Albino Hunting

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Albino Hunting is the act of hatching Eggs with an active Albino Radar to get an Albino Pokémon.


In contrast to being able to obtain Shinies without a PokéRadar.pngPokéRadar, an Albino Radar.pngAlbino Radar is required for Albino Hunting. It can be obtained by purchasing it for 750,000 Interaction Points on the Albino Hunting page or by obtaining it from another user, as it is possible to buy and trade multiple Albino Radars. Albino Radars are activated by Interaction Points, but only until server reset at midnight, wherefore it will be necessary to use Interaction Points to activate it again the following day. Albino Hunting does not require a Hypermode account.

Albino Radar

The Albino Radar boosts the chance of finding an Albino Pokémon. It is powered by Interaction Points and the intensity of the boost depends on the level of the Albino Radar. Every day, users may choose the level of the Albino Radar, from 1-7, to be charged to for the day by paying the corresponding amount of Interaction Points needed. As of February 23, 2019, the bonus from the Albino Radar has been increased slightly and it is no longer necessary to slowly level the Albino Radar up one level a day, users can immediately level the Radar up to level 7 by paying the corresponding amount of Interaction Points.

The maximum level is 7, which gives a maximum boost of +3,314% when paying the maximum amount of Interaction Points, which is 100,000.

Albino Radar Level

The Albino Radar is uncharged and does not have a level when it is first purchased. Charging it with the corresponding amount of interaction points charges the Albino Radar to a certain level.

Level IP needed
1 150
2 450
3 1,350
4 4,000
5 12,000
6 36,000
7 100,000


The most important boost is provided by the Albino Radar, but the Übercharm.pngÜbercharm also doubles the chance of hatching an Albino. Presently, the only other known way of boosting Albino chances are by using Z-Crystals matching the desired Pokémon's type, obtained in the monthly Type Race.

After the rate adjustment of August 28, 2019, the chances of hatching a Shiny and Albino Pokémon were switched, resulting in Albino Pokémon becoming more common when using boosts.

Albino Radar Boost

Following table shows the boost that the Albino Radar provides depending on the level that it is charged to. Higher levels provide a greater boost, but will also cost more Interaction Points.

Level Boosted percentage
1 Base Chance
2 +100%
3 +300%
4 +700%
5 +1,180%
6 +2,176%
7 +3,314%


Z-Crystals are obtained from the Type Race. When used, they boost Albino chances of the corresponding Type by 100% for the rest of that day. This stacks with the Albino Radar, thus, it is advisable to only use Z-Crystals when the radar is at its maximum level.