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A Cheat Code is a secret word or phrase that may grant access to certain bonuses. Cheat Codes may be distributed at the PokéFarm Q Staff's discretion. This means that the Staff can choose when and where to distribute Cheat Codes, possibly extending beyond the PokéFarm Q site. Users that are mindful of PokéFarm Q's communications are not likely to miss out on Cheat Codes.

Certain limitations apply to the use of Cheat Codes. Each user may only ever use a given Cheat Code once. Some Cheat Codes may also have a limited time availability before becoming invalid; Event Cheat Codes, for example, usually work for at least two weeks.[1]

Using a Cheat Code

A Cheat Code only has an effect when inputted in the correct location. Simply typing the Cheat Code itself into a random textbox on a page will not work. These are the steps required to use a Cheat Code:

  1. Have a PokéFarm Q page open.* It may be useful to click on the page to ensure it is the active window.
  2. Type "gabbagabbahey" on the keyboard, and do NOT press Enter/Return.
  3. In the popup window that appears, enter the Cheat Code that was found.
  4. Click the "Go!" button or press Enter/Return.
Note: This may not work on certain mobile devices, nor on the PFQ Live page.

If the steps were followed correctly, a popup window will display the effect(s).

Effects of Cheat Codes

Each unique Cheat Code can have its own effect on the user. The known effects are listed:

  • Distribution of Pokémon: A Pokémon will be put in the user's Party, but only if there is an empty slot.
  • Distribution of Items: Items such as Cookies will be deposited into the user's Inventory.
  • Time Extensions: Timers on bonuses such as Hypermode or UberCharms may be extended, if already active.
  • Dead Shiny Charm Recharging: Any and all Dead Shiny Charms not being charged may be instantly recharged.
  • FabuBar♥ Boosting: Progress on the weekly FabuBar♥ may be incremented by a preset amount.


  • Using the code 'biopsytoys' will result in a pop up box reading 'Self Destruct Sequence Activated'


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