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Gems can be turned into Badges at the Wishforge. Gems are typically obtained by hatching Eggs.

Obtaining Gems

Each time an Egg is hatched, users will receive a gem along with the hatched Pokémon. Each Gem type depends on the type of Pokémon that is hatched; if a Pokémon is dual-typed, the Gem type will be determined at random between the two types. Flawless Gems may be obtained by hatching a Shiny, Albino, or Melanistic while possessing a Wishalloy badge of the same type. Ravyne's Bonus Counter becomes active after the site hatches 400,000 Eggs, and affects the amount of Gems obtained by a random multiplier.


  • Gems can be sold for 10 Credits apiece. They can be traded with other users or bought from the Market Board.
  • Gems can be used to craft Badges at the Wishforge.
    • Gems can also be upgraded to Medium and Large Gems at the Wishforge.
  • Gems allow Pokémon holding them to use moves of that Gem's type in Sparring sessions in addition to moves of their own type.

List of Gems

A medium-sized Gem has the description: "A medium-sized (Type)-type Gem. Visit Ravyne at the Wishforge to convert it into 10 normal-sized Gems."

A large-sized Gem has the description: "A large-sized (Type)-type Gem. Visit Ravyne at the Wishforge to convert it into 10 medium-sized Gems."

A Flawless Gem has the description: "A beautiful (Type) Gem that shines radiantly."

Type Normal-sized Medium-sized Large-sized Flawless
Gem Name Description Gem Name Gem Name Gem Name
Type Normal.png Gem Normal.png Normal Gem A gem with an ordinary essence. Gem Normal Medium.png Medium Normal Gem Gem Normal Large.png Large Normal Gem Gem Normal Flawless.png Flawless Normal Gem
Type Fire.png Gem Fire.png Fire Gem A gem with an essence of fire. Gem Fire Medium.png Medium Fire Gem Gem Fire Large.png Large Fire Gem Gem Fire Flawless.png Flawless Fire Gem
Type Water.png Gem Water.png Water Gem A gem with an essence of water. Gem Water Medium.png Medium Water Gem Gem Water Large.png Large Water Gem Gem Water Flawless.png Flawless Water Gem
Type Electric.png Gem Electric.png Electric Gem A gem with an essence of electricity. Gem Electric Medium.png Medium Electric Gem Gem Electric Large.png Large Electric Gem Gem Electric Flawless.png Flawless Electric Gem
Type Grass.png Gem Grass.png Grass Gem A gem with an essence of nature. Gem Grass Medium.png Medium Grass Gem Gem Grass Large.png Large Grass Gem Gem Grass Flawless.png Flawless Grass Gem
Type Ice.png Gem Ice.png Ice Gem A gem with an essence of ice. Gem Ice Medium.png Medium Ice Gem Gem Ice Large.png Large Ice Gem Gem Ice Flawless.png Flawless Ice Gem
Type Fighting.png Gem Fighting.png Fighting Gem A gem with an essence of combat. Gem Fighting Medium.png Medium Fighting Gem Gem Fighting Large.png Large Fighting Gem Gem Fighting Flawless.png Flawless Fighting Gem
Type Poison.png Gem Poison.png Poison Gem A gem with an essence of poison. Gem Poison Medium.png Medium Poison Gem Gem Poison Large.png Large Poison Gem Gem Poison Flawless.png Flawless Poison Gem
Type Ground.png Gem Ground.png Ground Gem A gem with an essence of land. Gem Ground Medium.png Medium Ground Gem Gem Ground Large.png Large Ground Gem Gem Ground Flawless.png Flawless Ground Gem
Type Flying.png Gem Flying.png Flying Gem A gem with an essence of air. Gem Flying Medium.png Medium Flying Gem Gem Flying Large.png Large Flying Gem Gem Flying Flawless.png Flawless Flying Gem
Type Psychic.png Gem Psychic.png Psychic Gem A gem with an essence of the mind. Gem Psychic Medium.png Medium Psychic Gem Gem Psychic Large.png Large Psychic Gem Gem Psychic Flawless.png Flawless Psychic Gem
Type Bug.png Gem Bug.png Bug Gem A gem with an insect-like essence. Gem Bug Medium.png Medium Bug Gem Gem Bug Large.png Large Bug Gem Gem Bug Flawless.png Flawless Bug Gem
Type Rock.png Gem Rock.png Rock Gem A gem with an essence of rock. Gem Rock Medium.png Medium Rock Gem Gem Rock Large.png Large Rock Gem Gem Rock Flawless.png Flawless Rock Gem
Type Ghost.png Gem Ghost.png Ghost Gem A gem with a spectral essence. Gem Ghost Medium.png Medium Ghost Gem Gem Ghost Large.png Large Ghost Gem Gem Ghost Flawless.png Flawless Ghost Gem
Type Dark.png Gem Dark.png Dark Gem A gem with an essence of darkness. Gem Dark Medium.png Medium Dark Gem Gem Dark Large.png Large Dark Gem Gem Dark Flawless.png Flawless Dark Gem
Type Steel.png Gem Steel.png Steel Gem A gem with an essence of steel. Gem Steel Medium.png Medium Steel Gem Gem Steel Large.png Large Steel Gem Gem Steel Flawless.png Flawless Steel Gem
Type Dragon.png Gem Dragon.png Dragon Gem A gem with a draconic essence. Gem Dragon Medium.png Medium Dragon Gem Gem Dragon Large.png Large Dragon Gem Gem Dragon Flawless.png Flawless Dragon Gem
Type Fairy.png Gem Fairy.png Fairy Gem A gem with a fairy essence. Gem Fairy Medium.png Medium Fairy Gem Gem Fairy Large.png Large Fairy Gem Gem Fairy Flawless.png Flawless Fairy Gem


Niet and many other members of the staff have hinted that Gems will play a major part in a "secret feature" that has yet to be released to the public. Niet officially confirmed this, and also revealed that Gems would also be used for Secret Bases, an old feature from PF1, in the Announcement: "Hold on to your Gems!". [1]
  1. Announcement: Hold on to your Gems! [1]