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The Egg Supplier is a feature that allows the user to order eggs that have registered EggDex entries in the user's PokéDex.

How the Egg Supplier appears on PFQ.

Using the Egg Supplier

Eggs may be ordered at the Egg Supplier only for Credits.

The user can only order a maximum of three eggs at a time, though this can be increased by buying Egg Supplier Passes. Each Egg Supplier Pass will grant one additional egg order, and a user may have as many Passes as they wish.

One can search for a Pokémon whose EggDex entry they own, or Ditto if a Ditto Egg VoucherDitto Egg Voucher.png is owned. This will bring the user to the tab in which they can find said Pokémon and also with the chosen Pokémon selected. However, the Eggs of PFQ Exclusives cannot be found in the Egg Supplier, even if the user has its EggDex entry, as they are purchased from the Tournament Prize Shop instead.

After the order arrives, the user has 24 hours to claim the egg. Otherwise, it will be released to the shelter. A 50% refund will be issued if the user failed to collect their eggs after the 24 hours deadline is up.

Egg Types

Group Price Time
Swarm Cr small.png5,500 45 minutes - 2 hours
Common Cr small.png6,250 1 hour - 3 hours
Average Cr small.png6,750 1 hour 30 minutes - 5 hours
Uncommon Cr small.png7,500 2 hours - 6 hours
Somewhat-rare Cr small.png8,750 2 hours 30 minutes - 8 hours
Baby/Semi-rare Cr small.png10,000 3 hours - 1 day
Rare Cr small.png12,500 4 hours - 1 day
Starters Cr small.png20,000 5 hours - 2 days
Unown Cr small.png25,000 6 hours - 2 days
Exclusives Cr small.png750,000 12 hours - 3 days 8 hours
Legendary Cr small.png1,000,000 1 day - 7 days
Ditto Cr small.png1,500,000 or 1 Ditto Egg Voucher.png 1 day 12 hours - 10 days