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Treasure are valuable items that can't be used through the user's Farm or Pokémon. These items can be sold for Credits, and relic items can be used to upgrade Badges in the Wishforge. Treasure can be obtained by opening Boxes, by combining less valuable Treasures on the Credits page, by trading for them with other users, or by buying them from the Market Board. Note that only relics can be upgraded into more valuable treasures, and cannot be downgraded.


Image Name Description Worth
Relic Copper.png Relic Copper A very old copper coin. Cr small.png10,000
Relic Silver.png Relic Silver A very old silver coin. Cr small.png20,000
Relic Gold.png Relic Gold A very old gold coin. Cr small.png50,000
Relic Vase.png Relic Vase A very old vase. Cr small.png100,000
Relic Band.png Relic Band A very old band. Cr small.png200,000
Relic Statue.png Relic Statue A very old statue. Cr small.png500,000
Relic Crown.png Relic Crown A very old crown. Cr small.png1,000,000
Brick Piece.png Brick Piece A rare chunk of brick. Cr small.png50
Pretty Wing.png Pretty Wing Though this feather is beautiful, it's just a regular feather and has no effect on Pokémon. Cr small.png100
Tiny Mushroom.png Tiny Mushroom A plain, ordinary mushroom. Can be sold cheaply. Cr small.png250
Silver Leaf.png Silver Leaf A strange, silver-coloured leaf. Cr small.png500
Gold Leaf.png Gold Leaf A strange, gold-coloured leaf. Cr small.png1,000
Pearl.png Pearl A pretty pearl. Can be sold cheaply. Cr small.png700
Stardust.png Stardust Beautiful red sand. Can be sold at a high price. Rubbing it on Pokémon while feeding it candy is not recommended. Cr small.png1,000
Heart Scale.png Heart Scale A pretty, heart-shaped scale that is extremely rare. It glows faintly in the colors of the rainbow. Cr small.png1,000
Big Mushroom.png Big Mushroom A rare mushroom that would sell at a high price. Cr small.png2,500
Big Pearl.png Big Pearl A lovely large pearl that would sell at a high price. Cr small.png3,750
Star Piece.png Star Piece A red gem shard. It would sell for a very high price. Cr small.png4,900
Rare Bone.png Rare Bone A bone that is extremely valuable for Pokémon archaeology. It can be sold for a high price. Cr small.png5,000
Nugget.png Nugget A nugget of pure gold. It can be sold for a high price. Cr small.png5,000


  • Presently, only the Nugget can be used to evolve a Pokemon. Specifically, Gosold into Goldesem.