Cele's Centre

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Cele's Centre is a feature that allows the user to buy CS Balls.

How Cele's Centre appears on PFQ.

Buying CS Balls

For a limited amount of time CS Balls, which contain Custom Sprite Pokémon, may be bought at Cele's Centre for Zophan Canisters.

A user may select a specific Nature on the purchase confirmation screen, at no extra cost.

The shop closes for a certain time period in order to restock.


  • Selecting a specific Nature once cost an extra Zophan Canister 16x16.png800. The cost was removed after reviewing user feedback and data on how the initial sales. Users who purchased the specific Nature were given a refund.
  • On the weekend of July 4th, 2020, Cele's Centre was reopened with the same stock as the the weekend before. This gave users a second chance to grab a sprite they wanted, with the Nature they wanted without the additional Nature cost. Normally, Cele's Centre would have been closed at that time.