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A Summary Page displays a Pokémon's personal information, and can be accessed by clicking on a Pokémon's or Egg's name.

Public Summary

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The Public Summary Page of a Pokémon.

A Summary Page will appear differently depending on the Pokémon's owner. Users who do not have ownership of a Pokémon will only be able to access its Public Summary Page. A Public Summary contains general information regarding a Pokémon and cannot be edited. Its features are as follows:


A Pokémon's appearance is displayed on its Summary page. There are two appearance sections: the standard sprite and a custom Dressed Up sprite inside the Custom Description section (if applicable).


The Summary Page's Timeline lists notable events relative to a Pokémon, in the order in which they happened. Listed events include:

  • Tl create.png Method of Creation: A Pokémon or Egg being created as a Starter Pokémon, obtained from the Lab, Bred by a User, transfered from PF1 via. Pokétransfer, found in the Pokéwalker, or being Summoned.
  • Tl release.png Release: A Pokémon or Egg running away, or being released into the shelter.
  • Tl obtain.png Obtained: A Pokémon or Egg being obtained through Adoption, or granted as a Starter or Legendary Egg.
  • Tl hatch.png Hatched: A Pokémon being hatched.
  • Tl level.png Level 100 reached by: A Pokémon increasing its level to 100.
    • The User who granted the last interaction, causing the Level-Up, is also listed.
  • Tl evolve.png Evolution: A Pokémon undergoing Evolution or Mega Evolution.
  • Tl trade.png Traded: A Pokémon being traded, wonder traded, or gifted.

Public Summary View

There are sections across the entirety of the Summary Page. The Public Summary shows four sections, five if the Pokémon has a Custom Description, in addition to the Timeline section itself. Each section and their featured information are listed below in order:


The Information section, officially untitled, contains the sprite of the Pokémon, it's name, gender, level, berry preference, nature, typing, happiness, activity (if applicable), and level.


The Pokémon section lists the Pokémon's Species and Stage. A Pokémon's Species Name will link to the corresponding Pokédex entry if it has been unlocked in the PokéDex, an error message will display if it is still locked.

The Contest Tab of a Pokémon's Summary.


The Contest section displays a Pokémon's Contest Stat Levels (Cool, Beauty, Cute, Smart, and Tough), its Sheen Level, and its Affection Level. These can be raised through the use of Pokéblocks and Consumables.

The Battle Section of a Pokémon's Summary.


The Battle section shows the stats of a Pokémon, including Base Stats, IVs, EVs, and final stats used to calculate damage in battles. The graphic below the stat table shows the relative IVs generated for that Pokémon and the EVs that have been granted to the Pokémon through Super Training.

Private Summary

Almost identical to its counterpart, a Pokémon's Private Summary displays much of the same information that is shown on its Public Summary. Unlike the Public Summary, a Private Summary is open to alterations and customization. Also different in from the Public Summary, the Private Summary has the additions of a Custom Description, Display Code, and Option sections. Each section's Private Summary features are listed below.

Custom Description

A custom description for a Pokémon may be set here, below the section that contains the Pokémon's sprite. Limited BBCodes are available for use inside a Pokémon's custom description, they are the: [b] (bold), [i] (italicize) and [u] (underline) tags.

The Display Code section of a Pokémon's Private Summary.

Display Code

The Display Code section can be found at the bottom-centre of the Summary page. The Display Tab generates custom BBCode, HTML, or Links that allow users to post and show off their Pokémon on the Forums, or on other websites that utilize any of the codes listed. Right now the user can choose whether they want to use the Sun/Moon style, which will be displayed by default, ΩR/αS, the older X/Y style, or the Platform style. While the BBCode and HTML tabs only have one code, the Links tab has two. They are for if you are interested in making a custom setup, as one links to the Summary page and the other is just the image of the Pokémon.


The Options section of the Summary Page can be found by clicking the three stripes icon next to the Pokémon's nature. This dropdown box allows users rename their Pokémon, dress them up, give and/or take an item, check evolution requirements (if applicable), send to a chosen field, set/change a Target Notification, set an EXP lock, send in a Trade to another user, or release the Pokémon.


The Location link allows the user to navigate directly to the Field holding their Pokémon.