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The Rules is a list of, as it sounds, rules. All of which must be followed by all users on PFQ, breaking them may result in a warning or Account Lock. If a user has questions about the Rules, they can be asked in the Questions about Site Rules thread.

Adventure Rules

These are the rules displayed upon sign up, and are a more simplified version of the PFQ rule-set. The entire list of rules can be found in the Rules thread.

  1. This site is child-friendly.
  2. No SPAM
  3. You may add rules in your threads, but never override Site/Forum rules.
  4. If someone is locked, it's not your business.
  5. Treat others as you would have them treat you.
  6. No advertising. See full details below.
  7. Tag all spoilers in [hide] tags.
  8. Only you may use your account, and you may only have one account.
  9. British laws apply.
  10. "I didn't read the rules" is not an excuse.

All Rule Posts

This is a compilation of all the Rule Posts, and similar content, that can be found throughout PFQ. This goes in order of forum/subforum.

Name Brief Description
Adventure Rules A simplified version of the Site Rules, covers the main rules briefly.
Site Rules An in-depth version of the Adventure Rules, some of which have subheadings to cover each topic.
Chat Rules Covers the rules that must be followed while using the Chat.
Forum Bump Times States when the user is allowed to 'Bump' their threads, covers all subforums.
Regarding Art Theft Explains issues with Art Theft and how to properly credit art.
Legibility Guidelines Outlines how a template has to be created to be considered legible.
Suggestions Form And Requirements States what is necessary for a suggestion, as well as an outline to go by if the user decides to use it.
Thread Hijacking States what is, and what will happen, if a user hijacks a Help thread.
Bug Report Form A baseline and a perfect example of a Bug Report are given.
Sprite Permission Request Thread A place to ask for permission to use PFQs Sprites, and to view permission given.
Trade Forum Rules Rules for trading, these must be followed in addition to the Site Rules.
Gym Forum Rules Rules for the Gym Forum, these must be followed in addition to the Site Rules.
Contest Forum Rules Rules for the Contest Forum, all threads in this forum must abide to these in addition to the Site Rules.
Clan applications / Rules The rules, FAQ, and link to apply to run a Clan are given.
PokéPark RP Rules Gives a description of the RP, and rules that characters and scenes should follow.
Regarding Sprite Use Outlines how a user should handle sprites, whether it was made by them or other people.
Misc. Pokémon Forum rules States rules for the Misc. Pokémon Forum, that must be followed alongside the Site Rules.
Reminder for Forum Games Gives some reminders for the Forum Games, they still must be followed with the Site Rules.
Miscellaneous Forum Rules States a few rules for the Miscellaneous Forum, they too must be followed with the Site Rules.