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Special Evolution Items are evolution items made especially for Pokéfarm Q for Pokémon with a different means of evolving other than Evolution Stones, Specific Levels, Happiness, or Trading. Special Evolution items can be obtained through scouring.

List of Special Evolution Items

Item Name Description Use
Ancient Power Orb.png Ancient Power Orb An Orb containing energy from an Ancient Power attack. Evolves Piloswine into Mamoswine, Tangela into Tangrowth, and Yanma into Yanmega.
Double Hit Orb.png Double Hit Orb An Orb containing energy from a Double Hit attack. Evolves Aipom into Ambipom.
Dragon Pulse Orb.png Dragon Pulse Orb An Orb containing energy from a Dragon Pulse attack. Evolves Poipole into Naganadel.
Mimic Orb.png Mimic Orb An Orb containing energy from a Mimic move. Evolves Mime Jr. into Mr. Mime, and Bonsly into Sudowoodo.
Rollout Orb.png Rollout Orb An Orb containing energy from a Rollout attack. Evolves Lickitung into Lickilicky.
Stomp Orb.png Stomp Orb An Orb containing energy from a Stomp attack. Evolves Steenee into Tsareena.
Taunt Orb.png Taunt Orb An Orb containing energy from a Taunt attack. Evolves Clobbopus into Grapploct.


The Everstone.png Everstone is considered a Special Evolution Item. However, it does not evolve Pokémon. Instead, its primary purpose is to prevent evolution. It is a held item.

Everstone can be purchased in the DayCare for Cr small.png500.

Removed Special Evolution Items

For more detailed information, please visit Legacy Items.

A few Special Evolution Items were removed due to new evolution methods. The remaining ones still group with Special Evolution Items in the Inventory however.