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The Aether House opened on February 22nd, 2017, alongside the release of Ultra Beasts. It serves as the way to unlock the Beast Ball.pngBeast Ball, which is required to obtain Ultra Beasts. Ultra Beast eggs can also be traded in here.

Unlocking the Aether House

The Aether House

The Aether House is located under Nearby Places. In order to do anything here, the user must have unlocked the Eclipse Flute and have a Solgaleo and a Lunala in their Party. If these two Pokémon are not present, some dialogue will be displayed, but nothing will happen. If both Pokémon are in the Party, a different set of dialogue will display, and the user will be given a Beast Ball.

After obtaining and using the Beast Ball, a user can return here in order to exchange any Ultra Beast eggs in their Party for different Ultra Beast eggs, provided they have the Eggdex entry of the egg they are trying to trade in. Ultra Beast Eggs obtained via the Egg Supplier can be exchanged in this fashion as well. The new egg will have the same amount of EXP as the one traded in.

Ultra Beasts

The focus of the Aether House are certain Pokémon called Ultra Beasts. In order to obtain an egg of one of these species, a Beast Ball must be used. Which Ultra Beast is summoned is random, but unwanted eggs can be exchanged at the Aether House. You can also receive eggs from the Egg Supplier and trade them in for the egg you desire.

Name Sprite Type
Nihilego Nihilego.png Type Rock.pngType Poison.png
Buzzwole Buzzwole.png Type Bug.pngType Fighting.png
Pheromosa Pheromosa.png Type Bug.pngType Fighting.png
Xurkitree Xurkitree.png Type Electric.png
Celesteela Celesteela.png Type Flying.pngType Steel.png
Kartana Kartana.png Type Grass.pngType Steel.png
Guzzlord Guzzlord.png Type Dark.pngType Dragon.png
Poipole Poipole.png Type Poison.png
Blacephalon Blacephalon.png Type Fire.pngType Ghost.png
Stakataka Stakataka.png Type Rock.pngType Steel.png

Other Pokémon

In addition to the Ultra Beasts, there are certain Pokémon obtainable through the Aether House. These Pokémon relate to the Ultra Beasts, but are not classified as Ultra Beasts, themselves.

Name Sprite Type Method
Type: Null Type Null.png Type Normal.png To complete this trade, the user must have six different Ultra Beasts in their Party. The six Ultra Beasts will be permanently removed in return for a Type: Null Egg Voucher, redeemable for a Type:Null Egg at the Aether House.
  • Necrozma is not valid for the Type: Null Voucher trade-in.
Necrozma Necrozma.png Type Psychic.png Summon Necrozma using the Black Prism

Item Trade-Ins

Item Description
Fire Memory.png Memories Once a user has unlocked Type: Null and has obtained a Silvally, Memories can be obtained by trading in 4 flawless gems of the matching type and 1 normal flawless gem.
Ultranecrozium Z.png Ultranecrozium Z Once a user has hatched all Ultra Beasts, Ultranecrozium Z can be obtained by trading in 3 of each type of Z-Crystal fragment.