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Personal Messages are a method of communicating between users of PokéFarm Q. By going to their personal message inbox, users can send and receive personal messages. It is one of two major communication methods between users of PFQ, the other being the Public Forums. It can be accessed from the top-right corner of any page, to the left of the forums link.


  • As of the recode, there is no inbox and outbox. PMs are now all displayed as conversation threads instead of separate messages.

Each message that has been received/sent is displayed in the corresponding box, going from top to bottom in order of most recently received/sent to least recent. Each message has the following details:

  • Subject: The title of the message. If "re:" is in front of it, then it is part of a message chain. if there is a curled arrow in front of it, then the user has replied to it. If it is in a unique font, it is a SYSTEM message.
  • From/To: The user that the PM was received from/sent to. It acts as a link to their user page. The link displays if the sender has authority powers and/or has Hypermode enabled.
  • Sent/Received: When the message was sent/received.
  • Cannot be deleted.

Viewing a Message

By clicking on a message's subject link, it can be viewed. The message is displayed in a layout similar to that of a forum post. The main difference is the absence of the edit and quote options, which would normally be located in the top right corner of the post. Additionally, there is a separate "Send Reply" button, which sends to the message-composing screen to send a message to that person.

The message also includes a list under the sender/receiver's username and rank. This is a "PM history" list, allowing the user to view all messages that have been sent to/received from that person, with links. This only appears if the messages are still in their Inbox/Outbox.

Sending a Message

By clicking on the "Send a Message" link in the top-left corner of the Personal Messages page (under the announcement box), a user can create and send a message to another user.

First, the user must choose a recipient. By typing in a box, a user on the site can be found. Usernames that match the words in the typing box will be displayed. If a name is unknown, then (_) can be used to substitute a character, and (%) can be used to substitute a group of characters. Once a user is found, clicking "Go" proceed the process.

Then, a message must be composed and sent. It works much like making a post in the forum, only with a subject line. Once the message is typed out, it can be previewed and sent.


As well as being usable in the forums, BBCode is also usable within personal messages.