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The Support Centre can be accessed here. It is also under "Useful Links" in the Announcements bar and at the bottom of each page named "Contact".

Reasons for contacting the Support Centre

Reasons for contacting the Support Centre include:

  • Discussing your lock
  • Changing your email address
  • Adding or correcting your date of birth
  • Changing your username before the 30-day time limit is up if there is a good reason to do so
  • Deactivating your account
  • Requesting a deleted thread you own to be revived


In this section, a user may enter their email address and a Ticket ID which will allow the user to access their Support Tickets.


New Ticket

An email address will be asked upon starting a ticket unless the user is logged into their PokéFarm Q account.

The email address provided will only be used to provide the user's Ticket ID, and to inform the user of replies to their Support Ticket. In conjunction with the Ticket ID sent to the user, it will allow the user to access their Support Tickets. If any further issues arise, then the user may contact the Support Centre again.

Opening a support ticket.


The issue should be stated here (for example, if a user wishes to change their email address they may enter "Email Change").

Your Query

The issue should be explained here. Please provide all relevant information. Messages should be detailed and follow standard grammar and spelling conventions. Please be polite; rudeness may result in a closed ticket or more severe consequences.

Issues that should not be brought to the Support Centre

The following are issues that do not need to be brought to the Support Centre:

  • Username changes: Users can do this themselves on this page every 30 days.
  • Asking a question or reporting a bug: Users should make a thread in the Help Forum or the Bugs Forum.
  • Reporting a user: Please report the user directly. Users can follow this guide to find out how to do this.
    • If reporting a member of Staff: Users can either use the Report function shown in the guide or they may contact Garthic directly.
  • Creating multiple tickets for the same issue: This is seen as Spam and is unnecessary.
  • Asking to delete your account: This can not be done, as it would damage the integrity of PokéFarm's database. Users may request to deactivate their account instead.