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The Party page acts as an interactive portal to a user's personal User Page. This page lists the six Pokémon and/or Eggs that are shown on the user's public User Page and allows the user to edit or rearrange them. Each Pokémon or Egg's personal information is listed here. The Party page also contains the Task List, VIP List, and Rank.


The Party is one of the links displayed in the main Navbar, located at the top of every page.

Party Features and Information

The Party page displaying an albino Phione and 5 Eggs.
  • The Party displays each Pokémon's name (or Nickname, if applicable), and labels all unhatched eggs as: "<Egg>". Clicking on a Pokémon/Egg's name will take the user to that Pokémon/Egg's Summary Page.
  • All Pokémon have an EXP (Experience Points) bar that shows the amount of EXP required to level up.
  • All Eggs have an EXP bar that shows that amount of EXP required to hatch.
  • At the bottom of each Pokémon's box, there is percentage of how happy the Pokémon is. If the Pokémon is an Egg, the percent indicates how much EXP the egg has obtained.
  • The Party page uses a Pokémon/Egg's base images, and does not show Dress Up items.
  • If a Pokémon is holding an Item, it will be shown in the bottom-left corner of that Pokémon's image.
  • When a Pokémon is ready to evolve, an Evolution box will appear under the EXP bar if the Pokémon has been fed. Clicking it will evolve the Pokémon.
  • When an Egg is ready to hatch, a "Hatch the Egg!" button will appear below the EXP bar. Clicking it will hatch the egg.
  • A Pokémon's personal taste preferences are also displayed on the Party Page.
  • If the user has not yet interacted with the Pokémon/Eggs in their party, interaction boxes will be displayed under the EXP bars.
  • Player Rank progress is displayed underneath the user's eggs. It shows the progress to the next milestone, and offers the ability to claim the reward for the next tier.
  • The Task List is displayed below the Player Rank progress. Progress here can be tracked and rewards can be claimed for them here.
  • One's VIP List is displayed to the right of the party, separated into online and offline VIPs. An "Open All" link is available to visit the pages of online VIPs.

Pokémon Showcase

The Pokémon Showcase

The Pokémon Showcase allows users to show off up to 6 more Pokémon alongside their main Party Pokémon.

  • Only their preferred berry button is shown, ensuring they always receive the maximum EXP per interaction possible.
  • Pokémon with no flavour preference will have the option to be fed an Oran Berry instead, and they will benefit from the "preferred flavour" EXP bonus (and Interaction Points bonus for the one making the interaction), allowing the Pokémon to level up faster.

Please note that while they are shown alongside the user's Party, they are not in their Party. There are a few things to keep in mind:

  • If users interact with them, they are considered Party Interactions.
  • Neither the Lucky Egg nor the EXP Share give them Experience.
  • They will still occupy space in the Field they are in.
    • Based on that Field, their Happiness will keep rising or falling.
  • While in the showcase, they may also be in the Daycare or Scour Missions.
  • Pokémon are not allowed to be in both the Party and the Showcase simultaneously.
  • Pokémon in the Showcase will vanish from the Showcase if they are traded away.
  • A Pokémon will not appear in the slot it was in if it is moved from the user's fields to their party.
  • The slot is "held" for a Pokémon, so if it has been returned to the user or the fields, it will automatically reappear in the Showcase if the slot is still available.

Egg Timer Note

Under the user's Party is a note explaining that the egg timer indicates the max time an Egg takes to hatch and to interact to make them hatch faster.

If a user does not want to see this message they may add #eggtimeinfo {display:none} to their site skin.


  • Before the 1st of March 2024, Pokémon Showcase was not around and users only had the Party itself to show their Pokémon and gain experience.