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A Z-Crystal is a type-specific, diamond-shaped gem that increase the chances of hatching an Albino Pokémon. The Ultranecrozium Z, while not a Z-Crystal, is obtained using Z-Fragments.


Z-Crystals are obtained at the Type Race. In order to obtain one, a user must score 200 personal points in the race, and everyone on the type team combined must meet a community goal of 2,000,000 points. Once those two criteria have been met, users will be able to get a Z-Crystal that matches the type of the team they were on.


Z-Crystals are used on the Albino Radar to boost its power as if it was a level higher. They are one-time use and disappear along with your first charge of the day (the effect lasts until the server reset at midnight time). If used on a Radar that is charged at level 7, it will raise the Radar's chances as though it was boosted to a hypothetical level 8. However, the Z-Crystal's power will only work on Eggs whose type matches that of the Z-Crystal. For dual-typed Eggs, so long as at least one type matches the Z-Crystal's, it will gain the boost.

It is approximated that a level 7 Albino Radar will have a 17,924.8% total boost.


A Z-Fragment is a shard of a Z-Crystal. Alone, it cannot be used to charge the Albino Radar. However, when enough fragments are collected, they can be combined into a complete Z-Crystal.


Z-Fragments, like Z-Crystals, are obtained at the Type Race. Up to ten fragments can be earned. Unlike Z-Crystals, however, fragments are obtained separately from the Team Goal. Even if the Team Goal is not met, users can get however many Z-Fragments they earned.

Fragments Earned Points Needed
1 50
2 100
3 150
4 300
5 450
6 600
7 750
8 900
9 1200
10 1500

Creating a Z-Crystal

In order to create a Z-Crystal, 7 Z-Fragments of the crystal need to be assembled. They cannot be of different types. Only 7 Normalium Fragments will create a Normalium Z, for example. Once 7 fragments are obtained, they can be brought to the Albino Hunting page and put together under the Z-Crystals tab.

Name Fragment Crystal
Normalium Normalium Fragment.png Normalium Z.png
Firium Firium Fragment.png Firium Z.png
Waterium Waterium Fragment.png Waterium Z.png
Electrium Electrium Fragment.png Electrium Z.png
Grassium Grassium Fragment.png Grassium Z.png
Icium Icium Fragment.png Icium Z.png
Fightinium Fightinium Fragment.png Fightinium Z.png
Poisonium Poisonium Fragment.png Poisonium Z.png
Groundium Groundium Fragment.png Groundium Z.png
Flyinium Flyinium Fragment.png Flyinium Z.png
Psychium Psychium Fragment.png Psychium Z.png
Buginium Buginium Fragment.png Buginium Z.png
Rockium Rockium Fragment.png Rockium Z.png
Ghostium Ghostium Fragment.png Ghostium Z.png
Dragonium Dragonium Fragment.png Dragonium Z.png
Darkinium Darkinium Fragment.png Darkinium Z.png
Steelium Steelium Fragment.png Steelium Z.png
Fairium Fairium Fragment.png Fairium Z.png

Additionally, 3 Z-Fragments of each type may be exchanged for an Ultranecrozium Z.

Exchanging Z-Fragments for an Ultranecrozium Z.


  • Z-Fragments weren't initially released with Z-Crystals. They were added on December 1st, 2017, in an effort on Niet's part to have users participate in the Type Race past the individual goal[1].
    • The number of fragments needed to make a crystal wasn't lowered to 7 until three days later.


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