Evolution Stones

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Evolution Stones are items that can be used to evolve certain Pokémon.


To evolve a Pokémon using an evolution stone, a Pokémon must first be given a stone to hold through its Private Summary Page. Giving an appropriate Evolution Stone to a Pokémon prompts the evolution button to display, allowing evolution to occur.


Evolution stones can be acquired from Scour Missions, found in Boxes, by trading with other users, or bought from the Market.


Image Name Description Evolves
Dawn Stone A peculiar and shiny stone.
  • Male Kirlia into Gallade
  • Female Snorunt into Froslass
  • Charaxalis into Incantasius
  • Male Snolia into Glaillade, at Level 42.
  • Female Snolia into Frosvoir, at Level 42
Dusk Stone A strange stone that seems to completely absorb light.
  • Murkrow into Honchkrow
  • Misdreavus into Mismagius
  • Lampent into Chandelure
  • Doublade into Aegislash
  • Apocalyptic Poochyena into Apocalyptic Mightyena, at Level 50.
  • Kubfu into Single Strike Urshifu, at Level 50.
Fire Stone A glowing red stone filled with fire energy.
  • Vulpix into Ninetales, at Level 30.
  • Growlithe into Arcanine
  • Eevee into Flareon
  • Pansear into Simisear
  • Genderless Petripeep into Chirock, at Level 32.
  • Apocalyptic Growlithe into Apocalyptic Arcanine, at Level 50.
Ice Stone A light blue stone that is strangely cold. It contains an unmistakable snowflake pattern.
  • Alolan Sandshrew into Alolan Sandslash
  • Alolan Vulpix into Alolan Ninetales, at Level 30.
  • Galarian Darumaka into Galarian Darmanitan
  • Genderless Petripeep into Serpetone, at Level 32.
  • Kawotor into Selutian, at Level 30
  • Frusky into Glacifur
  • Siberian Glameow into Siberian Purugly, at Level 38.
Leaf Stone A green stone with a fossilized leaf inside of it.
  • Gloom into Vileplume
  • Weepinbell into Victreebel
  • Exeggcute into Exeggutor
  • Nuzleaf into Shiftry
  • Pansage into Simisage
  • Apocalyptic Shroomish into Apocalyptic Breloom, at Level 50.
Moon Stone A fragment of meteorite from a celestial body.
  • Nidorina into Nidoqueen
  • Nidorino into Nidoking
  • Clefairy into Clefable
  • Jigglypuff into Wigglytuff
  • Skitty into Delcatty
  • Munna into Musharna
  • Shooting Star Clefairy into Shooting Star Clefable
  • Guild Jigglypuff into Guild Wigglytuff
  • Apocalyptic Golett into Apocalyptic Golurk, at Level 50.
  • Lunamor into Astrolochi, at Level 50.
Oval Stone A round stone that looks like an egg.
Shiny Stone A bright stone that shines with a dazzling light.
  • Togetic into Togekiss
  • Roselia into Roserade
  • Minccino into Cinccino
  • Floette into Florges
  • Impyre into Baflammet, at Level 50.
  • Purrpa into Moffkat, with high happiness.
Sun Stone A very red stone that holds solar energy.
  • Gloom into Bellossom
  • Sunkern into Sunflora
  • Cottonee into Whimsicott
  • Petilil into Lilligant
  • Helioptile into Heliolisk
  • Gumairy into Eucylph
ThunderStone A stone filled with electric energy.
Water Stone A deep blue stone filled with water energy.
  • Poliwhirl into Poliwrath
  • Shellder into Cloyster
  • Staryu into Starmie
  • Eevee into Vaporeon
  • Lombre into Ludicolo
  • Panpour into Simipour
  • Kawotor into Lutriva, at Level 30.
  • Kubfu into Rapid Strike Urshifu, at Level 50.