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The Tournament is a weekly event that was added to PokéFarm on August 12, 2016.

Note: Visit this page to view all the previous Tournaments!
Weekly Tournament Main Page

Users participate in events that are centered around various features on site, such as hatching eggs and scouring. Each Event has three tasks that increase with difficulty. Each one cleared gives a higher reward at the end of the Tournament. Tokens are awarded to those who complete these tasks, Tokens can then be used for various prizes in the Prize Shop. Tokens are also tradable between users.

Current Tournament

Below is a breakdown of what can be found in this section on the main Tournament page.

Seasons and Events

A Season consists of 12 events and affects what is available in the Prize Shop, as well as what Tokens and Fakemon are given out as prizes each Tournament. The amount of Tokens awarded at the end of the Tournament is dependent on the task completed. Completing the Easy Task will award 1 Token, completing the Medium Task will award 3 Tokens, and completing the Hard Task will award 5 Tokens. Target awards do not stack, so if the Hard Task is completed, the user will only receive 5 Tokens.

Tournament Schedule

Times listed go by PokéFarm's current server time.
08:00 Saturday - Sign-up opens, users can join here.
07:00 Monday - The event begins.
06:59 Saturday - The event closes, scores are counted.
08:00 Saturday - Prizes can be claimed from the tournament page.


The objective changes with each event, each event revolves around a site feature. Below is a list of the different objective categories and the amounts needed to reach each goal:

Objective Sub-Categories Easy Goal Medium Goal Hard Goal
Evolve Pokemon
  • Any
  • Variety
  • Matching V~Wave
  • 4 Points
  • 12 Points
  • 60 Points
  • 40 Points
Hatch Eggs
  • Any
  • Variety
  • From Lab
  • From Shelter
  • Bred in your Daycare
  • Matching POTD
  • Matching V~Wave
  • Matching x color in Pokedex
  • Having x Nature
  • Having x Body Style
  • 12 Points
  • 120 Points
  • 12 Points
  • 12 Points
  • 12 Points
  • 36 Points
  • 4 Points
  • 48 Point
  • 300 Points
  • 36 Points
  • 42 Points
  • 36 Points
  • 200 Points
  • 18 Points
  • 120 Points
  • 600 Points
  • 90 Points
  • 108 Points
  • 90 Points
  • 500 Points
  • 60 Points
Obtain Valuable Items from Scouring
  • 30 Points
  • 120 Points
  • 300 Points
Earn Interaction Points
  • 7,000 Points
  • 49,000 Points
  • 200,000 Points
Harvest Berries from the Garden
  • 60 Points
  • 200 Points
  • 750 Points
Catch Pokemon from Fishing
Note: Any item counts as a "Valuable Item" in scour tournaments, not including Totem Stickers and Zygarde Cells. Points are awarded based on rarity of the items found.


Target Progress

This is where the user's personal progress on the current event is displayed. The current score/points for the user is displayed above the event targets. When a target is completed, a tick will appear next to it.

The Leaderboard is the more competitive aspect of the Tournaments. There are places for 100 users on the Leaderboard. Staying on the Leaderboard requires the user to have a higher score than the user currently in 100th place. The scores are updated approximately every hour. When the Tournament closes, the 100 users who are on the Leaderboard (or more if there are users tied for 100th place) are awarded an Exclusive Egg; this egg changes with each event and one random egg given out is guaranteed to hatch as a Shiny, Albino, or (very rarely) Melanistic. Contrary to eggs bought with tokens, the awarded egg will not break your shiny chain upon hatching.

Prize Shop

Tournament Shop

The Tournament Prize Shop can be found underneath the total amount of tokens in the Tournament Tokens section. Here users can exchange tokens for prizes including Pokémon and items. You can go to the Prize Shop here.

The first section of the shop contains Fakémon, which may be unlocked with Tokens. Additional Eggs may be purchased with GP. The second section has Miscellaneous Prizes, including Mega Stones and Forme Changers. XD001 Eggs may also be purchased here.

Fakemon Eggs

Name Price Season
Blophin Tournament Token (Goldenrod).png x1 1
Lunupine Tournament Token (Goldenrod).png x1 1
Faemueño Tournament Token (Goldenrod).png x1 1
Orkit Tournament Token (Goldenrod).png x1 1
Wagell Tournament Token (Goldenrod).png x1 2
Gosold Tournament Token (Goldenrod).png x1 2
Impyre Tournament Token (Goldenrod).png x1 2
Searene Tournament Token (Goldenrod).png x1 2
Bunbori Tournament Token (Goldenrod).png x1 3
Ardik Tournament Token (Goldenrod).png x1 3
Solynx Tournament Token (Goldenrod).png x1 3
Boxaby Tournament Token (Goldenrod).png x1 3
Flarbat Tournament Token (Goldenrod).png x1 4
Hydrark Tournament Token (Goldenrod).png x1 4
Taiveret Tournament Token (Goldenrod).png x1 4
Gragon Tournament Token (Goldenrod).png x1 4
Quetzephyr Tournament Token (Goldenrod).png x1 5
Luckoo Tournament Token (Goldenrod).png x1 5
Arasprit Tournament Token (Goldenrod).png x1 5
Pixrine Tournament Token (Goldenrod).png x1 5
Bandicoon Tournament Token (Goldenrod).png x1 6
Phastix Tournament Token (Goldenrod).png x1 6
Kitsunari Tournament Token (Goldenrod).png x1 6
Kryptik Tournament Token (Goldenrod).png x1 6
Tillink Tournament Token (Goldenrod).png x1 7
Minibbit Tournament Token (Goldenrod).png x1 7
Glaquine Tournament Token (Goldenrod).png x1 7
Pasovan Tournament Token (Goldenrod).png x1 7
Ayeren Tournament Token (Goldenrod).png x1 8
Klaatupillar Tournament Token (Goldenrod).png x1 8
Skeleco Tournament Token (Goldenrod).png x1 8
Bezerell Tournament Token (Goldenrod).png x1 8
Kyutopi Tournament Token (Goldenrod).png x1 9
Kenyip Tournament Token (Goldenrod).png x1 9
Petripeep Tournament Token (Goldenrod).png x1 9
Maravol Tournament Token (Goldenrod).png x1 9
Gumairy Tournament Token (Goldenrod).png x1 10
Puppod Tournament Token (Goldenrod).png x1 10
Rokiwi Tournament Token (Goldenrod).png x1 10
Alicalf Tournament Token (Goldenrod).png x1 10
Valkind Tournament Token (Goldenrod).png x1 11
Croaket Tournament Token (Goldenrod).png x1 11
Slypin Tournament Token (Goldenrod).png x1 12
Selkrub Tournament Token (Goldenrod).png x1 12
Kawotor Tournament Token (Goldenrod).png x1 13
Kitwurm Tournament Token (Goldenrod).png x1 13
Pepyre Tournament Token (Goldenrod).png x1 14
Aphreyd Tournament Token (Goldenrod).png x1 14
Valimp Tournament Token (Goldenrod).png x4 15
Caimaw Tournament Token (Goldenrod).png x4 15
Frusky Tournament Token (Viridian).png x12 16
Skyrie Tournament Token (Viridian).png x12 16

Miscellaneous Prizes

Miscellaneous Prizes
Name Image Price
Blue Orb Blue Orb.png Tournament Token (Goldenrod).png x18
Red Orb Red Orb.png Tournament Token (Goldenrod).png x18
Prison Bottle Prison Bottle.png Tournament Token (Goldenrod).png x18
Mythrite Mythrite.png Tournament Token (Goldenrod).png x26
Opal Opal.png Tournament Token (Goldenrod).png x26
Dragon Ball Dragon Ball.png Tournament Token (Goldenrod).png x26
Korokunite Q Mega Stone Korokunite Q.png Tournament Token (Goldenrod).png x34
Adamantite Mega Stone Adamantite.png Tournament Token (Goldenrod).png x34
Mega Stone Voucher 1 Mega Stone Voucher 1.png Tournament Token (Goldenrod).png x3
Mega Stone Voucher 2 Mega Stone Voucher 2.png Tournament Token (Goldenrod).png x6
Mega Stone Voucher 3 Mega Stone Voucher 3.png Tournament Token (Goldenrod).png x9
Mega Stone Voucher 4 Mega Stone Voucher 4.png Tournament Token (Goldenrod).png x12
Mega Stone Voucher 5 Mega Stone Voucher 5.png Tournament Token (Goldenrod).png x15
Tier 1 Salon Voucher Tier 1 Salon Voucher.png Tournament Token (Goldenrod).png x1
Tier 2 Salon Voucher Tier 2 Salon Voucher.png Tournament Token (Goldenrod).png x2
Tier 3 Salon Voucher Tier 3 Salon Voucher.png Tournament Token (Goldenrod).png x3
Doom Seed x5 Doom Seed.png Tournament Token (Goldenrod).png x1
Black Pokéblock ×5 Black Pokéblock.png Tournament Token (Goldenrod).png x1
Reset Bag ×5 Special Bag Reset Miniature.png Tournament Token (Goldenrod).png x1
Strawberry Sweet Strawberry Sweet.png Tournament Token (Goldenrod).png x1
Berry Sweet Berry Sweet.png Tournament Token (Goldenrod).png x1
Love Sweet Love Sweet.png Tournament Token (Goldenrod).png x1
Star Sweet Star Sweet.png Tournament Token (Goldenrod).png x1
Clover Sweet Clover Sweet.png Tournament Token (Goldenrod).png x1
Flower Sweet Flower Sweet.png Tournament Token (Goldenrod).png x1
Ribbon Sweet Ribbon Sweet.png Tournament Token (Goldenrod).png x1
XD001 (Egg) XD001 Egg.png Tournament Token (Goldenrod).png x1
Melmetal Icon Melmetal.png Tournament Token (Goldenrod).png x40


Tokens are used as a currency in the Prize Shop, which can be found mentioned above. They are normally obtained by participating in the Tournament but they can also be obtained by trading with other users. They currently serve no other purpose.

Tokens from the current season can be traded down to tokens from the previous season at a 1:1 rate. Tokens from 2 seasons ago can also be traded up to tokens from the previous season at a 3:1 rate. Tokens older than from 2 seasons ago are Legacy Items and cannot be used. It is never possible to get the current season's Tokens by trading in, only the previous.

Below is a table of Seasons, the Tokens awarded and how many events took place in the Season.

Season Token Colour # of Events
1 Tournament Token (Blue).png Blue Token 12 Events
2 Tournament Token (Red).png Red Token 12 Events
3 Tournament Token (Yellow).png Yellow Token 12 Events
4 Tournament Token (Green).png Green Token 12 Events
5 Tournament Token (Water).png Water Token 12 Events
6 Tournament Token (Fire).png Fire Token 12 Events
7 Tournament Token (Electric).png Electric Token 12 Events
8 Tournament Token (Grass).png Grass Token 12 Events
9 Tournament Token (Sapphire).png Sapphire Token 12 Events
10 Tournament Token (Ruby).png Ruby Token 12 Events
11 Tournament Token (Citrine).png Citrine Token 12 Events
12 Tournament Token (Emerald).png Emerald Token 12 Events
13 Tournament Token (Cerulean).png Cerulean Token 12 Events
14 Tournament Token (Crimson).png Crimson Token 12 Events
15 Tournament Token (Goldenrod).png Goldenrod Token 12 Events
16 Tournament Token (Viridian).png Viridian Token 12 Events