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The Wishforge is a location under the Nearby Places section. Here, one can create Gemwish Badges that increase the EXP received by Interactions.

The Wishforge

The Wishforge can only be accessed after purchasing the Badge Case on the page. It is run by Ravyne who wants to use the various types of Gems to create Badges. The Badges are used to boost the EXP of Pokémon or Eggs that have the same type as the Badge itself, the intensity of the boost depends on the class of the badge.

Gemwish Badges

There are 18 Badge types, one for each Pokémon type. Each Badge stays for itself and does not influence other Badges and their creation in any way. A Pokémon also only receives the boost from one Badge, even if the Pokémon has two types and the user owns the Badges for both of them. Only the Badge with the highest class counts for that Pokémon. Badges can be created and upgraded with Gems of their associated type and an additional cost. The construction is completed by evolving Pokémon of the same type or a Pokémon that evolves into the type of the Badge.

Basic Badges

The Basic Badges are the first nine classes that can be constructed. The construction requires Treasure and each higher class raises the EXP boost that a Pokémon and Egg receive.

Types of Basic Badges

Each Badge corresponds to one type. The colour of the gem in the middle of each Badge reflects that Badge's type.

Type Type Normal.png Type Fire.png Type Water.png Type Electric.png Type Grass.png Type Ice.png Type Fighting.png Type Poison.png Type Ground.png Type Flying.png Type Psychic.png Type Bug.png Type Rock.png Type Ghost.png Type Dragon.png Type Dark.png Type Steel.png Type Fairy.png
Badge Badge Bronze Normal.png Badge Bronze Fire.png Badge Bronze Water.png Badge Bronze Electric.png Badge Bronze Grass.png Badge Bronze Ice.png Badge Bronze Fighting.png Badge Bronze Poison.png Badge Bronze Ground.png Badge Bronze Flying.png Badge Bronze Psychic.png Badge Bronze Bug.png Badge Bronze Rock.png Badge Bronze Ghost.png Badge Bronze Dragon.png Badge Bronze Dark.png Badge Bronze Steel.png Badge Bronze Fairy.png

Classes of Basic Badges

The Class of the Badge is how often it was upgraded. Gems are used to upgrade a Badge and every Class after Silver also needs a Treasure Item as extra cost. After paying the Upgrade fee, Pokémon have to be evolved to complete the upgrade process. The boost of the Badge stacks with other boosts, but it is important that it is always rounded down. So even if the boost calculates to 10.9 EXP extra, only 10 EXP will be given. As the Badge's class grows, so does the cost of upgrading them.

The table refers to the needed amount of Gems, Treasure and Evolutions to reach that Class.

Class Badge Estimated Boost Gems Extra Cost Evolutions
Bronze Badge Bronze Normal.png 5% 10 - 2
Silver Badge Silver Normal.png 10% 40 - 8
Gold Badge Gold Normal.png 15% 100 Relic Copper 20
Platinum Badge Platinum Normal.png 25% 250 Relic Silver 50
Titanium Badge Titanium Normal.png 40% 500 Relic Gold 100
Mythril Badge Mythril Normal.png 60% 1,000 Relic Vase 200
Adamantium Badge Adamantium Normal.png 80% 2,100 Relic Band 420
Nintendium Badge Nintendium Normal.png 110% 3,200 Relic Statue 640
Wishalloy Badge Wishalloy Normal.png 150% 4,300 Relic Crown 860

Master Badges

After Wishalloy, it is possible to further upgrade the Badges to a Master Badge. Master Badges are special in appearance by having a different shape for each type, but using the same colour within a class. While all four classes of Master Badges give the same EXP boost as Wishalloy Badges, Master Badges increase the IVs of Eggs of the corresponding Type.

Types of Master Badges

Different than the Basic Badges, each Master Badge has a different appearance for both the type and class. The form of the badge is based on the type it represents while the colour is based on the gemstones ruby, sapphire, emerald and diamond. Each Badge for each type and class has their own name that is based on the type.

Type Class 1 Class 2 Class 3 Class 4
Type Normal.png Balance Master Badge Balance Master.png Normalise Badge Normalise.png Metronome Badge Metronome.png Judgment Badge Judgment.png
Type Fire.png Blaze Master Badge Blaze Master.png Flame Body Badge Flame Body.png Inferno Badge Inferno.png Ifrit Badge Ifrit.png
Type Water.png Aqua Master Badge Aqua Master.png Storm Drain Badge Storm Drain.png Whirlpool Badge Whirlpool.png Leviathan Badge Leviathan.png
Type Electric.png Volt Master Badge Volt Master.png Lightningrod Badge Lightningrod.png Thunder Badge Thunder.png Ramuh Badge Ramuh.png
Type Grass.png Forest Master Badge Forest Master.png Sap Sipper Badge Sap Sipper.png Synthesis Badge Synthesis.png Cybele Badge Cybele.png
Type Ice.png Glacial Master Badge Glacial Master.png Refrigerate Badge Refrigerate.png Blizzard Badge Blizzard.png Boreas Badge Boreas.png
Type Fighting.png Suplex Master Badge Suplex Master.png No Guard Badge No Guard.png Superpower Badge Superpower.png Gilgamesh Badge Gilgamesh.png
Type Poison.png Toxin Master Badge Toxin Master.png Liquid Ooze Badge Liquid Ooze.png Venoshock Badge Venoshock.png Haures Badge Haures.png
Type Ground.png Gaia Master Badge Gaia Master.png Arena Trap Badge Arena Trap.png Earthquake Badge Earthquake.png Titan Badge Titan.png
Type Flying.png Aerial Master Badge Aerial Master.png Levitate Badge Levitate.png Aeroblast Badge Aeroblast.png Garuda Badge Garuda.png
Type Psychic.png Diurnal Master Badge Diurnal Master.png Telepathy Badge Telepathy.png Extrasensory Badge Extrasensory.png Ulysses Badge Ulysses.png
Type Bug.png Entomos Master Badge Entomos Master.png Rattled Badge Rattled.png Infestation Badge Infestation.png Ravana Badge Ravana.png
Type Rock.png Geode Master Badge Geode Master.png Sturdy Badge Sturdy.png Sandstorm Badge Sandstorm.png Dalamud Badge Dalamud.png
Type Ghost.png Spectre Master Badge Spectre Master.png Cursed Body Badge Cursed Body.png Nightmare Badge Nightmare.png Dullahan Badge Dullahan.png
Type Dragon.png Legend Master Badge Legend Master.png Multiscale Badge Multiscale.png Spacial Rend Badge Spacial Rend.png Tiamat Badge Tiamat.png
Type Dark.png Nocturnal Master Badge Nocturnal Master.png Illusion Badge Illusion.png Punishment Badge Punishment.png Eclipse Badge Eclipse.png
Type Steel.png Forge Master Badge Forge Master.png Iron Barbs Badge Iron Barbs.png Flash Cannon Badge Flash Cannon.png Daedalus Class 4 Steel.png
Type Fairy.png Sylvan Master Badge Sylvan Master.png Pixilate Badge Pixilate.png Moonlight Badge Moonlight.png Carbuncle Badge Carbuncle.png

Classes of Master Badges

Master Badges don't require Treasure to construct them, Flawless Gems of the same type are necessary instead. There is a chance of obtaining a Flawless Gem by hatching a Shiny, Albino, or Melanistic Pokémon with Wishalloy or Master Badge of the respective type. The following table shows the requirements to construct a Badge of that class:

Class Badge Boost Gems Flawless Gems Evolutions
Class 1 Badge Balance Master.png 150% 6,278 1 1,250
Class 2 Badge Normalise.png 150% 9,001 8 1,800
Class 3 Badge Metronome.png 150% 12,500 27 2,500
Class 4 Badge Judgment.png 150% 16,875 64 3,375

Gemwish Score

The Gemwish Score is calculated from the Badges the user owns. Each Class has its own score, this score is multiplied by the amount of Badges the user owns. Currently, there is no use for the Gemwish Score.

Class Bronze Silver Gold Platinum Titanium Mythril Adamantium Nintendium Wishalloy Master
Score 1 19 361 6,859 130,321 2,476,099 47,045,881 893,871,739 16,983,563,041 322,687,697,779

Bigger Gems

Gems can be upgraded into two larger sizes in the Wishforge, the Medium Gem and Large Gem. The main purpose of larger Gems is to make it quicker and more convenient when trading large amounts of Gems. Eleven Gems can be crafted into a Medium Gem, and eleven Medium Gems can be crafted into a Large Gem. However, one Large Gem traded back down is equal to ten Medium Gems, and one Medium Gem traded back down is equal to ten Gems. Ravyne explains the loss of a Gem when crafting down: "Because makingcraft gems make me muchhunger, so I eat one~" Like their smaller predecessors, Medium and Large Gems pertain to a specific type, such as an Ice or Dragon Gem.


Notifications appear for the Wishforge when a badge is ready for collection, or if the user clicked 'Notify' under a specific badge.

Note: When 'Notify' is enabled for a badge, SYSTEM will notify the user when the amount of Gems needed for that badge is met. It does not check whether or not the Treasure (if necessary) is in the user's inventory.


  • SYSTEM's Badges match the currently leading Class in a type.
  • Ravyne says his gemwish score is 305,704,134,739. This would make it so Ravyne has 18 Wishalloy badges (one of each type), plus one extra point.
  • Class 2 of the master badges refer to Pokémon abilities and class 3 refers to Pokémon moves.
  • As of July 15th 2016, the Wishforge had received a translation page that allowed users to understand Ravyne a little more clearly.
  • The scores for the various Badge Types are the sequence of the powers of 19 (1, 19, 19^2, 19^3, etc.)
  • The names of the Master Class 4 Badges are all references to characters/objects in various JRPG games.
Type Name Game Description
Type Normal.png Judgement Golden Sun A strong Venus-aligned Knight who blasts his enemies with a Hand Cannon.
Type Fire.png Ifrit Final Fantasy A beast-like deity who uses Fire-based attacks.
Type Water.png Leviathan Final Fantasy A large serpent deity who uses Water attacks.
Type Electric.png Ramuh Final Fantasy A deity who takes the form of an old man with mastery over the Thunder element
Type Grass.png Cybele Golden Sun A Venus-aligned goddess who summons a frog to do battle for her.
Type Ice.png Shiva Final Fantasy A deity who takes the form of an woman with mastery over the Ice element
Type Fighting.png Gilgamesh Final Fantasy A traveling sword collector on the search for the legendary blade Excalibur.
Type Poison.png Haures Golden Sun A Venus-aligned demon who intoxicates his foes with poison-coated claws.
Type Ground.png Titan Final Fantasy A large, muscular deity who uses Earth elemental attacks.
Type Flying.png Garuda Final Fantasy She is usually depicted as a green-tinted woman with mastery over the Wind element.
Type Psychic.png Ulysses Golden Sun A mage who attacks his/her enemies with scissor-like attacks that "bite" the enemy.
Type Bug.png Ravana Final Fantasy A bug-like warrior who battles with four swords.
Type Rock.png Dalamud Final Fantasy The smaller of two moons orbiting the planet of Hydaelyn in Final Fantasy XIV.
Type Ghost.png Dullahan Golden Sun A headless knight, similar in appearance to Judgement, that guards the Iris summon.
Type Dragon.png Tiamat Golden Sun A giant dragon who breathes fire on his enemies.
Type Dark.png Eclipse Golden Sun A dragon who appears when the world is at its darkest.
Type Steel.png Alexander Final Fantasy A fortress-like summon is like a moving castle!
Type Fairy.png Carbuncle Final Fantasy A fairy-like deity who can reflect magical spells back at the caster.
  • The Nintendium class may get its name from Nintendo