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Contests are a weekly event that take place at the Contest Hall. Contests were introduced on the 6th of October 2017.


Every Contest begins with a three day entry window. To enter, the user must select one of their Pokémon and create a Dress-Up image for it using their Accessories. Existing Dress-Up images may be used as well.

Once entries close, voting begins. All users, including those who did not enter themselves, can vote for their favourite entrants. Voting lasts for three days.


At the end of a Contest, every entrant is scored on a number of factors. The higher the score, the better prizes awarded. Factors taken into account include:

  • Appeal: Appeal points are calculated based on the Pokémon's Contest Stats. Higher Appeal is awarded if the Pokémon has a high stat in that Contest's Category.
  • Visual: Visual points are awarded to entrants whose Dress-Up used Accessories matching that Contest's Theme.
  • Popularity: Popularity points are calculated based on how many votes the Pokémon received during the voting period.


At the end of a Contest, entrants can claim rewards of Gold Poké and exclusive Accessories matching that Contest's Category. Higher prizes are awarded according to the Pokémon's placement in the Contest.

Item Name Category Tier
Red Barrette.png Red Barrette Cool Normal
Red Balloons.png Red Balloons Cool Great
Top Hat.png Top Hat Cool Ultra
Gold Pedestal.png Gold Pedestal Cool Master
Blue Barrette.png Blue Barrette Beauty Normal
Blue Balloons.png Blue Balloons Beauty Great
Silk Veil.png Silk Veil Beauty Ultra
Glass Stage.png Glass Stage Beauty Master
Pink Barrette.png Pink Barrette Cute Normal
Pink Balloon.png Pink Balloon Cute Great
Lace Headdress.png Lace Headdress Cute Ultra
Flower Stage.png Flower Stage Cute Master
Green Barrette.png Green Barrette Smart Normal
Green Balloons.png Green Balloons Smart Great
Professor Hat.png Professor Hat Smart Ultra
Cube Stage.png Cube Stage Smart Master
Yellow Barrette.png Yellow Barrette Tough Normal
Yellow Balloon.png Yellow Balloon Tough Great
Heroic Headband.png Heroic Headband Tough Ultra
Award Podium.png Award Podium Tough Master