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The VIP List is a list of users that one finds important to them. The user can find this list, and whether the users added are online/offline, on the Party or Farm page.

Adding Users to the VIP List

Adding a VIP
Selecting the "Add to VIP List" button from a user's menu.

On every user's Userpage, clicking the button on their About Me will display a drop-down menu which includes the "Add to VIP List" option. Clicking this will bring up a pop-up window stating that the user has been added to their VIP List. Additionally, when adding a user to the VIP list you may select a "category" to place the user in. These categories have no names as of now, but they may in the future. There are seven groups, all of which correspond to a symbol. These include a star, a circle, a clover, a spade, a diamond, a heart, and a triangle. If you place a user in one of these groups, they will have the corresponding symbol next to their username across the entire website.

Removing Users from the VIP List

When visiting the Userpage of a VIP, the "Add to VIP List" option will be replaced with a "Remove from VIP List" option. Clicking this will open a similar pop-up window to adding a user to the list, stating that they have now been removed from the VIP List.

VIP List

VIP List
A screenshot of the VIP List from the Farm page.

On both the Farm page and the Party, a list of all users on the user's VIP List can be found. This list is divided into online and offline VIPs. An "Open All" feature is available for online VIPs, opening a multi-view of all of their Userpages. On the Farm page, the time since the user was last online is also listed.

The VIP List also displays one of four statuses for each user, represented by dots. A green dot shows that a VIP is online and currently active. A red dot indicates that a user has marked themselves as busy and that they may not want to be contacted at the moment. A yellow dot next to a user's name denotes that a user is AFK (away from keyboard) and a grey dot represents that a user is currently offline.

A "Refresh" button can also be found on the VIP List, which updates its information.


  • The VIP List replaced the Friends List (and Friends in general) on December 1st, 2016.
  • Adding/removing a user from the VIP List doesn't send a PM to said user, unlike its predecessor.