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As of November 21st, 2016, all users have a set of Daily Tasks that can be completed for rewards. Completing these tasks multiple days in a row increases the rewards gained.

There are a total of four tasks available for completion each day.

Online Chain

For the Online Chain task, a user simply has to log into the site.

The reward received is determined by dividing the user's Online Chain by five.

Number when Divided Reward Received
Remainder of 1 100
Remainder of 2 200
Remainder of 3 400
Remainder of 4 800
Multiple of 5 10


For the Interactions task, a user must make 1,000 Interactions.

Days Chained Reward Received
Chain 1-4 10,000 Interaction Points
Chain 5 50,000 Interaction Points


For the Eggs task, a user must hatch an egg.

The gems received from this task will be the same type as the egg hatched.

Days Chained Reward Received
Chain 1-4 2 bonus Gems
Chain 5 1 medium Gem


For the Scours task, a user must complete at least one Scour Mission.

Days Chained Reward Received
Chain 1-4 3 Evolution Items
Chain 5 3 Treasure Boxes