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Comic Strips, commonly called Comics, is a page in which users are able to post, subscribe to, and read Comics. The page is accessed from the Farm menu.

Page Layout

The "Comic Strips" page is broken into three sections, all of which are collapsible boxes.

My Comics

"My Comics" is a toggle-able box on the top-most portion of the page, in which the users' Comics are easily viewable; a link to create a new Comic can be found below the Comics, or under "You have not created any Comics."(If no Comics have been made.)

My Subscriptions

"My Subscriptions" is another toggle-able box in which the users is able to view their subscriptions. Each subscription is listed, and it includes the title of the Comic, the name of the creator, how many pages there are, and when it was last updated.


"Comics" is the first box that is already toggled when the user visits the page, it contains all of the Comics currently uploaded to PFQ. Each Comic's overview is structured the same, with its' title, author, number of pages, rating, how long ago it was last updated, and the description.

Creating New Comics

The "New Comic" page can be accessed by clicking the "Create new Comic" button on the "My Comics" tab.


Information about the guidelines and what to expect when the user publishes a Comic is given in this section of the page.

Note: Below is just a summary of what is given on the "New Comic" page, please be sure to read through the entire page when publishing a Comic.

When uploading a Comic, the following is agreed to, or confirmed:

  • PFQ is allowed to upload your comic in any form of media.
  • The piece of artwork is the users' own.
  • The Comic can be viewed by all audiences, and doesn't contain unsuitable content.
  • All uploads will be credited to their respective creators.
  • All strips are subject to moderation.
  • Comics must be Pokémon related.
  • The user must obtain permission before using PFQ Sprites in their comic.

Also, the Comic must not exceed the following guidelines: 4MB Filesize, 900px Width, 3000px Height

Creating a New Comic

The Comic's information is added in this section, the step after this will have the user upload the first page. To create the Comic, the following must be done:

  • The Comic title must be entered, under its' maximum of 100 characters.
  • A description of the Comic must also be typed; it has a maximum character amount of 250.
  • Clicking the box that states that the user has read, understood, and agree to the agreement given just above it on the page.