactions done on PokéFarm Q.

The basic graph begins when the user joined PFQ. Each column represents a year. Clicking on a year opens a graph detailing monthly interactions for that year. Clicking on a month opens another graph detailing daily interactions for that month.

Hovering over any individual bar will give a specific number for that period.