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The Support Centre can be accessed here. It is also under "Useful Links" in the Announcements bar.

Reasons for contacting the Support Centre

Reasons for contacting support include:

  • Being unjustly banned
  • Wanting to change your email address
  • Wanting to completely change your username
  • Entering the wrong age on your account
  • Wanting to remain anonymous

Creating a support ticket

A variety of information will be asked upon starting a ticket, such as name and email address. Telephone number is optional. It is also required to select the topic.

When a response is given, the user will receive an email. If any further issues arise, then the user may contact the Support Centre again.
Opening a support ticket.

Help Topic


Select this if for any reason there is an issue with donations or money.


Select this for general support, such as issues relating to a user's own account. (Asking about other users' account locks is against the Rules.)


The issue should be stated here (for example, if a user wishes to change their username they may enter "Username Change").


The issue should be explained here. Users must state their username or the staff won't be able to tell who created the ticket. Not including the username may result in a ticket being closed without a reply. There are exceptions, such as if anonymity is needed. Messages should be detailed and follow standard grammar and spelling conventions. Politeness is also preferred; rudeness may get a ticket closed.


Select how urgent the issue is. Overall this depends on the situation, but don't select high just so that the issue will be resolved quickly. Be patient.