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The Shelter is the place where one may adopt Pokémon have been released by their previous owner, or take Eggs which have been released from the DayCare. One may access the Shelter any time from the NavBar.


The Shelter page with some upgrades.

On the right side of the page, information about the current day in relation to the shelter is displayed. From top to bottom, they are:

  • Adoptions made: Displays how many adoptions the user made that day.
  • Type of Shelter Pass (with limitation) in use: The amount of adoptions the user makes depends on the type of Shelter Pass they have. This is explained further in Upgrades.
  • Adoptions still left: Number of adoptions the user has remaining before they are refreshed the next day.
  • Shelter Upgrades: Flutes and Shelter Passes can be purchased with Gold Poké and Zophan Canisters here if the requirements for them have been met.


Shelter Upgrades.

There are several Shelter Upgrades available for Gold Poké (GP) or Zophan Canisters (ZC). It is located on the Shelter page.

Shelter Pass Level Adoptions Limit Cost Unlocked After
Shelter Pass C.png Shelter Pass C 6 - Tutorial
Shelter Pass B.png Shelter Pass B 14 Gp small.png 40 20 adoptions
Shelter Pass A.png Shelter Pass A 24 Gp small.png 200 100 adoptions
Shelter Pass S.png Shelter Pass S 36 Gp small.png 800 400 adoptions
Shelter Pass X.png Shelter Pass X 85 Gp small.png 2,400 1,200 adoptions
Shelter Pass Star.png Shelter Pass ★ 127 Zophan Canister 16x16.png 1,000 2,500 adoptions
  • Black Flute/White Flute: The Black Flute repels Pokémon, revealing a page full of eggs. On the other hand, the White Flute attracts Pokémon, showing the user a full page of hatched Pokémon. Both Flutes can be purchased for Gp small.png 500 each. Additional flutes may be bought, but do not provide extra bonuses.
  • Shelter Pass: This allows the user to adopt Pokémon and Eggs from the Shelter. There are currently six levels: C, B, A, S, X and ★.
    • A Shelter Pass C is given to the user after completing the tutorial and each further level grants them more adoptions per day than the previous level. To buy a higher leveled Shelter Pass directly from the Shelter page, the user needs to own the previous level. The highest pass counts for adoptions. The amount of adoptions does not stack when owning multiple passes.

Shelter Boost

When chaining a Pokémon, a hidden Shelter boost applies. Each time the user reloads the shelter, there is a small chance that one of the eggs is replaced with an egg that they're hunting, if it exists. This boost starts at chain 1 and caps at chain 100, with a boost of 25%.