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The Lab Page.

The Lab is the first place that farmers will go when they join PokéFarm Q. It can be accessed from the NavBar at the top of any page.

Prof. Holly's Laboratory, more commonly known as the 'Lab', is the first place in which new members of the community of PokéFarm will find themselves. After meeting with the esteemed professor the user will be offered their first Egg, which can be chosen from any one of the Starter Pokémon offered. After the user receives their first Egg, they will be given tasks from Prof. Holly to familiarise them with the game.

The Lab is an important location from which users can receive a constant supply of Eggs ranging from all regions of the Pokémon world. It should be noted that the Eggs seen in the lab are exclusive to them only, meaning no one can steal an Egg displayed on the page before them. There is no adoption limit in the Lab.

Navigating the Lab

When in the Lab, a few different tabs can be accessed. The tabs that may appear are as follows:

  • Guest: Prompts the viewer to log in or create an account to fully access the site. If logged in, this tab is replaced by Eggs.
  • Eggs: Shows adoptable Pokémon Eggs. If not logged in, this tab is replaced by Guest.
  • Lab Reloaders: Allows the purchase of Lab Reloaders. This tab only appears while logged in.
  • Fossil Revival: Allows users to revive Fossils into Prehistoric Pokémon. This tab only appears if the user has a Fossil in their inventory.
  • About PokéFarm: Explains a bit about the site, and provides a link to the forums. If not logged in, it includes a place to log in.
  • Characters you may meet: Contains biographies for 7 important characters at PokéFarm: Holly, Laurel, Niet, Garthic, Sei, Sally, Doug
  • About the Laboratory: Explains the purpose the Laboratory.

Adopting Eggs

When logged in, four Pokémon Eggs will be displayed at the top of the Lab page, along with a short description of each egg. If the Eggdex for a particular egg has already been obtained, the name of the Pokémon that will hatch will be displayed as well. If the Eggdex has not been obtained, the name of the Pokémon will be replaced with question marks.

When an Egg is picked, it is added to the user's party. The remaining Eggs are swapped with four new ones. If the user does not want to choose any of the viewed Eggs, they can reload and get a new batch. However, this requires waiting five minutes server-time, or the use of a Lab Reloader.

The Lab is also the only way to get a Ditto egg without ordering one from the Egg Supplier.

Legendary, Variant, Fossils, Regional Formes, Incense-bred Pokémon, and Exclusive Eggs cannot be found in the Lab.

Additionally, certain Pokémon that are obtained through the Fishing Hut do not have eggs in the Lab. These Pokémon are:

Pokémon Sprite Pokémon Sprite
Alomomola Arrokuda
Barboach Bruxish
Carvanha Chinchou
Clamperl Clauncher
Corphish Corsola
Dhelmise Feebas
Finizen Finneon
Frillish Goldeen
Horsea Krabby
Luvdisc Magikarp
Mantine Mareanie
Poliwag Qwilfish
Relicanth Remoraid
Seel Shellder
Slowpoke Staryu
Stunfisk Tentacool
Tympole Wailmer

Lab Reloaders

Lab Reloaders are purchasable from this section. They allow users to bypass the 5 minute wait time to refresh the lab for new eggs.

Bulk discounts apply on them.

Amount x10 x40 x100
Price 40 128 240

Fossil Revival

Fossil Revival Section

Fossils can be found rarely on scour missions. The Fossil Revival section is normally hidden unless the user has a fossil in their inventory.

A user must select a fossil that they own to start the revival process. Users are then required to make 1,500 interactions to revive the Pokémon, which is also displayed as a percentage in the user's timers bar.

Pokémon that are revived from fossils are considered prehistoric and will grant a larger EXP boost (180%) to eggs of the same species.


  • When an egg with question marks shows in the lab, the number of question marks correlates to the number of letters in the Pokémon's name.