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Experience, or EXP, is what a Pokémon or Egg gains when interacted with. It helps eggs hatch and Pokémon reach the next level. The EXP needed to hatch eggs depends on the species and rarity of the Pokémon. The experience needed to level up Pokémon depends on their EXP group. All boosts mentioned below are able to function at the same time and stack.

Site-wide Boosts

Niet's Bonus

Niet's Bonus Counter gives a boost up to x3 EXP when activated.


The V~Wave gives a 50% increase to all EXP gained by any Pokémon whose type matches the type that the V~Wave is that day.

If the V~Wave is Fire, then all Fire types will gain a 50% bonus to all EXP gained. The V~Wave page shows the type it currently is that day, and the types that it will be for the following 4 days.

Userbar Boosts


Hypermode is an Account Upgrade that gives the user a 40% EXP boost.

Helper Userbar

The Wiki Editor Userbar grants the user a 10% EXP bonus.

Temporary Boosts

Lucky Eggs

The Lucky EggLucky Egg.png is an active item that provides 2 EXP per party member and interaction with a time limit of 20 minutes. The EXP Limit is 50,000 EXP and is affected by Niet's Bonus. The Lucky Egg costs 80 Gold Poké with bundles of 10 Lucky Eggs for 640 GP and 30 Lucky Eggs for 1,440 GP.

The Super Lucky EggSuper Lucky Egg.png is a stronger version of the Lucky Egg. It provides 6 EXP per party member and interaction with a time limit of 60 minutes. The EXP Limit is 200,000 EXP and is affected by Niet's Bonus as well. The Super Lucky Egg costs 160 Zophan Canisters with bundles of 10 Super Lucky Eggs for 1,280 ZC and 30 Super Lucky Eggs for 2,880 ZC.

Both items are affected by Niet's Bonus means that when Niet's Bonus Counter is active, EXP gained will increase. The bonus EXP gained from this is not counted towards the EXP limit.

Note: Using one of the eggs during an active one will overwrite the existing bonus.


Pokérus is a beneficial virus that is passed between users every 15 minutes, only those who have clicked the host, and have been online in the past hour, are capable of contracting it. A Pokérus host receives doubled Interaction Points and EXP when making Interactions.

Birthday Boost

The Birthday Boost gives the user 30% more EXP and lasts a week, starting on their birthday.

Permanent Boosts


Badges give a large boost to the experience gained, but the boost only applies to Pokémon and Eggs they share a type with. Badges are made using the Wishforge. Badges are made from Gems, which are found from hatching eggs.

Class Badge Estimated Boost
Bronze Badge Bronze Normal.png 5%
Silver Badge Silver Normal.png 10%
Gold Badge Gold Normal.png 15%
Platinum Badge Platinum Normal.png 25%
Titanium Badge Titanium Normal.png 40%
Mythril Badge Mythril Normal.png 60%
Adamantium Badge Adamantium Normal.png 80%
Nintendium Badge Nintendium Normal.png 110%
Wishalloy Badge Wishalloy Normal.png 150%

EXP. Share

The EXP. Share EXP SHARE.png costs Gp small.png 450, and is a passive item that sits in the users' inventory and provides 1 EXP to the users' party members for each interaction made. It is affected by Niet's Bonus Counter.

Buying more than one EXP. Share will not grant any more bonuses, but can be traded to others.

Egg Timer

The Egg Timer Egg Timer.png is a passive way of EXP gain for egg hatching, intended to provide a baseline to the users progression. It is located on the Timers Bar.

  • It starts at Lv. 1 with +480EXP/hour and gradually increases the amount of passive gain based on the user's Party Interactions, with each additional level boosting the total by 240EXP.
  • The bonus resets at Midnight, Server Time.
  • This boost is not affected by other bonuses such as Niet's Bonus, Family Bonus, Hypermode, etc.

Level EXP Gained/Hour Party Interactions Needed
1 480 0
2 720 30
3 960 80
4 1,200 150
5 1,440 250
6 1,680 400
7 1,920 600
8 2,160 800
9 2,400 1,000
10 2,640 1,250

Pokémon Boosts

Family Bonus

The "Family Bonus" is a boost gained by eggs if a hatched Pokémon of the same species, or a forme of that species, is present in the party. The boost is 40%, 70% and 110% respectively per Pokémon added to the party. The bonus caps at three Pokémon.

Fossil Pokémon

Prehistoric Pokémon that are revived from a Fossil have a Prehistoric.png icon next to their name and grant a larger boost of x2 EXP to eggs of their species than normal Pokémon do. This also stacks with the Family Boost.


Cookies Cookie.png are a Consumables item, which if fed to a Pokémon, will boost their EXP by 50% and happiness by 50 points. However, Pokémon at MAX happiness cannot be fed Cookies.