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The Fabulous Friday page.
The Fabulous Friday is a weekly Event where every Interaction that is made on Friday counts towards the FabuBar♥. On the following Saturday a random Bonus Counter is supercharged which leads to an instant bonus day. Fabulous Friday can be accessed every Friday beneath the Bonus Counters.


The FabuBar♥ counts the Interactions made on the current Friday. The grey bar shows the maximum interactions needed to fill the bar while the green colour represents the total number of interactions made by all users. Personal contribution is shown by the yellow bar and Bonus power is shown by the blue bar. It is not necessary to completely fill the bar for a Bonus Day, but the strength of the supercharge depends on how full the FabuBar♥ is.

To fill the FabuBar♥ completely, 15,000,000 Interactions have to be made.


Every user who participates receives some amount of Gold Poké based on their contribution towards filling the FabuBar♥. Reaching 100% personal bonus, or 3,000 interactions, will reward the maximum amount, 125 Gold Poké. Gold Poké will still be awarded to users who do not reach 100%, but it will be a lesser amount according to what percent was reached.

The formula for calculating the amount of Gold Poké rewarded is floor(5 + p2 × 120), where p is the percentage of the completion of the personal bonus.[1] The one exception to this rule applies when a user had made no interactions on Fabulous Friday, in which case the user misses out on getting a Personal Bonus entirely.

Superb Saturday

The Superb Saturday follows Fabulous Friday. A random Bonus Counter is activated no matter of its progress. Users can claim their rewards on Saturday on the Superb Saturday page.

When activated through the Fabulous Friday the image of the Bonus Counter obtains a blue frame and the words Special Bonus Active! get added to its description. The active counter does not receive any points towards its actual goal and will not be reset when the Superb Saturday is over.

Additional bonus counters are activated for Mass-Click Weekends.


  • The infamous Staff inside joke, "MOSR FABUBU"[2], was removed from the page due to the influx of users believing it was a typo.[3]
  • If every participating user stopped interacting after reaching 100% personal bonus, it would take about 3,333 people to fill the FabuBar♥.


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