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Shortlink creation is a game feature that condenses a long URL into a shorter one.

Shortlink Creation

The Shortlinks page allows a user to condense any PokéFarm link. Shortlinks to users start with "@", while shortlinks to miscellaneous pages will start with "~" and contain letters or numbers.

There is a shortlink creation button on the bottom of every PokéFarm page that will generate the shortlink for that particular page.

Trainer Card

BBCode does not work on a Trainer Card, so links cannot normally be displayed. However, shortlinks make it possible for a user to display any PokéFarm links they wish on their profile. Users only have to paste the shortlink into the Trainer Card for it to display.

A shortlink being displayed on a Trainer Card.


Every user has a shortlink displayed at the top of their Party page and it can be used to link directly to their profile. It contains their PokéFarm identifier, and will always link back to their profile regardless of future name changes.

A shortlink is created for every user on PokéFarm.