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The Berry Blender is an mini-game that takes place in the Contest Hall. Here, Berries can be made into Pokéblocks, which can be fed to Pokémon to raise their Contest stats.


Blending a Berry.

Blending is the act of cooking a berry into a Pokéblock. To blend, the user must select a berry, click the 'BLEND' button, and then click 'READY!'. Only one berry can be added at a time, and it is not possible to cook with other people. Once 'READY!' is pressed, the blending mini-game begins. To play, click the blender when the two red arrows line up. Anywhere can be clicked, so long as it's the blender. Successful clicks will make the blender move faster, and have a higher chance for a Pokéblock+.

There are three types of marks: Perfect, hit, and miss.

  • A perfect means the blender was pressed exactly when the arrows were aligned, and will greatly speed up the blender.
  • Hit means the blender was pressed when the arrows were relatively aligned, and will moderately speed up the blender.
  • A miss means the blender was pressed when the arrows were not aligned at all, and will slow the blender down.

The more perfects and hits the user gets, the higher the chance of receiving a Pokéblock+.

At the end of the game, the user is shown their number of perfects, hits, and misses. They are also shown their maximum rotations per minute (written as RPM) to see how fast their blender got. Finally, they are presented with the Pokéblock they produced.


QuickBlend is a way to mass-produce Pokéblocks. Up to 99 Pokéblocks can be made at once. However, the chance of producing a Pokéblock+ is greatly reduced. QuickBlend skips the blending mini-game.


Pokéblocks can be fed to Pokémon to raise their Contest stats. It is possible for a Pokéblock to raise more than one stat at a time, though usually, one stat will be raised higher than the other. In the case of Gold Pokéblocks, two stats are raised evenly. Which stats are raised vary by the flavour of the Pokéblock. Red, blue, pink, green and yellow only have one flavour so only one stat is raised. The rest raise multiple based on their flavour. The following table shows what stat is raised based on flavour.

Flavour Stat Colour
Spicy Cool Red
Dry Beauty Blue
Sweet Cute Pink
Bitter Smart Green
Sour Tough Yellow

Each Pokéblock also has a level of feel. The higher the feel, the more sheen is raised upon consumption. Once a Pokémon hits maximum sheen, it will not eat any more Pokéblocks. A Pokéblock+, rarely made while blending berries, increases sheen significantly less.

Pokémon's stat gain is effected by berry flavour preference. Preferred flavour increases stat gain, disliked flavour reduces stat gain and neutral is neutral. With multi-flavours, primary and secondary flavour are considered equal. If a Pokémon likes the primary flavour and another Pokémon likes the secondary flavour, then both will receive the same stat gain from the Pokéblock. The same goes for the disliked flavour. If a Pokémon likes one of the flavours but dislikes the other flavour, then the disliked flavour won't affect the stat gain and it will be treated as a liked Pokéblock.

Pokéblocks are labelled with a number, written in Roman numerals, and a letter. The number, also referred to as level, indicates how effective the Pokéblock is, as well as how high the smoothness is. The higher the number, the more the stat is raised. The letter indicates what flavour combination it is, if it has more than one. Pokéblocks with only one flavour have no letter.

List of Pokéblocks

Levels can be found in a separate chart.

Image Name Flavour Secondary
Pokéblock Red.png Red Pokéblock Spicy None
Pokéblock Blue.png Blue Pokéblock Dry None
Pokéblock Pink.png Pink Pokéblock Sweet None
Pokéblock Green.png Green Pokéblock Bitter None
Pokéblock Yellow.png Yellow Pokéblock Sour None
Pokéblock Purple.png Purple Pokéblock A Spicy Dry
Purple Pokéblock B Sweet
Purple Pokéblock C Bitter
Purple Pokéblock D Sour
Pokéblock Indigo.png Indigo Pokéblock A Dry Sweet
Indigo Pokéblock B Bitter
Indigo Pokéblock C Sour
Indigo Pokéblock D Spicy
Pokéblock Brown.png Brown Pokéblock A Sweet Bitter
Brown Pokéblock B Sour
Brown Pokéblock C Spicy
Brown Pokéblock D Dry
Pokéblock LiteBlue.png LiteBlue Pokéblock A Bitter Sour
LiteBlue Pokéblock B Spicy
LiteBlue Pokéblock C Dry
LiteBlue Pokéblock D Sweet
Pokéblock Olive.png Olive Pokéblock A Sour Spicy
Olive Pokéblock B Dry
Olive Pokéblock C Sweet
Olive Pokéblock D Bitter
Pokéblock Gold.png Gold Pokéblock A Spicy Sweet
Gold Pokéblock B Dry Bitter
Gold Pokéblock C Sweet Sour
Gold Pokéblock D Bitter Spicy
Gold Pokéblock E Sour Dry

In addition, there are a number of Consumables with special effects that are not obtained through the Berry Blender. They are listed here in Pokéblocks for reference.

Image Name Obtaining Effect
Blue PokéBlock MAX.png Blue PokéBlock MAX Raises a Pokémon's Beauty to max.
Black Pokéblock.png Black Pokéblock Tournament Shop Resets a Pokémon's Contest appeal and Sheen.


Gold Pokéblocks will always have a +3 boost and 5 feel, as they don't have levels. A Pokéblock+ will have the same feel and stat boost as its regular counterpart, but will not increase sheen as much.

Level Colours Additional Boost Feel
I Red, Blue, Pink, Green, Yellow + 0 ↑
Purple, Indigo, Brown, LiteBlue, Olive + 0 ↑ ●●
II Red, Blue, Pink, Green, Yellow + 0 ↑
Purple, Indigo, Brown, LiteBlue, Olive + 0 ↑
III Red, Blue, Pink, Green, Yellow + 3 ↑ ●●●●●
Purple, Indigo, Brown, LiteBlue, Olive + 1 ↑ ●●
IV Red, Blue, Pink, Green, Yellow N/A N/A
Purple, Indigo, Brown, LiteBlue, Olive + 2 ↑ ●●●●
V Red, Blue, Pink, Green, Yellow N/A N/A
Purple, Indigo, Brown, LiteBlue, Olive + 3 ↑ ●●●●

List of Berries

The level and flavour combination of the Pokéblock produced is directly based on the Berry used. The same Berry will always produce the same type of Pokéblock.

Image Name Block Produced
Berry Cheri.png Cheri Berry Red Pokéblock I
Berry Chesto.png Chesto Berry Blue Pokéblock I
Berry Pecha.png Pecha Berry Pink Pokéblock I
Berry Rawst.png Rawst Berry Green Pokéblock I
Berry Aspear.png Aspear Berry Yellow Pokéblock I
Berry Leppa.png Leppa Berry Red Pokéblock II
Berry Oran.png Oran Berry Blue Pokéblock II
Berry Persim.png Persim Berry Pink Pokéblock II
Berry Lum.png Lum Berry Green Pokéblock II
Berry Sitrus.png Sitrus Berry Yellow Pokéblock II
Berry Figy.png Figy Berry Red Pokéblock I
Berry Wiki.png Wiki Berry Blue Pokéblock I
Berry Mago.png Mago Berry Pink Pokéblock I
Berry Aguav.png Aguav Berry Green Pokéblock I
Berry Iapapa.png Iapapa Berry Yellow Pokéblock I
Berry Razz.png Razz Berry Blue Pokéblock II
Berry Bluk.png Bluk Berry Pink Pokéblock II
Berry Nanab.png Nanab Berry Green Pokéblock II
Berry Wepear.png Wepear Berry Yellow Pokéblock II
Berry Pinap.png Pinap Berry Red Pokéblock II
Berry Pomeg.png Pomeg Berry Purple Pokéblock II C
Berry Kelpsy.png Kelpsy Berry Indigo Pokéblock II C
Berry Qualot.png Qualot Berry Brown Pokéblock II C
Berry Hondew.png Hondew Berry LiteBlue Pokéblock II C
Berry Grepa.png Grepa Berry Olive Pokéblock II C
Berry Tamato.png Tamato Berry Purple Pokéblock I A
Berry Cornn.png Cornn Berry Indigo Pokéblock I A
Berry Magost.png Magost Berry Brown Pokéblock I A
Berry Rabuta.png Rabuta Berry LiteBlue Pokéblock I A
Berry Nomel.png Nomel Berry Olive Pokéblock I A
Berry Spelon.png Spelon Berry Purple Pokéblock IV
Berry Pamtre.png Pamtre Berry Indigo Pokéblock IV
Berry Watmel.png Watmel Berry Brown Pokéblock IV
Berry Durin.png Durin Berry LiteBlue Pokéblock IV
Berry Belue.png Belue Berry Olive Pokéblock IV
Berry Occa.png Occa Berry Purple Pokéblock I B
Berry Passho.png Passho Berry Indigo Pokéblock I B
Berry Wacan.png Wacan Berry Brown Pokéblock I B
Berry Rindo.png Rindo Berry LiteBlue Pokéblock I B
Berry Yache.png Yache Berry Olive Pokéblock I B
Berry Chople.png Chople Berry Purple Pokéblock I C
Berry Kebia.png Kebia Berry Indigo Pokéblock I C
Berry Shuca.png Shuca Berry Brown Pokéblock I C
Berry Coba.png Coba Berry LiteBlue Pokéblock I C
Berry Payapa.png Payapa Berry Olive Pokéblock I C
Berry Tanga.png Tanga Berry Purple Pokéblock III D
Berry Charti.png Charti Berry Indigo Pokéblock III D
Berry Kasib.png Kasib Berry Brown Pokéblock III D
Berry Haban.png Haban Berry LiteBlue Pokéblock III D
Berry Colbur.png Colbur Berry Olive Pokéblock III D
Berry Babiri.png Babiri Berry Purple Pokéblock III A
Berry Roseli.png Roseli Berry Brown Pokéblock III A
Berry Chilan.png Chilan Berry Indigo Pokéblock III A
Berry Liechi.png Liechi Berry Gold Pokéblock A
Berry Ganlon.png Ganlon Berry Gold Pokéblock B
Berry Salac.png Salac Berry Gold Pokéblock C
Berry Petaya.png Petaya Berry Gold Pokéblock D
Berry Apicot.png Apicot Berry Gold Pokéblock E
Berry Lansat.png Lansat Berry Red Pokéblock III
Berry Starf.png Starf Berry Blue Pokéblock III
Berry Kee.png Kee Berry Pink Pokéblock III
Berry Maranga.png Maranga Berry Green Pokéblock III
Berry Enigma.png Enigma Berry Purple Pokéblock V
Berry Micle.png Micle Berry Indigo Pokéblock V
Berry Custap.png Custap Berry Brown Pokéblock V
Berry Jaboca.png Jaboca Berry LiteBlue Pokéblock V
Berry Rowap.png Rowap Berry Olive Pokéblock V


  • The Berry Blender was introduced on September 11th, 2017. However, Pokéblocks existed beforehand, in the form of the Blue Pokéblock MAX.
  • It is not possible to get less than 30.00 max RPM.