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Referrals are when a user recruits another person to join PFQ. This page is accessed from the Farm menu.

Page Layout

  • About Referrals: Explains what referrals are, how to refer a new user, and how to unlock the referral bonuses.
  • Your referrer: Only shows if the user has indicated that they were referred by another user. This is where the Recruit can claim their reward.
  • Your referrals: Lists any new user that listed you as their referrer, the recruits progress, and the referrer claims their reward in this section.


Users can recruit their friends to join PokéFarm Q and both the referrer and the recruit gain rewards after the recruit has unlocked Mega Evolution. During registration, a new user is given the option to name the user who referred them to the PFQ. SYSTEM will PM the referrer that a new user marked them as their Referrer. SYSTEM will also state that the user will be eligible for rewards after the recruit has unlocked the Mega Ring.

Note: If a new user's first page that they see is another user's profile, that user is automatically pre-filled as the referrer upon registration.


Recruits must evolve 50 Pokémon and then visit Professor Holly to unlock the referral rewards. The recruit then returns to the Referral page and chooses between four Custom Sprites. These sprites are part of a pair. The referrer receives the other half of the pair that the Recruit chooses. Both users also receive 500 Gold Poké.

The Custom Sprites to choose from are:

Name Custom Sprite Name Custom Sprite
Let's Go Pikachu Let's Go Eevee
Cheerleader Plusle Cheerleader Minun
Pizza Chef Throh Pizza Chef Sawk
Fancy Nidoran (Female) Fancy Nidoran (Male)
Kecleon Bros (Green) Kecleon Bros (Purple)


  • Before the 27th of August 2018:
    • The referral reward was only 100 GP. [1]
    • There was a bonus of gaining 10% free ZC for purchases made by the referred user.
  • Before the 17th of November 2018, there was no notification system informing users if they had referral rewards to claim.