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The ModWatch is a page which records the administrative actions of the PokéFarm Staff for the viewing of the general public.


Originally, the Niet created the ModWatch as a way for administrators to "keep an eye" on the rest of the staff [1], but it was later made public in an effort to increase staff transparency:

It has come to my attention that there is a slight problem with lack of transparency. This has been especially been a problem in PF1, where wild accusations are being thrown around, simply because people just don't know one way or the other.[2]


The first page of the ModWatch.

A link to the ModWatch page is located under the Useful Links drop down in the announcement bar. The ModWatch page records the actions of the site staff, as per the staff transparency guidelines.[3] The ModWatch records any of the following administrative actions, along with the staff member who performed the action, the time the action was recorded, and an explanation as to why that action took place:

  • forum post deletion.
  • forum thread deletion, movement, or lock.
  • forum post edit
  • rejection or approval of a clan.
  • a lock being placed on a user, often including severity and length.
  • resolving or claiming a report from the support centre.
  • change of user information.
  • removal or reset of user signature, avatar, or "about me".
Note: The ModWatch page is viewable only to logged in, and unbanned users.


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