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The on-site image uploader.

The Image Uploader page is available through the forum tab of the Tools/Options. Users can use it to upload images.


  • About: This gives the user information about what the on-site uploader is. It also tells them how much space they have to upload images. Along with that, it tells them about Hypermode benefits.


  • Usage: This shows the user how much data they have used up uploading images. A normal user has 10MB, whereas a Hypermode user gets 100MB.
  • Delete selected: Here, a user can delete images that they have uploaded to create space for new images. They can delete more than one at a time.
    • As of January 31, 2018, if a user wants to delete folders instead of files, this button will be replaced by "Delete folder." Folders must be empty before they can be deleted.


  • Supported extensions: They can upload PNG, GIF and JPEG, which are standard image extensions. If they have an image that is a different extension, they should try using a conversion site to get the right extension. Each file may not be larger than 4MB.